In January, the strongest track is turned off, and the funds is broken.

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In January, the strongest track is turned off, and the funds is broken.

2022-01-22 18:04:21 50 ℃

This week's new crown test index fell, mainly evacuated from the pharmaceutical biological sector.

On January 21, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index continued to take a look, the Shanghai index fell 0.91%, and Shenzhen has fallen into 1.19%, and the volume of the two cities has shrunk to less than 987 billion yuan. US stock index continues to kill and decrease the structural valuation of A shares may have certain effects on market emotions. New crown test concepts fell two cities, the maximum increase of 22.06% in the index, currently 1.7% left.

New crown detection plate large-scale down

Today, the new crown detection index fell 5.76%, and fell this Friday and 16.68%. There are nearly 20 concept stocks that are more than 10% of the four concept stocks that have nearly 20 concept stocks, and nearly 20 concepts such as Anxu Biology, Oriental Biology, Bobo Biology, Jiu'an Medical.

On the news, WHO announced that the South African epidemic in the O'Kki variabted strain was going to end. Data show that South Africa's daily new cases have declined straight, and the proportion of severe cases is much lower than the peak of Delta epidemic, and vaccine enhancements are still very effective in preventing hospitalization and death. In this wave of epidemics, Africa cumulative average mortality rate is only 0.68%, which is much lower than the previous three-wave epidemic peak rate (2.4% or more).

In addition, the medical community authoritative magazine will also publish an article forecast: current O'Kek is swept around the world, but most is asymptomatic infection; from the population level, various health policies have to reduce the role of O'K戎Very small, exposed to viruses and vaccination, global immunity will be at a high level; future new crown viruses will come back, but no longer a big popular state, will be more controllable.

22 new crown inspection concept stocks full year results

Securities Times · Data Bao Statistics The list of new crown inspection concept stocks that have been previously admitted 2021, a total of 22 shares. From the median of the preview, 10 shares have doubled, including Junmin medical, hot landscaping, Huachang Chemical work, in turn, 2,205.69%, 1840.81%, 803.46%. Recent ten times bull stock Jiu'an Medical has also issued a performance notice, which is expected to increase by 271.4% -395.19% year-on-year.

Jiu'an Medical Storytelling, the performance of the performance is mainly due to the global new crown epidemic, and the company's anti-primary self-test OTC kit products increased significantly in the US sales performance, and prompts the full year growth. At the same time, the company also said that in 2021, business performance is mainly depends on new crown inspection test agents. Whether there is a significant uncertainty in future performance, it is mainly dependent on the prevention and control progress of US epidemic, and the choice of test products, competitiveness and channel sales ability, etc., please pay attention to investment risks.

Since January, with the hot track, 22 shares rose by 1.11%, and the performance of the same period is played. 7 Shares rose more than 10%, Jiu'an Medical, hot scenery, Anxu creature rose 41.05%, 23.6%, 22.43%. In terms of valuation, the new crown detection plate rolling the P / E ratio was 31.24 times on January 20, and 10 has been predicting the latest rolling ratio of the full-year industry, and the latest valuation of 6 shares such as hot biology, oriental organisms, and Muostel. 10 times.

In terms of institutional rating, Lizhu Group, Wan Thai Biology, Puomen Technology, Kaipo, Ba Tsis's rated quantity, there are 11, 9, 7, 5, 5, 5 institutions.

One week main net flow out of 157.5 billion yuan

Medical organisms were broken cliffs

From January 17th to 21st, the net effort is 15.7546 billion yuan a week. Divided by Shenwan, only bank, non-silver finance, household appliances, food beverages have been maintained, and the rest are presented as a net outflow state. Pharmaceutical biology, chemical, electronics, media, electrical equipment, net exit is more than 10 billion yuan. It is worth noting that this week's medical biomass is exceeded, up to 46.345 billion yuan. Since the New Year, medical biodias and electrons have been more than 10 million yuan for three consecutive weeks.

Data Bao statistics, in addition to the new stock of listed in the near January, the net export of 16 shares is more than 1 billion yuan. Eleids with the industry, multiple medical stocks list, 8 seats in the top 20 list. Recently, the total number of Jiu'an medical net exports, up to 3046 billion yuan; 5 shares such as Changchun High-tech, Fu Xiang Pharmaceutical, Red Rate, Oriental Biology, Danan Gene, also sold, net exit is 10 100 million yuan; the leading Hengrui medical treatment has not been spared, net flow out of 969 million yuan.

In addition, the main force continued to significantly significantly power out of the Rongki shares and the US gold energy, with a quota of 1.567 billion yuan, 1159 billion yuan, has been more than 1 billion yuan for two consecutive weeks. Ningde Times of 231 billion yuan last week was on Monday, a sharp net flow out of 1.528 billion yuan; the same situation also has a net outflow of 1.673 billion yuan in northern rare earths this week. It is worth mentioning that the digital government has still recorded 18.87% in the case of the main evacuation of 1.8.64 billion yuan, or issued with the recent State Council, "" Digital Economic Development Plan ", and the stock is related to the concept of Dongfeng.

In terms of net inflow, 6 shares have obtained more than 1 billion yuan.Bank, white wine, non-silver, and home appliance sector.The net inflow of the United States is headed by 1.176 billion yuan; net inflow of Gree electrical appliances with home appliances is 793 million yuan.In the bank stock, Ping An Bank, China Merchants Bank, and Industrial Bank have a net inflow of more than 1 billion yuan.In addition, the Yanghe shares of liquor stocks, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, non-silver financial stocks, China Ping An, Guangfa Securities, Huatai Securities, etc., all the main force varying degrees.Data treasure

Data Bao (Shujubao2015): Securities Times Intelligent Original New Media.