Is the auditor of the B station not enough?

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Is the auditor of the B station not enough?

2022-01-20 12:06:18 30 ℃

Radar Finance> Zhang Kai 编 | Shenzhen

"The video you are interested in is in the B station." This sentence has been widely circulated in the young population, but recently, since the flow of video is "changed".

From the public information, there are netizens to explode. There are many suspected cracks after the B station has many suspected crack schools, hospitals and other public places, and the B station also receives the first time of the message to the relevant video. Uploaded and banned the account number of the video; but the follow-up survey of the incident did not complete, there was another thing of the B station account live gynecological surgery. At present, the doctor's doctor has been arrested by the police, the Rizhao City Public Security Bureau Donggang Branch It has also been filed for this matter.

Continuous public opinion events, let a part of netizens question the effectiveness of the B-station inner audit mechanism.

Radar Finance noted that the B station has been discussed many times due to the content review problem, but the review is not the only problem in front of the B station. The company's share price is higher than that of 2021, and it has been evaporated and 70%, and the performance loss is also expanding.

The problem of the B station, is it?

Content review is changing, lawyers: should bear legal responsibility

Before and after January 15, the monitoring video obtained by public places such as schools, hospitals began to flow in the B station. After some netizens saw it, they questioned these videos from the account that specialize in cracking public places, and related posts triggered.

"B station black production, using the classroom camera to sneak the female teacher, the hospital camera monitoring screen is also leaked"

There are also netizens guess: "This black product may have been formed. They do this account probability is to pull people into the payment group, but not only the public camera may be broken, and the family camera will be Crack risk ... "

It can be seen from the network transmission screenshot that the shooting of the "crack expert" uploaded video includes teachers, hospital nurses and hotel front desks.

In this regard, the B stood informs the results of the processing: "Today, I received the user's report, and I was suspected that someone used illegal means to crack the camera, upload the video surveillance screen to the B station. We first organized the investigation, Content. At the same time, we have banned the account of uploading related content, and the account information is reported to the competent department. The follow-up investigation is in progress. "

However, there is no wait for a follow-up survey, and the male doctor live gynecological surgical incident.

According to the news of the netizens, it was in the afternoon of January 15 to enter a long time in the B station. From the dialogue between the live broadcast, a male anesthesiologist did a live broadcast when a female patient did gynecological surgery. Because of the unknow, female patients have been smuggled by the male anesthesuct in the operation and live broadcast, and the male anestheson's colleagues did not stop the behavior.

It is worth mentioning that the current event has been filed by the Donggang Branch of the Rizhao Public Security Bureau. The latter said in the notification that the doctor will be arrested on January 18th. The case is under further investigation.

In response to this event, the response of the B station is: "After the internal verification, the live broadcast is a warning and cutting during the live broadcast of January 15, and then it is permanently banned and has been reported to the public security organ."

Radar Finance notes that the current network is relatively dispersed for the above two events. Some netizens believe that the black products behind the uploaded video and live broadcast should be found as soon as possible, after all, the danger of the camera has been confirmed by many similar incidents, and there are many doubts on the anesthesiologist.

Another part of netizens will assign the spear to the B station of "intudance". "It is necessary to review a VLog uploaded by us. How is this video pass?"

There is a voice questioning, why didn't you have a timely banned account and alarm in the first time of finding problems, but after everyone is awkward?

Netizens who have participated in the hospital short video account, said that in the shake, the surgery picture is directly removed in the video of the unauthenticated doctor video; the certified doctor can not appear in the video in the video; the operating room shoot video More needs to be filed with relevant person in charge and reviewed by the hospital. In this case, the male anestheson took the video during work and such privacy passed the audit, and the officials and B stations need to be given an explanation.

In this regard, Zhang Yaojun, Beijing Zhongdai Law Firm, said to the Radar Finance, regarding the male anesthesia, the B-station live gynecological surgery, and some people will steal the public place to monitor the video upload B station, reflect the B stwatch as an internet Service providers, there is a problem with the audit and supervision of the Internet content, and the supervisory subject is not in place.

"According to the" Network Short Video Management Specification "," Internet Live Service Management Regulations "," Network Information Content Ecological Management Regulations ", the" Network Security Law ", the B station needs to take a certain legal responsibility."

If the Internet live broadcast service management regulations, the Internet live broadcast service provider should be dealt with the Internet news information live and its interactive content, the "Network Security Law" is mentioned that the network operator finds the law, administrative regulations prohibited If the information published or transmitted should immediately stop transmitting this information, take elimination, prevent information spread, save relevant records, and report to the relevant competent department. Review is always a mystery

Radar Finance Sedancy found that the content review of the B station is already a problem in the abroad of the old man in the circle.

Summary with netizens, is: "The review of the B station is always a mystery."

On the one hand, the B station is not in time, and it is not perfect for the management of review. The company's statement shows that after the user uploads the content, the platform will perform two levels of content management and review procedures to monitor upload content, ensuring that it is not released as government rules and regulations, immediately withdraw the illegal content. Among them, the content review team is responsible for 24x7 non-interrupt screening and supervision, and also uses artificial intelligent technology to monitor content and instantly removed.

At the same time, the B-station recruitment advertisement for the Content Auditor is also seen from the App Browse page. In the social recruitment home page of the official website of the B station, if you search for keywords, you get 42 positions.

But on the other hand, the outside world has never been interrupted on the Question of the B-station "Wip Ball". In the dance area and music area of ​​the B station, similar videos are frequently seen, so that there are netizens commented that the less wearing, the higher the play, is already a "hidden rule" of a lot of UP.

In addition, fitness, yoga, playing the piano, reading ... and other fields, there will be "soft erotic" elements. Some videos seem to have no relationship with erotic, but a little video will find "Don't have a hole", the UP main wear, with the fits of the fitness, in front of the shot, in front of the camera, there is still no hair in the mouth Unconformable sounds.

For these situations, supervision has been severely hit. On June 23, 2020, the official WeChat public number "Netcom China" official WeChat public account has issued a news. The National Net Letter Office will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the content ecology of 31 major network live broadcast platforms in China. There is a problem of propagating low and vulgar content, and it is not possible to fulfill the corporate responsibility.

At the end of the year, the National "Sweeping Yellows and Miss" office reported that the 2020 Report Center received more than 500 clues from the people to reflect the B station problem; Shanghai-related departments penalized 6 administrative cases, more than 10 times, rectification It involves issues issues in publishing children's "cult", content vulgarity.

The problem of review is not limited to this. During the Spring Festival of 2021, B stations were referred to with a lot of insulting women, and therefore was pulled black by multiple brands.

In May 202, the B station was condemned by the three long video platforms that the video of the "Old Friends Remember" in the platform appeared in the platform.

"The B station has passed the" Old Friends Remember "copyright, and the audit has passed the complete front and large number of card segment video uploaded by the media users, and there is no doubt that belongs to infringement, exposing the B station review process. Vulnerability. However, there is not a wise move in all "old friend" related to the 'a knife cut' underde. It can be seen that the B station video audit level needs to be improved. "Industry said.

But in the current background, the B station wants to comprehensively improve the level of audits, not easy.

Quick out to increase audit stress

Industry analysts with a deep contact with B stations have used the word "Buddha" to describe the company's corporate culture.

The person believes that under such a "unsuitable" culture, the B station can form the current video community that is currently fragrant. After all, it is necessary to establish a content platform based on UGC / PUGC, and the operator only needs to establish good. The rules, maintain a good community atmosphere, and the remaining space is left to the creator to play freely.

But in this culture, the company's organizational architecture is relatively loose, does not emphasize the implementation, which will cause the company to gradually "out", expand the user's process, trigger a series of bad consequences.

In 2018, the B station landed in the US stocks. The founder Chen Rui left a sentence left before the listing of the outside world. It was impressive: "The B stop may be closed, but will never become."

But after the B station is radical "out", this sentence can only stay in a beautiful fantasy. As the head UP is constantly lost, the top of the top of the top of the top of the top of the top of the top, the main page, the recommended video of the homepage advertisement and star, more and more hungry barcation etiquette is full, many users call "B is awkward".

In fact, the B station has done a lot of attempts in commercialization. Whether it is the game transport, the newfin contracting plan (publicfinter copyright), the surrounding store, or UP main business performance (similar brooome business), live, investment, etc. The field has been filed as a agenda.

In Chen Rui's view, the most important thing is "How to find subtle balance in commercial and user experience, how to keep more and more companies operate."

Throwing the current incremental loss does not talk, the number of users of the B station is indeed increasing. According to the third quarter of 2021, the third quarter of the quarter, the quarter, the monthly live user (MAU) reached 267 million, and the daily users (DAU) reached 72 million, and the year-on-year increased by 35% year-on-year; the length of the user was raised to 88 minutes. Historically high history; platform daily video playback volume is 2.3 billion, up 77% year-on-year; the monthly interactive number is 10 billion, reaching 10.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 86%; monthly paying users increased by 59% year-on-year, reached 2400 ten thousand. According to the "2021 B Standal Creation Ecology Report", the number of B station creators increased by 1512% in 2011-2021. From September 20020 to August 2021, the UP main contribution video playback volume exceeded 450 billion.

However, the more the user base is, the more promises, the more prominent the problem of insufficient execution power of the B station. The above analysts pointed out that any business that requires high efficiency, strong operations, B stations often develop well, this aspect stems from the algorithm of the B station itself is not strong, seriously relying on artificial operation; on the other hand, it is not expected with management The mobility of the Chinese base personnel is too high.

As long as the B station is still rapid, the problem is low, and it is difficult to solve the problem.

During the epidemic in the early 2020, the B stalk had seriously occurring the seriousness of the audit channel. The reason, the B station reviewer is less, and many people still have many people in Wuhan, which leads to a platform for a video to review more than a dozen hours. Although subsequent B stations have expanded the audit team, its efficiency is a gap with competitors.

I have known the B-station auditor, I revealed that the position of the job is very fluid, but the work content is not only boring, but also has a high intensity, there is a fixed indicator every day. Working time is basically two classes, and I will have a support for the rest day, and the salary treatment of the position cannot be satisfactory. Even if overtime will give more money, only to restift.

In this case, the upload of the live broadcast of gynecologic surgery and public places should be uploaded, and it should not be a similar problem in the B station.

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