In the end of 2021, inventory | super-broadcast, the election program is history, online video facing supervision high pressure and short video pinch

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In the end of 2021, inventory | super-broadcast, the election program is history, online video facing supervision high pressure and short video pinch

2022-01-21 12:07:21 52 ℃

In the past 2021, the online video industry can be described as lively. Before there is a draft show, there is a long-term broadcast of the history stage, and the platform membership price will rise again, so that the entire industry is frequently hosted.

This refraction is that under the supervision of high pressure and the middle and short video, the online video platform has a fancy exploration of the payment mode to get rid of the long-term loss dilemma.

Li Yongjian, researcher, research firm, China Academy of Social Sciences, said that on the one hand, online video platforms should control costs, especially content production costs, which will still be the focus of platform profits; on the other hand, the application of strengthening technology and big data is also important significance. How to use new technologies to make content products that meet user needs, providing a better quality and personalized experience, will also be an important way for the industry's sustainable and healthy development.

Advance broadcast permanent exits the historical stage

In October 2021, Iqiyi took the lead in announced the demand in front of the drama, and canceled the content promotion patches visible to members. Subsequently, Tencent video, Youku, respectively, announced that the advanced playback service will also be canceled.

Since then, the birthday broadcast of only two years but frequent controversy officially quits the historical stage.

As early as August 2019, Tencent video first played in the hot play "Chen Yong order" in the hot broadcast mode: the audience can choose to unlock the last 5 episode in advance, and each episode is 6 yuan. Subsequently, Iqiyi, Youku successively launched this type of extra payment mode.

In December of the same year, Tencent video, iQiyi first triggered disputes due to advanced on-demand, except for users and netizens complaining, the People's Daily also published criticism, this new payment model was pushed into the tip. With the gradual fermentation of public opinion, the two platforms have modified the transfammetric rules.

However, in the summer vacation in 2021, due to the revision of relevant rules, Tencent video trigger controversy due to advanced on-demand: Users want to watch the universe content of the platform thermogravure "Sweeping Storm", the member needs to pay 3 yuan per episode, Can only be purchased in order.

This move has attracted the attention of the Consumer Protection Committee. The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee issued a document "Sweeping Storm", considers consumers to enjoy the option according to law, so-called "unlocking according to the order", suspected of bundling sales, is an indifferent to consumer choice. Subsequently, a number of video platforms represents functional adjustment.

"Video Platform actively promotes additional payment mode, which is undoubtedly the maximum consumption of project gains and expands the incremental market." An analyst has pointed out.

In many indigenous people, advanced on demands undoubtedly become a major revenue channel for Elite Teng. In Tencent Video, "Chen Yong Order" in 2019, exceeding 150 million yuan, Tencent Video and iQiyi, "Qing Yu Ye", the previous broadcast income of 145 million yuan.

The above person believes that the short-term bonus of overcast is easy, but it is brought about by the user's dislike. When this pattern continues to be criticized and become a public emotional voice, it means that the platform must rethink their own posture and short-term interests and long-term development.

Ai You Teng continues to "open source"

For a long time, the video platform has always been a difficult situation in which the content is high, and the loss of years. From the perspective of financial report, the revenue of the video platform relies mainly on membership and advertising, including copyright content, research and development, administrative fees, etc., this high content cost limits the profitable space of the video platform.

Advertising income is a way to increase revenue, and you can have a bad experience for users. At present, Ai You Teng has been consciously reduced, no longer as a major profit.

From the regulatory level, the relevant departments released the Internet advertising ", which" Internet advertising management method (disclosure) ", clearly defined", " One button is closed, this undoubtedly a challenge to advertising profit models in the online video industry.

In this context, membership income will become the main source of online video platform revenue. The growth of membership income mainly includes three aspects, one is to increase the number of paid members, and the other is to improve the price, the third is to further improve the diverse trial of users.

At present, the industry demographic bonus saw the top, and the outside should face the competition of the shake, fast hand, the B station and other platforms. Especially in iQiyi and Tencent video, the nodes of "100 million" members have been taken into the "100 million" members, and the head online video platform begins to enter the membership situation. The latest financial report showed that Aiqiyi members were 103.6 million in the third quarter of 2021, a decrease of 1.1% year-on-year, a decrease of 2.4% from the ring.

Thus, online video platforms have chosen to improve the prices of the membership. In December 202, Iqiyi once again enhancing the membership fee in 1 year. "The experience of foreign minister video platform benchmarks suggests that although the price increase may cause user loss and stock price fluctuations, long-term perspective, the continuous income of the platform is still advantageous." Li Yongjian, a researcher in Financial Strategy, China.

In addition, a variety of pay -ry attempts are carried out to pine potential users, maximize the excitation user ARPU value to balance the content cost, and the importance of the online video platform for nearly two years.

According to the reporter, the video platform is trying to force short video content, develop OTT big screen business, surrounding the episode IP and the main crew, such as selling surrounding products, launching a digital album, holding a program concert, paying a surcharge Unlocked eggs and so on. Faced with regulatory high pressure and low video pinch

In March 2021, a "filling video" is crazy on the network. The cause is that the "youth has you 3" draft, the "youth has you 3" draft, and the fans can be passed by the purchase of the program sponsored by the purchase of the company's designated products. When you can't finish it, you can only fall.

After the "Milk Video" came out, the relevant departments requested iQiyi to rectify immediately, "Youth has you 3", the ginseng night is also canceled. Since then, each video platform has become more cautious for rule settings for the draft program.

In September 2021, the State Radio and Television General Administration once again shot, and clarifying the broadcasting and television agencies and network audiovisual platforms must not broadcast idols to develop classes. This means "idol exercise students", "youth has you", etc. will become history.

It is reported that "Ido" draft variety is rising in China since 2017, iQiyi, Youku and Tencent video are the main manufacturer of this type. According to incomplete statistics, these three video platforms launched nearly 10 "idol cultivation" draft programs within three years.

Some analysts believe that for the sponsors, "playing" is undoubtedly the fastest marketing method for sales, once this method is unreasonable, their willingness and amount of the program will be affected. For each platform, the support of "fans economy" has undoubtedly lost a "road to life".

In addition to increasing, the online video platform is also facing more external competition and challenges, the rise of short video is one.

In May 2021, III and other joint film and television media units jointly released the "joint statement on protecting film and television", condemn short video infringement, called on short video platforms and public account production operators to respect the original and protect copyright.

This is because of the content creator on the short video platform, through the explanation of hot TV series, movies to attract fans, this behavior of "secondary creation" is welcomed, and it is also squeezed that the user who originally belonging to online video is long.

In December 2021, China Network Audiovisual Service Association issued "Network Short Video Content Audit Standard Rules (2021)": Clearly stipulates that short video is not authorized to cut, adapted to movies, TV series, online film and television dramas and other audiovisual programs And fragments.

Although this rule is called "the most strictened new rules" by netizens, it is only used as a self-disciplined normative document, which does not have legal effectiveness, and more than the "consciousness" of short video platforms and content creators.

Li Yongjian said that from future development, there are still many things that online video platforms should do. On the one hand, how to control costs, especially content production costs, will still be the focus of platform profitability. On the other hand, the application of strengthening technology and big data is also of great significance. How to use new technologies to make content products that meet user needs, providing a better quality and personalized experience, will also be an important way for the industry's sustainable and healthy development.