What should I do if I don't know how to do health?This feature is trying, there is no worries

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What should I do if I don't know how to do health?This feature is trying, there is no worries

2022-01-20 12:05:16 19 ℃

Author | cat girl

Source | Big cat good planning (ID: damaoplan)

We should all know, health insurance usually have to inform health, and many people may be due to minor problems can not pass.

But manual underwriting record and afraid to leave insurance coverage, buy insurance after the impact, not rashly try.

But wait, there is a function, not only to quickly let you know whether or not insured, no worries, it is intelligent underwriting.

When we pass health inform, not a direct insured the insurance, you can also see if you can by insurance underwriting.

That is, we will inform the specific physical abnormalities of the insurance company, the insurance company audits, insurance companies if approved, also have the opportunity insured.

At present, it is mainly divided into underwriting and underwriting artificial intelligent underwriting, their effectiveness is the same, whether you are through manual underwriting, underwriting or intelligence, can be insured.

The difference is that we will need artificial underwriting examination, submit hospitalization, surgery and other related information to the insurance company, audited by the insurance company underwriting staff, and ultimately issued by the underwriting result.

The intelligent underwriting is not required to submit information on health and inform similar, only need to answer a few questions (except that it is healthy to ask questions than to inform more specific), automatic review by the underwriting system, will soon be able to see the underwriting result .

The following is a summary of the cat sister main point of difference artificial intelligence underwriting and underwriting of:

Overall, intelligent underwriting simpler than manual underwriting process, save time, but do not worry about leaving the recording, I recommend you try a priority intelligent underwriting.

Of course, there are also artificial underwriting irreplaceable role. When our body outliers, related options not found in the smart underwriting years; or find the relevant option, but it is the question we ask in doubt, do not know how to answer, it is necessary to conduct a manual underwriting, after all, people are more flexible than the system.

So, how to use smart underwriting it?

Net sales of products currently support most intelligent underwriting, usually informed after the pass, it will pop up at the entrance intelligent underwriting health.

Such as thyroid nodules, insured critical illness insurance number 6 Darwin.

Health advised to ask "nodules", so I can not pass, we need to choose "is part of":

Then it will pop up underwriting the entrance, we choose "smart underwriting":

Then our information, then you can select the relevant outlier under the system will verify, we select the "thyroid nodule":

Then again, we combine their own situation, to answer the questions that appear:

Finally, we submit your answers, you can immediately see the results of the underwriting:

If it passes, then immediately be insured, if not pass, it will not leave a record, we think of other ways.

Is not it convenient?

So when it comes to health through informed, however, may wish to take a few minutes, try intelligent underwriting, chances are you can pass.

And, in intelligent underwriting is usually set according to the underwriting policies, abnormal population is also a reference to the body.

However, the need to remind everyone that, although the results do not need to inform when intelligent underwriting record will not stay, we buy other insurance, but now big data is very powerful, it will inevitably be monitored, and then one day when the insured may it was big data risk control intercepted ...... so intelligent underwriting can try, but do not repeat the test, know their underwriting results on it.

Of course, the cat sister or a more general physical health suggest that you in time to put the insurance configure, it eliminates the hassle of the underwriting.