The three provinces of the Yangtze River Triangle, one city, GDP, 10 trillion, expanded investment, regional linkage, etc. to become a stable growth keyword

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The three provinces of the Yangtze River Triangle, one city, GDP, 10 trillion, expanded investment, regional linkage, etc. to become a stable growth keyword

2022-01-21 00:04:19 43 ℃

21st century economic report reporter Bu Yuqixi Qiulian sent from Shanghai

As of January 20th, the three provinces of the Yangtze River Triangle held a local two sessions and announced the economic operation data in 2021. Anhui Province 2021 GDP was 4 trillion, and Shanghai has also become a city of 4 trillion in the second GDP after Beijing, and GDP reached 4.32 trillion yuan.

Wang Zhen, Vice President, Shanghai Academy, pointed out in an interview with the 21st century economic report, as a urban economy, this amount also means that in the world's international metropolis, Shanghai enters the first square, and the momentum is better than others. Global cities, gaps are accelerating shrinkage. It is foreseeable that the share of the national economy has further improved in the Yangtze River Delta region, which may exceed 25%, which means that the Yangtze River Delta region has made more active contributions in the country's stable economy, and the impact is further improved.

As an important growth area of ​​China's economic development, the three provinces in the Yangtze River Triangle of 2021 reached 8% and above GDP. Under the general economic volume, the overall growth rate of this area is in a leading position nationwide.

"The current economy is running in the climbing crossing. In accordance with the requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference, the steady growth is placed in a more prominent position." The State Council executive meeting held on January 10th emphasized. The 21st century economic report reporter combed three provinces, one municipal government work report discovery, expand effective investment, accelerating scientific and technological development, enhanced regional linkage development, etc. has become a 2022-year-old triangle.

The three provinces, one city GDP broke 4 trillion

As of January 20, 2022, the Yangtze River Triangle three provinces, a city, 2022, government work reports have been released. Statistics show that the Shanghai Sap, Zhejiang, the economy continued to rebound, and the GDP growth in 2021 was not less than 8%, 8.1%, 8.6%, 8.5% and 8%, respectively.

Strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries have become an important factor in pulling multi-place development.

Take Jiangsu as an example, in 2021, Jiangsu Software, IoT and other six industrial clusters in the national advanced manufacturing cluster, the number ranked first in the country. Industrial strategic emerging industries, high-tech industrial output value increased in industrial specific gravity to 39.8% and 47.5%. High-tech enterprises have accumulated more than 37,000, including 172 new national "small giants" enterprises. Newly built a group of intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories, demonstration workshops, industry-grade industrial Internet benchmark companies, approved the first block chain development pilot zone in the country.

The economic development also requires a convenient and comprehensive transportation system and high quality infrastructure construction. In the past year, Zhejiang built a number of major projects such as Hangtai High Speed ​​Rail, Jin Tai Railway, Hanghai Intercity, Hangzhou Intercity, Ningbo Zhoushan Port Main Channel. Singing is good in Hangzhou, Ningbo "Double City" five-year action plan is implemented. Jiangsu Nanjing Metropolitan Circle Development Plan has become a capital circle plan for the first national approval, and the coastal regional development plan is approved by the State Council. The annual throughput of Taicang Port has exceeded 7 million tanks, and Lianyungang was selected for the first batch of national logistics hubs in "145".

Due to the repetition of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2021, it is difficult to achieve a large number of foreign orders to flow into the country. Zhejiang seizes the opportunity and uses the location advantage, and the opening will continue to expand. It is reported that the total amount of foreign trade import and export in Zhejiang Province has jumped to third in the country, and the actual use of foreign investment increased by 16.2%. Ningbo Zhoushan Port cargo throughput continued to 13 consecutive years, becoming the world's 300 million-level container large port and sixth CFD.

For 2022 economic and social development goals, Shanghai Zhejiang expectant GDP growth rate is 5.5%, 5.5%, and 6%, and Anhui is more optimistic. It is expected that GDP growth is 7%.

"The setting of 7% growth targets in 2022, which tries to implement the central spirit, and in line with the economic operation situation of Anhui Province, reflecting the stability, steady future. At the same time, consider working hard to narrow the gap between Shanghai Zhejiang, The benchmark must be tightened in the next issue, maintaining higher growth rate. "Xia Xingping, director of Anhui Provincial Economic Research Investment Office, said in an interview with the 21st century economic report, Anhui is still in an industrialization, urbanization rapid advancement, with Shanghai Zhejiang Implementation of the implementation of the mouth, Anhui manufacturing, infrastructure, real estate, first industry and other field investment growth have good foundation and support, and the driving force for economic growth next year is still strong, maintaining 9% of the investment growth rate. Large possibility.

Need to pull effective investment

On January 10th, the State Council held an executive meeting to deploy a major project that promoted the "14th Five-Year Plan" Outline "and special planned identification and expand effective investment. The meeting pointed out that the current economy is running in the climbing crossing. In accordance with the requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference, the steady growth is placed in a more prominent position, firmly implement the expansion of domestic demand strategy, insisting on "big water roan", targeted to expand the ultimate consumption and effective investment.

Recently, the long tripot will be in progress. The 21st Century Economic Report reporter noted that all localities emphasized the importance of steady growth in 2022 work in 2022, and specific arrangements were carried out in terms of investment, consumption, foreign trade.

For example, Zhejiang proposed to "do everything possible to expand effective investment, activate the consumption of residents, enhance the energy and development." Among them, highlighting the construction of major projects, building the construction of major projects as a starting, implementing excellent structure, expanding the "1 + 9" action, expanding effective investment, optimizing investment structure, improving investment efficiency, achieving effective investment by 6%. Jiangsu proposed to expand domestic demand as an important traction of development, further smooth economic circulation, promote economic operation in a reasonable range, actively expand effective investment, promote continuous recovery of consumption, and increase the support for market main body, effectively do energy power supply .

Anhui implements investment projects to attack the action. Full extension of "Double Trick Double Bound" and improve the project promotion guarantee mechanism.

Shanghai is a special issuance and convene a press conference before the government's work report, which is specially issued and held a press conference, and the layout expands effective investment and economic stability.

On January 18, Shanghai released "several policy measures in Shanghai to expand effective investment in steady economic development in 2022." The 21st century economic report reporter noted that this is the second release of Shanghai's second release to expand the stable economic development in the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

The Dean of the Urban Development Research Institute of the East China Normal University has just suggested that from the above documents, Shanghai's investment direction and the focus of this year have new changes. It is expected to promote the introduction of similar policies in other provinces and municipalities. If the Government of the Yangtze River Some linkage will be better in the investment policy. In addition, in terms of personnel flow, it is used to be a human capital. The large flow of people between future regions will tell a paragraph, more will be capital, industrial spatial transfer, central city and peripheral city's economic mutual benefit More close, regional development is imbalance, and inadequate issues will be gradually solved.

Pay attention to regional linkage development

It is worth noting that with the deepening advancement of the national strategy of the long triangulation, the regional linkage is increasingly becoming an important direction in the work deployment of the three provinces in the Yangtze River Triangulation, which also brings new growth points to the local economic development. All localities combine the corresponding economic work deployment in conjunction with regional development planning.

"The new space of the city is the 'main battlefield' this year and the future Shanghai investment field, will be staged to expand effective investment '' highlights'. The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission told the 21st Century Economic Reporter, Shanghai will continue to increase the new space of urban development Construction investment in transportation, ecological environment, new infrastructure, and social people's livelihood, speed up the aggregation of key industries, improve regional investment intensity and density, and build the most vibrant growth level of urban development, providing strong development of higher quality development in Shanghai Assure.

The person in charge of the above, the key area of ​​the Hong Kong, the Long Triangle Integration Development Demonstration Zone, Hongqiao International Open Hub, the Pudong New Area, the Self-Trade Test Area, and the Important Boat area of ​​the National Major Strategy have been put on investment in the total investment. The role of the crimp stone, running acceleration on the investment growth rate. For example, the total investment in Pudong New Area accounts for nearly 30% of the city, and the investment growth rate in 2021 in the Hong Kong New Cowenia area of ​​the self-trade test area reached 62%.

"In the central, local governments, and the common efforts of the parties in the SEC Zauda, ​​the links in the long triangle peripheral city and core cities are more close. Through the establishment of" innovative flying "in the central city through the peripheral city, the technology of the central city to the peripheral city The transport channel has been opened, and the industrial research integration of the administrative border has entered the right track. "Zeng just suggested that" the government will be able to play, enterprises ", let the company in regional economic cooperation Singage ". Relying on the overall strength of the long triangle, play the competition, the role of the Commerce, the Association, and promote the joint group of the three provinces, one city enterprise joint group to other provinces and cities, and carry out economic cooperation along the country along the way.