Fast hands in SF in the same city to send takeaway?What do you want to do if you want to do a "Shunfeng Car"?

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Fast hands in SF in the same city to send takeaway?What do you want to do if you want to do a "Shunfeng Car"?

2022-01-21 12:07:21 34 ℃

According to the report of the EMB Real-time delivery services are available for the take-away business of the city.

At present, the "same city huge" business has set up a company, and it is launched in Jinan, Dalian, Chongqing. Looking forward to a long time takeaway, finally launched.

Take the fast car in Shung City, the traveler's takeaway business is definitely guaranteed in terms of delivery. At the on-site meeting, SF To City also demonstrated the entire process of real-time delivery. After the staff used the quick hand in the same city, the knights in SF Tong Town were delivered from the single channel for only 17 minutes!

According to this present, the same city delivery time is mostly within 2 hours, of which the delivery time of the same city is generally within 30 minutes. At present, the food and drink partners in SF in the same city have mainly an old lady, her tea, etc. Customers who are single is a catering class contribute to SF Tongcheng's number of orders nearly a quarter. Shunfeng City's catering experience is rich.

It is said that the cooperation of the trick and SF in the city will be very strange. Why is the quick hand starting such a large-scale cooperation with SF Tongcheng? Where is this reason?

First of all, we must understand that the current fast hand is no longer a short video platform in our traditional meaning. Gradually from a single short video platform, a social short video coming as a comprehensive service platform for online underline, so in such a big background, the quick hand is actually vigorously expanding its offline market. The cooperation of the quick hands and US groups is actually an embodiment of a large-scale layout in the market development process of fast hands, so we are actually a continuation of the cooperation in the same city from this perspective. The representative is a step forward in the process of the fast hand online.

Second, we will follow the logic of the business. The current hand and SF cooperation in the same city are actually extending the market advantage of the quick-ended network. The most core of the fast hand is a short video is entertaining. The advantage is the most direct Let consumers have passed, so that consumers use the most diverse ways to experience a model of the entire market. From this logic perspective, the faster itself is very obvious, but the quick hand has such a big advantage, but lacks one Sufficient contacts, this is the performance of the ability, after all, from the quick hand to the user, especially the physical goods to the user, then for the quick hand, you need a logistics company to give yourself a comprehensive support It is very important.

Third, for the cooperation of SF with the city and fast hand, the current advantage is not only to say that the fast hand has achieved the further extension of the network, and more from the network of the network, the core is to send in the same city, the same city service area Cooperation, after all, in the same city service area, the market demand is very huge, but most of the Internet services have not achieved perfect coverage, there are still a lot of blank and space worth robbing. So under such a big background, the quick hand can further promote the long-term sustainable development of the market through such services.

Fourth, the cooperation between the fast hand and SFs, including the cooperation of the previous and US groups, is actually a process of mutual opening, is the embodiment of the Internet industry further interconnection, for the entire Internet industry, accompanied by interoperability development Internet industry There will be further improvements, such mutual combination between different Internet companies will become the main melody of the development of the Internet industry.