Bulletin collection | All year old earning 26 billion!190 billion panel faucet last year net profit is more than 4 times year-on-year

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Bulletin collection | All year old earning 26 billion!190 billion panel faucet last year net profit is more than 4 times year-on-year

2022-01-21 06:09:31 46 ℃

Today's focus

[Jingdong Party A: In 2021, the purity is 410% -416% year-on-year]

Jingdong A announcement, it is expected that the net profit of 2021 is 25.7 billion yuan to 2.6 billion yuan, an increase of 410% -416% year-on-year. The semiconductor display industry continues the longest booth cycle in the first half of 2021; In terms of LCD, facing product price structural adjustment, the company actively adjusts the product portfolio, still maintains a good profit level; flexible OLEDs, the shipments are rapid, and the monthly shipments in December 2021 exceeded 10 million. Small finance: Q3 net profit of 7.253 billion yuan, according to this calculation, Q4 net profit is expected to be 5685 billion yuan to 5.985 billion yuan, a decrease of 17% -21% from the previous month.

[Radio and TV Express: Develop a wholly-owned subsidiary to carry out digital economic business]

Broadcasting announcement, intended to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary Radio and TV Digital Economic Investment Operation Co., Ltd. (referred to as "broadcast digital investment"), the registered capital is 1 billion yuan. This settled broadcast number is initiated as the company's investment operation platform, and the investment, construction and follow-up operations of digital economic business, innovative urban business model, and expands the company's smart urban business model, which is beneficial to improve the company's Core competitiveness and profitability, achieving the company's sustained and stable development. Broadcasting Express is announced on the same day, and it is proposed to introduce strategic investors in the way of increasing capital of Pingyun Small.

[Wuxi Rare Earth: China Rare Earth Group 40.08% shares real-controlled people change to China Rare Earth Group]

Five-mine rare earth announcement, 5 mine shares held by the company 16.1% shares, five mineral shares wholly-owned subsidiaries Ho-colored Holdings (23.98% shares held by companies) 100% equity unpaid The China Rare Earth Group has led to the direct and indirect holding of the company's 40.08% shares in China Rare Earth Group. After this transfer is completed, the company's controlling shareholder is still a five-mine rare earth group, and the actual controller is changed from China's five mines to China Rare Earth Group.

[Lingnan Shares: Subsidiary plans to complete 100 immersive experience theater construction within two years]

Lingnan Shares Disclosure Investor Relationship Activity Records, company subsidiary Hengrun Technology is the early in China to enter the VR field, and now in the industry's first camp. Hengrun Technology's immersive experience business has been completed in the country's more than 60 depth immersive experience the the the herds, and plans to complete the construction of 100 theaters within two years, forming an immersive experience theater layout covering major large-scale cities across the country. , You can produce the content of your own IP, put in full channels, create a complete depth immersion experience industry chain closed loop. In addition, Hengrun Technology starts in some science and technology museums, museum projects in some science and technology museums, relatively mature, and there is no technical barrier. If the customer needs, the company can provide a full set of solutions.

[子: 2021 net profit is expected to be 39% -60% year-on-year]

Ji Island Announcement, It is expected that the net profit of 2021 is 6 million yuan to 9 million yuan, a year-on-year decline in 39.39% -59.59%. Small finance: Q3 net profit of 9.4 million yuan, according to this, Q4 net profit is expected to increase 36 million yuan to 39 million yuan, an increase of 282% -314% from the previous month.

[Mango Super Media: It is expected that the fourth quarter net profit loh than 70% -88.7%]

Mango Super Medal Announcement, It is expected that the net profit of 2021 yuan is 2.92 billion yuan, an increase of 2.92% -7.96% year-on-year; the company's advertising and operator's income growth has exceeded 30%, and the number of mango TV effective members at the end of the year is 50.4 million. An increase of 40%. Small finances: Q3 net profit of 529 million yuan, according to this, Q4 net profit is expected to decrease by 70% -88.7% from the previous month.

[China Resources Micro: In 2021, the purity is up to 129% -132% year-on-year]

Hua Run micro announcement, is expected to be 2.21 billion yuan -223 billion yuan in 2021 year, an increase of 129% -132% year-on-year, and the company accepted is relatively full, and the overall production capacity utilization is high. Small finance: Q3 net profit of 616 million yuan, according to this calculation, Q4 net profit is expected to be $ 526 billion to 546 million yuan, a decrease of 11% -14% from the previous month.

[Aimei: 2021 net profit is expected to be 105% -127% year-on-year]

Ai Meiji Announcement, It is expected that net profit of 900 million yuan in 2021 yuan is 104.66% -127.4% year-on-year. The company's strategic layout is clear, the product is competitive, driving the overall growth of the business; the product matrix is ​​further abundant, the broadness of customers covered by the marketing service network is further improved, driving the company sales growth; sales and production scale, scale effect further appear, profit The ability is significantly improved. Small finance: Q3 net profit of 283 million yuan, according to this calculation, Q4 net profit is expected to be 191 billion yuan to 2491 billion yuan, and the ring-32% -2% is changed.

[Shi Dashenghua: Chairman, some executives intended to increase 80 million yuan -1 billion yuan]

Shi Dashenghua Announcement, Guo Tianming, Chairman of the Company, General Manager Lu Junqi, the secretary of the board of directors, the main accountant Song Huaobao added 80 million yuan to $ 100 million.

[China Life Insurance: Company and Group respectively, the company intends to increase 3.6 billion yuan and 5.4 billion yuan to China Life Property Insurance] announcement, the company, China Life Insurance (Group) Company ( "Holding") and property insurance company intends to 2022 on or before March 31 signed the "China Life property and Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. to increase their investment contract." Accordingly, the company and the company intends to increase 3.6 billion yuan, respectively, and 5.4 billion yuan to property insurance company; after the transaction is completed, the registered capital of property insurance increased to 27.8 billion yuan from 18.8 billion yuan, and continued by the company and Group respectively hold 40% and 60% of the shares. The transaction is intended to increase the registered capital of financial insurance companies to meet the business development needs of the industry regulatory requirements for capital adequacy ratio of property insurance and property insurance company's.

[Yan Wanda equity incentive plan: a three-year cumulative revenue of not less than 150 billion yuan]

Yan Wanda Disclosure 2022 equity incentive plan, intends to target incentive stock equity granted to total no more than 2578 shares. The second category of restricted stock incentive plan to grant price of 19.6 yuan / share. The exercise price of stock options is 39.19 yuan / share. For the first time awarded restricted stock each year firm-level performance evaluation objectives: 2022 annual revenue value of not less than 43.2 billion yuan; 2022 - Accumulated revenue value in 2023 of not less than two years, 92.9 billion yuan; 2022--2024 three years the cumulative revenue value of not less than 150 billion yuan.

[Zhao Yan DRUG: 2021 net profit expected by 72% -82%]

Zhao Yan announcement of new drugs, is expected 2021 net profit of 540 million yuan -5.7 billion yuan, an increase of 72.3% -82.3% year on year. Small fortune Note: Q3 net profit of 094 million yuan, On this basis, Q4 net profit is expected to 292 million yuan -3.22 billion yuan, an increase of 210% -242%.

[New Open Source: 2021 net profit up 438% -483% increase in pre]

The new open source announcement, expected 2021 net profit of 240 million yuan -2.6 billion, an increase of 438.42% -483.29%; impact of the current non-recurring gains on the company's net profit amounted to 230 million yuan -2.5 billion, mainly for the company BioVision and the sale of equity due to foreign investment. Small fortune Note: Q3 net profit of 016 million yuan, On this basis, Q4 net profit is expected to 140 million yuan -1.6 billion yuan, an increase of 775% -900%.

[North Exchange Sen Xuan medicine: the proposed three executives total reduction of not more than 0.0177% of shares]

North Exchange Sen Xuan medicine announcement, the directors into a sword, Jiang Chunjuan directors, senior executives Zhu lion chapter intends to total reduction of not more than 0.0177% of the shares.

Investment & signing

[Desai battery: the proposed 7.5 billion yuan construction project Desai battery energy storage batteries]

Desai battery announcement, the company intends to set up holding companies, building "Desai battery energy storage batteries project" in Changsha Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, the project plans to invest 7.5 billion yuan in fixed assets, in three phases layout 20GWh of storage capacity batteries project headquarters and research and development centers, production centers.

[Nano-German side: the proposed 2 billion yuan investment to build up an annual output of 20,000 tons Lithium Project]

German nano announcement, intends to sign "an annual output of 20,000 tons complement Lithium project framework cooperation agreement" with the government Zhanyi District of Qujing City, the company intends to build in Qujing Zhanyi zone "produce 20,000 tons of Lithium fill project" the total investment of 2 billion yuan, proposed by the company's German subsidiary of Shenzhen energy Technology Co., Ltd., founded a new company incorporated in Qujing city Zhanyi wholly owned subsidiary company.

[Yan Wanda: a subsidiary of energy and the green Hui signed a "framework agreement"]

Yan Wanda announcement, a wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Yan Wanda integrated energy and green energy in to electrical-hui was in a wholly owned subsidiary recently signed a "framework agreement", in the future they intend integrated photovoltaic and energy storage and energy and other business services in-depth cooperation.

[Zhendong Pharmaceutical: subsidiaries and Tongliao Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement]

Zhendong Pharmaceutical announcement, a subsidiary of the Tongliao Municipal People's Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, docking Tongliao City, 300 acres of bitter almond base, 13 million mu of Sophora base, 40,000 mu base of astragalus, licorice base of 20,000 mu, 20,000 mu bellflower base, 5,000 acres of herbs growing base of wind companies and grower, a subsidiary of its products are all qualified for the acquisition.

Changes in ownership

[Guangzhou Restaurant: Guangzhou SASAC intends to transfer the shares 4.64% Company]

Guangzhou Restaurant notice, 4.637% Guangzhou SASAC intends to hold the total share capital of the company (ie 2622.8621 million) protocol transferred to Guangzhou Industrial Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

[Mansion House Intelligence: Zhitong intends to 41.3 million yuan to acquire 100% stake Fire]

Maxell intelligent announcement, intends to 41.3 million yuan acquisition of Zhejiang Zhitong Fire Network Limited 100% equity.

[Strong Swiss technology: the transferee intends to use the raised funds over 51% stake in Kunshan Ming Ferrer]

Qiangrui Technology Announcement, the company intends to invest 40.5 million yuan to invest in Kunshan Farm Ming, which is planned to obtain 51% of the 51% stake in Kunshan Farm Ming in the way of increasing capital and equity. Kunshan Fulu Ming has a major customer to set up a precision holding subsidiary, which is mainly used by the customers to apply to Apple mobile phones and tablet manufacturing process, and Kunshan Fari Ming mainly The product is consistent with the company's height. Addition and decrease & buy

[Bertley: Shareholders Xiong Li We combat less than 6% shares]

Betley Announcement, Sharehold 9.88% shareholder Xiong Liwu reduced no more than 6% shares.

[CCIDAP: Two shareholders' fit were reduced by no more than 3.97% shares]

CCIDA SPAD, Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Red Soil Innovation Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd. Is reduced by 3.97%.

[Beauty Listening: Shareholders Li Ren and its consistent actors intended to reduce the shares of not over 2.96%

Beauty makeup announcement, shareholders Rin and its consistent actors intend to reduce the shares of no more than 2.96%.

[Sun Nuo and: Director, senior management proposed to increase 10 million yuan -12 million yuan shares]

Sun Nuo and Announcements, Directors and General Manager Liu Yujing and Directors, and Directors and Financial Director Zhao Lingyang are intended to increase the shares of RMB 10 million to 12 million yuan since January 24, 2022.

[Golden Stone Resources: It is planned to repurchase 300 million yuan]

Jinshi resource announcement, the company intends to repurchase company shares at $ 0.5 billion to $ 100 million, and repurchase shares is used to implement employee holding plans or equity incentives. The proposed price or price range is not more than 57 yuan / share (including).

[Heng Mingda: Jude 15 million -30 million yuan repurchase shares]

Heng Mingda announcement, intended to repurchase a shares of 15 million to 30 million yuan, repurchase price no more than 55.08 yuan / shares; 8 actual controllers and senior managers are intended to reduce no more than 1.14% shares.

Operating results

[Yulong Shares: In 2021 net profit is 213% -282% year-on-year]

Yulong shares disclosed performance forecast, expected Net profit for $ 367 million to 2448 million yuan in 2021, an increase of 213.05% to 282.15% year-on-year. During the reporting period, the domestic international economy was steadily recovered, the market demand is strong, the transaction is active, and the price of bulk commodity continues to rise. The gross profit margin of commodity trade such as coal and agriculture and forestry is significantly improved.

[Strength: In 2021, the purity is about 139% year-on-year]

Strengthening the micro-disclosure results, expects the net profit of 2021 to 1.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of about 138.98%. During the reporting period, the company's power management chip is in the lower reaches of the industry, and the company has continuously farmers in the consumer electronics field, actively exploiting the new market, new customers, achieving sales scale and economic benefits. Growth.

[Changchuan Technology: In 2021, the purity is from 112% -171% year-on-year]

The Changchuan Science and Technology Announcement is expected to be returned to returning to the net profit in 2021 to $ 2.23 billion, a year-on-year increase of 112.12% -171.04%. During the reporting period, the integrated circuit industry is high, and downstream customers are strongly demand for corporate equipment.

[Chuanheng shares: It is expected that the net profit in 2021 increased by 120% -160% year-on-year]

Chuanheng shares disclosed results, expects Net profit of 314 million yuan to 371 million yuan in 2021, an increase of 120% -160% year-on-year. During the reporting period, the company's main products and phosphorus sales unit price increased, and gross profit margin increased year-on-year.

[Oriental electric heating: 2021 net profit is more than 90% -185% year-on-year]

Oriental electric heating announcement, it is expected that the return of returned profit of $ 115 million in 2021 is $ 1.173 billion, a year-on-year increase of 90.31% -185.46%. During the reporting period, the polysilicon industry has benefited from the national policy and market demand double drive. The new investment of projects has increased significantly. The sales of polysilicon also furnished and cold hydrogenated electric heater increased significantly; the demand for steel (aluminum) composites for communication fiber optic cables increased significantly. The price of the product has continued to rebound, and the sales of steel (aluminum) composite materials for communication fiber optic cable increases; the battery steel shell material business has improved, sales have increased, and the profitability has improved.

[Wan Tai Biology: In 2021 net profit, 1,73% -203% year-on-year]

Wantai Biological Announcement, It is expected that Net profit in 2021 is 1.73% -203% year-on-year. The company's divalent HPV vaccine continues to maintain the growth of two prosperity, income and profit growth; due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic still has not been effectively controlled, the overseas test demand has increased significantly, the company's new crown raw materials sales and overseas detection reagent export revenue is rapidly increased.

[Oriental Wealth: Eastern Fortune Securities in 2021 non-combined net profit increased by 66.89% year-on-year]

Oriental Fortune Subprin Oriental Fortune Securities Co., Ltd. disclosed that the total income of 7.3 billion yuan was achieved in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 58.76%, a net profit of 4.825 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 66.89%. On the same day, the first period of the first short-term financing voucher in the first phase of the Sub-bureau has been issued. The total amount of the actual issuance is 1.5 billion yuan, the ticket rate is 2.53%, the deadline 175 days. Contract & Item winning

[Oriental cable: the medium bid is about 1.015 billion yuan related items]

Oriental Cable Announcement, Recently, the company has received the "Winning Notice" of the bidding agency. The winning amount of the landline system is about 440 million yuan; the amount of the winning bid for the sea cable system is approximately 574 million yuan; the total winning amount of the project is approximately 1015 million yuan. The performance of its contract will have a positive impact on the company's future business performance, but does not affect the independence of the company's business.

[Tibet Tiandao: The total investment of the consortium in the joint body is about 9.8 billion yuan comprehensive development project]

Tibet Tianlu Announcement, Company and the Chengzhao Institute, Western Construction, Aneng Third Bureau, Yue Yue Real Estate, Electric Construction Construction Group, Hydropower Five Council jointly forms the joint body to participate in the bidding and winning bid of the comprehensive development project of Qingbaijiang European Industrial City The total estimation of the total investment of the project is about 9.8 billion yuan, and the project capital is about 30% of total investment, that is, the project capital is approximately 2.94 billion yuan. The alliances of the consortium and government funded representatives of Rong Oach company joint venture, the project company registered capital of 200 million yuan, the company's shareholding ratio was 14%, that is, the company's first batch of 28 million yuan. According to the 200 million yuan of capital funds, the company needs to pay more than 412 million yuan.

[Nagawa shares: winning 3654.42 million yuan rain and drainage pipe procurement project]

Nagawa Stock Announcement, the company received the "winning notice" sent from Zhongjian Tunnel Construction Co., Ltd. on January 20, 2022, confirming the company's winning bid for the company's "Zhongjian Tunnel Chongqing Branch Yilin River Project Unit, the winning bid is 365.442 million yuan (including tax), accounting for 4.08% of the company's audited operating income in 2020.

Finance & fixed

[Hua Zi Technology: It is proposed to issue the fundraising funds for fundraising not exceeding 1 billion yuan]

Hua Zi's scientific and technological announcement, proposed to issue the fundraising funds for the fundraising of 1 billion yuan, used to acquire the city's good energy 96.20% equity, energy storage power station construction project, Chengjun, 100MW / 200MWH energy storage power station construction, Guidong County 100MW / 200MWH energy storage power station construction, industrial park "photovoltaic + energy storage" integrated project and supplementary liquidity.

Stock price

[Huijin Technology: The company's business does not involve digital currency]

Huijin Technology issued an aspiogram announcement, the company's main business is to provide professional solutions and services to the operation management, risk control, network transformation, channel construction of the financial industry customers, and other technologies. The company's business does not involve digital currency.


[ST Pingle: Company stocks terminate listing and resuming]

The ST Pingular Announcement, and the Deputy Exchange has agreed to the company's RMB ordinary stock stocks to terminate the listing from January 24, 2022.

[China Ping An: Appointed Deng Bin as the company's chief investment officer]

China Ping An Announcement, appointed Deng Bin's chief investment officer, and Deng Bin's qualifications are allowed to be approved by the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission.

[Zhongjie Boheng Reply Claims Letter: Accounting Asset Impairment Preparation Reasonably does not have financial "big bath"]

Zhongjie Bo Creative Reply to the Conditions of the Condition, Since Jiahua Information is out of control and the company no longer incorporates it into the merger report scope, the company is planned to provide an impairment of the long-term equity investment balance of Jiahua information, 148 billion yuan and confirm the investment loss 2.87 100 million yuan, there is no financial "big bath" situation. At present, Jiahua information has been out of control, and no longer incorporates the company's consolidated report scope, the asset impairment test results have no significant impact on the company's 2021 financial report.