Fat brother reap: big speechless event, public offerings are flickering private placement?

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Fat brother reap: big speechless event, public offerings are flickering private placement?

2022-01-20 12:06:51 26 ℃

Some stocks have risen less, and the festival is light.

Overall, today's stocks have risen less, but the rising stocks are only 200 more stocks. Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities have been revised today 1065.3 billion, and it is 1.3 billion more than the last trading day.

On the pan, cloud game, tourism, data center, media, building materials, etc. Salt Lake lithium, CRO, white wine, defense military workers, and large fund holdings and other sectors fell before. Deadline, the Shanghai point decreased 0.33%, and the deep interstivities fell 1.28%, and the GEM was 2.17%. Northern funds Today, the net flow of 3.821 billion yuan today.

Nothing before the holiday, I have little to look at the disc today.

Tall vision track stocks continue to fall today.

Military Airlines will also fall today. In fact, this market atmosphere is normally. The lithium mine has dropped two days in a row.

Lithium batteries, photovoltaic, military, belong to the high bokeh track of the organization.

There are two rumors these two days, all of which belong to a big speech:

If there is an impact on the market, we speak according to timeline.

Yesterday, the general manager of the first Chen Long of Zhongtai Securities, and the general manager of the quantitative department of a public fund, there is a large factory core staff, and a listed company in which the big factory has cooperated, and the inside trading, joint speculation, A 20-person small group, fully arrested.

Yesterday morning, the pre-discounted announcement clarified, said that the company did not participate, yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, the Shanghai Securities News reported that Chen Long has been arrested or suspected of manipulating securities and insider trading. The other is that the Hengshuai shares have dropped 20 cm.

On January 18th, there was a media report that the online dialogue was suspected to question the shares of the Hui Shuai shares of listed companies in Shanghai, which was privately equipped. Heng Shuai Shares responded that the above rumors involved did not know, and did not participate.

Just: a business model of the current capital market, namely: the seller (broker) buy private equity products, private equity purchase (stock), then prepare experts, the company's secret, IR or even chairman communication, write segment + Report is pushed. Then the publication begins to study, finding the experts who have prepared for them, then exchange with the company, and draw the conclusion of "traditional main industry to provide safe pads, and new energy business improvement valuation", one mind (stock price) can turn A few times. Heng Shuai Shares have risen from more than 170 pieces from more than 30 pieces last year. In this process, it is indeed accompanied by public fundamental funds. At the time of the 2021, the top ten circulation shares of Hengshui Shares were all individuals. In the third quarter of 2021, the top ten circulation shareholders became agency investor. The true and false of things, I don't know.

To be honest, now the analyst's stock report is difficult to flicker, only to flicker. Of course, if the public payment is really "flicker", that big probability is not really fooled, it may just pretend to be fooled. These two big speechless events, in fact, all of which are "analyst / expert singing multi-link". I think that a direct impact is to hurt the trust of the country, combat the credibility of the public fund fund, indirectly in the short term (only theoretically possible) High-spirited college stocks that will also be heavy. You think that you will give money to the public fund manager, publicly pay the money to pick up private equity, cattle discharge, and give you money to your wife, what is your wife to take the money? Market reasons have been green, if this is green, then it is heart. If there is a public fund manager, the broker analyst is doing this, I wish them a small movie in the island country, and can only play NTR bitter, juice male. These two days, the highlights of the agency heavy positions continuously, don't know if there is a rumor with the above? Of course, in the long run, it is really growing, the slope is small, the influence is not big, and the high-quality assets have a total of funds. Even if the public offer is frustrated, private equity, foreign investment will also buy.


Last night, pork, pork, pony, pony, is far from being expected. Calculate the performance of the thunder.

The pastus released the 2021 annual results notice yesterday. In 2021, the company expects operating income of 7.70 billion yuan to 80000 billion yuan; it is expected to achieve net profit of 700 billion yuan to 8500 billion yuan; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies is 6.5 billion to 80.00 billion yuan, compared to the previous year The same period decreased by 70.86% -76.32%.

According to Wind Data: The most recent school of 2021 (ie, arithmetic average) is 11.645 billion yuan, the most pessimistic forecast is 6.787 billion yuan. Shepherd Shares expected to return to the net profit of $ 6.500 billion in 2021 to 8.0 billion yuan, far from the forecast of most institutions.

Today, the pasta fell into a wave.

According to the existing public information, the so-called fake rumors are not considered, the pastus is already a company with a good cost, so it is estimated that the listed company of other pork sections will be better.

If the pork sector can kill it is a good thing, the pork stock is now high, pork this wave performance is complete, and the off-site funds have a chance. The industry is generally recognized in 2022 pig cycle.