Hao Dynasty Su: The system started for the insurance industry "noise reduction", actively built the online payment

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Hao Dynasty Su: The system started for the insurance industry "noise reduction", actively built the online payment

2022-01-20 18:06:33 47 ℃

China New Jingwei January 20th Suggestion: The system started for the insurance industry "noise reduction", actively built the line to pay

Hao Dynasty, the professor of Su Central University of Finance and Economics

According to media reports, the 2021 insurance company penalty is discovered, and there is still a photo instead of human face recognition, and the training courseware mislead the agent from the source, and the recruitment insurance institutions help the recruitment, and the insurance electric sales "harassment" Wait. This reflects some problems in the development of the insurance industry. In the face of such an insurance industry, which norms need to do in the system construction? What changes are there in technology and services in technology and services?

The system started for the insurance industry "noise reduction" regression insurance guarantee

In April 2015, the National People's Congress made amendments to the provisions of the Insurance Law. The insurance marketing staff qualified exam was officially canceled. Thereafter, there will be no national recognized insurance staff. Until 2021, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security The Talents Training Project and the "China National Talents Network Personnel Examination Center" issued a notice, the principle agreed to increase the "Professional Insurance" qualification project. However, the regulatory authorities have not attached importance, which may lead to the "sand" situation in the insurance practitioners, and also lack the compliance constraints for practitioners.

First, from the system starting to "noise reduction" for insurance practitioners, consumers get more "temperature" services. Establish an insurance practitioner qualification system, improve the system and development of the Professional Insurance, which will be important for improving the quality of insurance practitioners. On the one hand, let practitioners understand the basic knowledge of rules and industries, can regulate practical practices, and on the other hand, they will make practical and respect for practitioners, and the self-management of practitioners will play a huge role.

The second is to develop technical means. In addition to wealth management insurance, many insurance, health insurance, etc. are not required to contact the consumer and offline sales staff, and can use the Internet to display the specific content and risk prompts of the Internet through the Internet. Decide whether to communicate directly with the salesperson based on personal needs. Currently, most of the insurance marketers have realized that the future Internet and artificial intelligence will have a large impact on insurance sales. Only professional, understand new technology, high-quality elite marketers can stay, which is also the consensus of the mainstream insurance companies, and it has proven in the developed market. In reality, the regulatory authorities have issued a clear regulatory regulations for governance and sales misleading. High quality transformation is the future of China's insurance, which also requires insurance practitioners to improve their own quality and special professional capabilities.

The third is to improve the insurance industry. Strengthen the insurance industry according to law, standardize the order order of the insurance market, which is conducive to the improvement of industry image. Recently, the China Insurance Industry Association issued the "Insurance Sales Personnel Practicing Availability" (hereinafter referred to as "Guidelines") standard. The "Guide" to standardize the management and application of the salesperson's decentralization, the management and application of the identification process and the management of the practicing, and the management mechanism of the insurance company's internal control and industry self-discipline system, and solve the chaos of the insurance industry. significance.

The release of "Guidelines" will continue to improve the professional technical capabilities of insurance practitioners, and play practical practices in risk pricing, disaster prevention, risk consultants, loss assessments, claims services, etc., better for insurance consumers. Provide value-added services.

Creating a line of compensation and enhance service quality

Insurance intermediary new ecology should start from solving users and industry pain points. During the high-speed steering process, the insurance industry has gradually improved the requirements of industry refinement operations, and new challenges have been made to the development of intermediaries. In recent years, insurance intermediary has played a huge role in the insurance sales process, and the insurance industry has exceeded 80% through intermediary.

The insurance intermediary should have a full range of services pre-sales, sale and after-sales in insurance business. For a long time, my country's insurance industry only pays attention to the sales of front ends and neglects the after-sales service. However, since the new crown pneumonia epidemic, "contactless" services have been popular in all walks of life. It has become an urgent need for consumers through insurance directly enjoying online daily support services. For example, break the time and space limit, contactless Internet online clinic or will help solve this problem, open the closed loop of users "online seek medical treatment, drug payment, reimbursement". In the face of constant repeated epidemic and potentially unknown risks, consumers' health risk protection needs continue to heat up, and the imagination space upgraded by health insurance is also continuously upgraded.

In terms of channel expansion, the intelligent marketing system can be launched by the online chemistry system, and the intelligent marketing system is launched. It is committed to building a simple, rest assured claim service experience, and reduces the time and energy of the handling claims, and effectively feel the convenience and fastness of online claims.

Online and offline channels, optimize "scenario" and "socialization" internet models. On the one hand, helping traditional insurance companies to enhance the capacity and claims capacity; on the other hand, the rapid communication and operation of the user and the offline agent are established. In the face of the big trend of new technology, the insurance intermediary should go in the forefront of the industry, the traditional customer service model, and the introduction of new technology determine the trend of future development, the insurance intermediary should introduce and introduce it according to their own actual situation R & D.

At present, China's per capita GDP has exceeded 10,000 US dollars, the age and longevity era are coming, and the insurance industry is facing new opportunities.However, a beautiful future will not be automatically arriving, and it is necessary to regulate the department and industry work together.Copyright Copyright in New Jingwei App), without written authorization, any unit and individual may not reprint, pick or use other ways.This article does not represent the idea of new latitude and latitude.

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