The new shares are fun!This is only 57,700 profit margin, the first day of the next day.

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The new shares are fun!This is only 57,700 profit margin, the first day of the next day.

2022-01-21 12:09:47 49 ℃

Under the break of new shares, investors' subscriptions of new shares are also quite cautious. On January 20th, Cheng Da Dao Pharmaceutical officially landed in the A-share capital market. The first day of the company was very bright. The two degrees of the disk touched and stopped, the maximum rose nearly 150%, the stock price touched 188 yuan / share, if In case of calculation, investors can profit 57,700 yuan. Under the big price, some investors have repented, and after the signing is signed. After the statistics of Beijing Business Daily reporters, as of now, there were 19 stocks in the A-share year, 7 of which have been broken, accounting for nearly 40% of all new shares, and there are 5 listed on 5 stocks such as Lisco technology.

The first day of the listing was sold by two institutions

In the context of new shares, the most profitable new shares in the year, but the first day of the listing was sold by the agency.

On January 20th, Cheng Da Da Lou in the A-share capital market. The company listed first show is very bright, and the disc amplifies, the maximum increase of nearly 150%, the stock price is 188 yuan / share. As of the date of the day, Cheng Da Da Da Da reported 128.55 yuan / share, 76.85%, and the total market value was 12.43 billion yuan.

According to the information, Cheng Da Dao Pharmaceutical starting price is 72.69 yuan / share.

Calculated by Beijing Business Daily reporter, if the investor signed Cheng Da Da Da's pharmaceutical industry, and selling a profit of 57,700 yuan, if it is sold, it can be profitable for 27,900 yuan.

On the evening of January 20th, the trading data of the disclosure of the official website of the Shenzhen Exchange showed that Cheng Da Da Pharmaceutia was sold by the two institutions. Among them, sold one, sell three all the institutional seats, and sold the amount of approximately 33.558 million yuan, 865.59 10,000 yuan, the purchase amount is 0.

It is worth mentioning that the stock price rose, there are also many investors to regret it.

According to data from Cheng Da Da Pharmaceutical Disclosure, the company has given up the number of subscriptions of 391,900 shares, and the amount of subscription amount is approximately 284.899 million yuan. Cheng Da Pharmaceutical said that the company's online and online investors waited for the subscription by the sponsoring institution (primary underwriter), the number of sponsors (primary underwriters) The number of shares in the sale of the total number of issues was 1.62%.

According to the information, Cheng Da Pharmaceutics is mainly committed to providing key pharmaceutical intermediate CDMO services to multinational pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical R & D institutions, and engaged in R & D, production and sales of L-carnitine series products, 2018-2020 and the first half of 2021. The company's dividend amount is 0 yuan, 20 million yuan, 20 million yuan, 30 million yuan, and the compute count is 70 million yuan.

Cheng Da Pharmaceutical said that the company is based on the operational results achieved in January to September in Jem, combined with factors such as hand orders and product production. It is expected that the business income is 422 billion yuan to 428 million yuan in 2021, which is next year. The same period increased by 13.1% to 14.68%. However, it is expected that the net profit of the expected net profit is in a year-on-year decline, approximately 103 million yuan to 10.5 billion yuan, down 13.14% to 15.04% from the previous year.

For the main reason for the decline in net profit, Cheng Da Pharmaceutics said that in 2020, the company's Hengshan Road's old factory disposal leads to the higher income of assets, and the company expects to deduct the non-recurring profit and loss after deducting non-regular profit and loss. Net profit is 100 million Yuan to 10.2 billion yuan, an increase of 18.3% to 21.02% from the same period last year.

Independent economist Wang Chi said that the Beijing Business Daily reporter said that the first day of Cheng Da Da may be related to the company's business involved in new crown therapeutic drugs, the company is Bari Timini supplier, and from scientific mechanism, Ruibini has a therapeutic effect on new crown. In response to related questions, Beijing Business Daily reporters interviewed by the drug industry, but the phone did not answer.

Nearly 40% of stocks in the year

After WIND statistics, Beijing Business Daily reporter, as of now, there have been nearly 40% of the new shares in the year, including 5 shares such as Maiwei Biology, Walai Technology, and the first day of the launch.

Data show, as of January 20th, there were 19 stocks such as Weibo hydraulic, three-dimensional heavens, Hujiang Materials, Thammes, including the first day of listing, and the best food performance in the first day of the listing. It is 212.46%, and only this stock has increased by more than 200%. Secondly, Weibo hydraulics, the listing of the listing is 168.6%; the yearning share of the bidding shares also increased by 100%, reached 128.14%.

In contrast, 5 shares of Sojie Technology, Maiwei Biology, Yahong Pharmaceutical, Xinghui Round, and Laiss Technology, the first day of the listing, the listing of 33.75%, 29.6%, respectively, 23.41%, 9.12%, 6.07%.

It is not difficult to see that Sojie Technology is the worst. According to data, Shu Jie Technology is a platform-type chip enterprise that provides wireless communications, large-scale chips. According to Sao Jie Technology, due to the cellular communication in the company, it is a typical high-rise investment in the field, and the quotation of large-scale research and development investment in realization. The company was established in 2015. The establishment time is still short, and a large R & D is guaranteed. The accumulation of technology and the development of products are therefore in a loss.

In the first half of 2018 and 2021, Sojie Technology realized the net profit of -537 billion yuan, -584 billion yuan, -2327 billion yuan and -372 billion yuan; corresponding to the deduction of non-post-net profit, respectively -538 million yuan, -593 million yuan, -572 million yuan and $ 552 million. As of June 30, 2021, the accumulated profit of Sojie Technology consolidated is - 3.049 billion yuan.

In addition to Shujie Technology, Maiwei Biology, Yahong Medicure, and Sanli Tiandi, etc., the new shares are also in a loss.

According to data, the third quarter of 2021, Maiwei Biology, Yahong Medicure, 3D Tiandi Realized the net profit from $ 815 million, -172 billion, -0.3 billion.

In addition, in accordance with the lowest price of the stock price, Tian Yue advanced, Guo Xin Technology has also happened, which also means that a total of 7 shares have occurred in all years, accounting for 36.84% of 19 shares.

In the above-mentioned new stocks, many stocks have been discarded by investors. For example, Tianyue advanced disclosure issuance showed that the company was discarded from 217.835 million yuan, and the online investor was discarded by 0 yuan.

It is understood that before Tianyue advanced, the company has been in a loss, of which 2018-2020 realizes the net profit of attribution of approximately -42.14 million yuan, -200.7 billion yuan, -642 billion yuan. However, Tian Yue's advanced disclosure results show that the company has been lost, and the company's net profit is approximately 53.53 million yuan.

Xu Xiaheng, a reporter, said that the reporter has been accompanied by the promotion of the registration system, the new shares have been normalized, and the new stocks in the market have long have no scarce. Since the second half of 2021, the A-share market has begun to occur frequently, the first day of listing The situation of breaking is also constantly, this is an embodiment of increasingly maturing in my country's capital market.

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