Online "Good Jump is preferred", Ali launched "bee", giant battle "source good object"

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Online "Good Jump is preferred", Ali launched "bee", giant battle "source good object"

2022-01-20 18:04:54 45 ℃

No more native "soil", relying on the original ecology and high-quality reputation, to the source of origin was the main origin of good features, it is becoming the new darling of the young consumer.

"The new word Finance" exclusively learned that Ali is shaking tone coded "the source of a good thing", the layout of the new consumer. Vibrato in following the launch of "the source of a good thing" channel, to create a new brand "heartbeat preferred" electricity suppliers sell power source good thing, and increase investment in this area; while Ali is in the recently launched based on the source of origin fresh trading platform "bee Yun."

Currently, in the vibrato App, has been on the line "preferred source" channel, which the whole world goods from all directions, with seasonal, origin explosion models other seasonal. Harmonized Commodity Description from "preferred source of life home" sales under heartbeat preferred and is responsible for delivery, after-sales service, according to the "preferred source of home life" of goods data, it has sold more than 60,000 items.

Ali is in the recently launched "Bee Yun" platform, and the majority of agricultural businesses, supply chain and support for their platform, businesses can be a key shop, from goods to services, for merchants to provide subsidies for Entrepreneurs.

"Bee Yun" platform currently features eight main trading services, with Alibaba Digital Agriculture Cargo processing center, you can achieve intelligent classification of agricultural products, automatic packaging, distribution and integration of football, there are 1000 figures agricultural base under construction.

Farmers can produce through multiple channels, Taobao, Lynx and horse boxes, such as sales, same day service users.

In addition to the fact bytes, Ali, Jingdong, fight a lot, deft and other giants are overweight electricity supplier of agricultural products layout. Jingdong investment many times the track fresh agricultural products in 2020. Among them, Jingdong nearly HK $ 800 million stake in China geography, work together to build China's most fresh supply chain system. Jingdong Supermarket seven key industrial and domestic government entered into a collaboration with "Spark Program", and measures to release three hundred large hatch industrial zone - the place of origin of agricultural branding, industrial clustering base, distribution strategy and medium-sized Taiwan agricultural products.

Vice president of Jingdong Group, Jingdong Retail Group's super Feng Yi Business Group President-wide channels, said: "2021, Jingdong supermarket will open core capabilities global marketing, intelligent supply chain, through industrial belt cooperation and other strategic initiatives to help new food brands growth, hatching more agricultural industry cluster. "

CEO stepping down to fight a lot of Huang Zheng also choose to invest in agricultural research. In fact a lot of fight is based on agriculture started, the first to do is to buy fruit to fight and when to fight again to put a lot of agriculture, is coming with new ideas. In his letter to shareholders said the future through control of the farming process, and the study of life sciences and food science, to ensure high-quality high-speed development of a lot of fight 10 years later. Agriculture as the foundation of food circulation configuration platform, is bound to strengthen the fight a lot of sustainable development.

Deft put forward a "source of good things, but also a wholesale" slogan in 2019, and in mid-2020 "good quality was" upgraded "the source of a good thing," the selected product direction. At the first festival deft mahogany, mahogany anchor deft hand in the local incarnation of "deft jewelry recommendation officials" involved with a cargo of live, final sales activities more than 12.05 million yuan, total orders over 84000 single.

Everyone wants Incoming "the source of a good thing", in addition to responding "rural revitalization", to use technology to boost rural digital, pushing the origin of the industrial zone development, but also fancy behind its huge market.

Commerce Department data show that the first half of 2020, the national network of agricultural retail sales of 193.77 billion yuan, an increase of 39.7%, accounting for 4.6% of the country's retail sales network. The Nielsen IQ issued "2021 consumer trends in the food industry insight," The report shows that as of the end of March 2021, in the last 12 months, the online channel large food categories (covering food, wine, fresh) has exceeded the overall growth rate FMCG market.

From the consumer side view, consumers concerned about the degree of regional products is being increased gradually in recent years, the habit of the product and its geographical origin linked to search, such as Ningxia wolfberry, rice Wuchang, Heilongjiang fungus, so become a hot single Taste. "The source of a good thing" is becoming giants in the electricity business in the track, but also to seize a place.