New Oriental has been implemented for two consecutive days, because is it?

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New Oriental has been implemented for two consecutive days, because is it?

2022-01-20 12:05:57 22 ℃

Radar Finance Products | Wu Yanfu Edited | Deep Sea

On January 12 and January 13, the new Oriental added information in two consecutive days, and the total number of labeled totaled 264,600 yuan.

The Radar Finance Finance, the New Oriental is continuously implemented, and it is suspected to be related to the previous Beijing Tianyue School. In the dayful eye check, the new Oriental's 7 historical cases are subject to relevant cases.

In May 2016, the new Oriental and Tianyue Investment Development Co., Ltd. signed a cooperative school agreement, and the conditions for the entry into force of the contract were to obtain a school license before September 2016. Since then, Tianyue School has been enrolled in publicity in the "New Oriental School". In August 2017, the school started, and the main facilities of the school were not completed. The school license has not been obtained at the time of the judgment.

Some student parents sue the new Oriental and the above-mentioned relevant companies, and the court finally judged the tuition fees returned by the parents.

Radar Finance notes, the new Oriental, the discipline business, is huge.

The new East was completed twice to be a total of 264,600 yuan.

Recently, new Oriental Education Technology Group Co., Ltd. added two newly implemented information. The People's Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing has filed a case on the case on January 12 and January 13, with a total of 264,600 yuan.

The case is (2022) Beijing 0105, No. 2203, the date of the case is January 12, 2022, is executed for the new Oriental and Beijing Tianyue Mingde Education Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tian Yue Mingde"), the implementation target Both is 1.385 million yuan. The case number (2022) Beijing 0105 was held 2360, the date of the case is January 13, the executor is a new Orient, and the target is 126,100 yuan.

The sky-eyed information shows that Tian Yue Mingde was established in December 2016 and registered capital of 70 million yuan. Tian Yue Mingde's largest shareholder is 60% of Beijing Tianyue Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tian Yue Investment"). Tian Yue Investment and Tian Yue Mingde's legal representatives are Wang Junzhen.

In addition to education companies, Tian Yue Investment, in addition to education, also involves real estate development, cultural media and property management. Tian Yue Investment and Company Legal Representative Wang Junhao received a limited elimination order twice in September 2020 and 2021.

Suspected to be dragged down by Tianyue School

The radar finance is found that the new Oriental is carried out, and the suspected of dragging the Tiantue School.

The relevant judgment shows that in May 2016, the new Oriental and Tianyue Investment signed a cooperative school agreement, the conditions for the entry into force of the contract were to obtain a school license before September 2016.

The new Oriental said that the Tianyue School applies for establishing and opening by Tian Yue Mingde, the new Oriental has no hardware, software, and personnel investment in Tianyue school, and the new Orient has not received any from Tian Yue Mingde. Remuneration, fees. Because Tianyue School did not obtain a school license, the aforementioned office management contract did not take effect.

Because Tianyue School is delayed, it is not possible to obtain a school license, and a number of parents sued New Oriental company, Tian Yue Mingde Company requested to refund tuition fees.

One of the judgment shows that the new Oriental company, Tian Yue Mingde jointly established Beijing Tianyue School (hereinafter referred to as "Tianyue School") in 2017, the school officially opened in August 2017. Zhang's child was admitted to the school, and the tuition fee was 198,700 yuan, and the payment unit was Tian Yue Mingde. In the last chapter, it was found that Tianyue School did not obtain a school license, did not work in school, and committed to the main facilities of the school entities completed in May 2017 were still not completed, and students can only be class in the temporary campus.

Zhang believes that the child waste at least one school year in a fake school without school qualification, giving parents in time, and there is a huge loss in the economy, and the full return has been paid. In the case of the responsibility, the day, the school is still not registered. The school propagandizes that the school is a school in the new Oriental company, which will provide all hardware facilities by Tian Yue Mingde, and the new Oriental company provides software investment, responsible for the management of schools The investment in the power of teachers, and sent the principal to the Tianyue School. It should be taken by Tian Yue Mingde, and the new Oriental company should bear the joint responsibility. The parents were in November 2017, and December learned that the school did not have school qualifications. Because the school did not provide transfer proof, it was not possible to transfer in time, and the school has been committed to the certificate and completion time in public letters. Parents have been Right protection, there is therefore no timely transfer, parents don't have faults.

In this regard, the new Oriental said that before the opening of the school year 2017-2018, there were parents to apply for dropping. The reasons for the depth, including the teaching building, the school did not work, and the parents can also reflect that the parents have no qualifications for the school. Know. However, parents still choose to continue to accept education, and parents have time, cost loss, and their continued behavior does not match, even if there is losses, they also have lost losses in their own. Parents have faults to this. Parents asked the refund system based on the contract is ineffective or released, but the company is not a contractual party, and does not bear the responsibility of refund. And more than 40 cases of similar cases, in the case of implementing cases, the company undertakes most of the refund responsibility, Tian Yue Mingde Company, Tian Yue Investment Co., Ltd. as the contract, but not responsible, is unreasonable.

The court believes that Beijing Tianyue School did not obtain a school license, and the relevant education training contract was invalid. At the same time, it has been submitted to the evidence that the parents have been confirmed, "there is reason to believe that their children will read the school" New Oriental "school", and the new Oriental should bear the joint responsibility with Tian Yue Mingde. In the final court, the defendant is the new Oriental, Tian Yue Mingde is a seven-day returned plaintiff fee of 1.385 million yuan within seven days from the date of the judgment; and dismissed other lawsuit requests.

The case number (2021) The judgment of Jingmen No. 3205 showed that the new oriental proposed an appeal to the relevant judgment, and it was considered that the new Oriental did not undertake other legal basis for returning tuition responsibilities. To assume huge economic losses and reputation. The final court dismissed the retrial application of the New Oriental.

Among the new Oriental history, the 7 cases have all relevant education and training contract disputes with Tiantue Mingde and New Oriental. The date interval is: May 20020 to October 2021.

Subject class business is huge

The new Oriental, discipline, training education, is greatly affected by the "double reduction policy".

In September last year, Yu Minhong said at the internal executive meeting that after the completion of the autumn course, it will stop the primary and junior high school secondary school business, and each city will gradually close the teaching point.

October New Oriental Online Announcement Termination is expected to take effect before the end of November 2021. The Board expects the termination of a major adverse effect on the Group's financial year and subsequent period on May 31, 2022.

Since then, Yu Minhong leads to some new Eastern employees to open live goods. During the eleventh period in 2021, Yu Minhong debuted between the first time. Yu Minhong revealed that in the public, New Oriental future plans to set up a large agricultural platform, which will be sold with hundreds of teachers through live broadcast, helping agricultural products sales, support rural revitalization. Yu Minhong said that this is not to simply sell, but to help agriculture's industrial upgrading and rural revitalization, it is also to help farmers improve their occupational level.

On December 28, the new Oriental announced that the live broadcast platform "Oriental Selection", and Yu Minhong will carry out the first farm live broadcast of 8 o'clock in the same night. Relevant data shows that in 3 hours of live broadcast belt, Yu Minhong sells 5 million yuan of agricultural products, GMV is 49.084 million.

On the afternoon of January 8, 202, Yu Minhong, founder Yu Minhong, issued to its personal public account, reviewed 2021 and looking forward to the future transformation direction. Yu Minhong said that in 2021, the new Oriental market value fell by 90%, revenue was 80%, and the employee resjivered to 60,000 people, retiring tuition fees, employees' resignation N + 1 (compensation), teaching point rents and other cash expenses nearly 20 billion yuan.

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