Microsoft Flower Sky Price Accommodation Blizzard?Microsoft flower big price buy a game company to think about it?

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Microsoft Flower Sky Price Accommodation Blizzard?Microsoft flower big price buy a game company to think about it?

2022-01-20 12:06:38 28 ℃

Beijing time on January 18th, a heavy news simultaneously brushed the game circle and US stock investment. Microsoft announced that it will acquire moving blizzard at a full cash of $ 95 per share, including the net cash of moving blizzard, and the transaction value is 68.7 billion US dollars. It is reported that this will be a largest acquisition in the history of Microsoft.

Diamato Blizzard is a founder of "Call of Duty", "World of Warcraft" and "Candy Crush". Microsoft currently has Xbox, "Minecraft" and "Halo" game platform and explosive products. This acquisition has been approved by the board of directors of Microsoft and Diamato Blizzard. Once the government reviews and transaction is successful, Microsoft will become the third largest game company that is second only to Tencent, Sony.

According to the Entertainment Software Association (ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE ASSOCIATION) data, up to two-thirds of the US adults and 9 quarters of minors will play video games every week. Users who play moving blizzards worldwide have about 400 million, and their active users have exceeded the twitter, which is equivalent to the active users who have a Facebook in 2016 to acquire whatsapp at $ 19 billion ( 450 million).

It is really seen that the big price of Microsoft has acquired the moving blizzard. Many people will be very strange. What is Microsoft doing? Where is the purpose of its core?

First of all, we have to admit that Microsoft's current acquisition is really a very high price acquisition. After all, such a high acquisition amount can be said that even such a strong giant, Microsoft is not a small number, after all 600 billion dollars Even if Microsoft is not casual, it is not known that Blizzard is a famous game giant, so Microsoft is so big to buy blizzard, at least from this point of investment, not a loss of sale, moving blizzard There are nearly 400 million active players in 190 countries and regions around the world, accounting for 13.3%, and direct revenue is nearly billions of dollars per year. After the big price acquired Blizzard and the Microsoft itself combined with each other, it will be possible to form a huge game empire. Under such a big background, Microsoft's acquisition, we can say it is very reasonable, and very Have market competitiveness.

Second, we can see that the current Microsoft is not the first time to spend so much money to acquire game companies. In recent years, Microsoft has been effective for effective competition with Sony. I have acquired a lot of gaming companies, you can say that the current Microsoft's acquisition is to compete with Sony in a sense, and Microsoft's acquisition actually has 1 + 1> 2 role, just as Microsoft himself Said that "After the acquisition is completed, we will provide as many moving blizzard games as possible in the host and PC version Xbox Game Pass," After all, Microsoft has a very powerful game platform, and Blizzard has a game industry with a superior market. If the two can effectively combine, Microsoft will actually get a stronger market competitive advantage than Sony.

Third, we can see that Microsoft has a bigger logic. This is the logic of Yuancai. After all, social and games are the two major directions of Yuanhe Bai. If Microsoft wants to be in the Yuancai Market If you have any, you will be very necessary. After all, Microsoft itself has a social product such as MSN and Skype in the social market, but it is not very obvious that Microsoft's Social track has the advantage of social tracks in social tracks. And if Microsoft can act on the game track, with its own advantages in the field of operating system, Microsoft can have its own in the fellowship of the Yuancai's track. A heavens and the earth, and Microsoft In this regard, in this respect, Sony is not only in Sony, and it is more likely to be other market giants, such as social giant Facebook (META).