National Power Grid 2022 plans to invest more than 500 billion high pressure or enter the development expressway

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National Power Grid 2022 plans to invest more than 500 billion high pressure or enter the development expressway

2022-01-23 06:02:13 35 ℃

Li Zhe newspaper correspondent reports from Beijing

Recently, at the 2022 annual meeting held in the national grid, the chairman of the State Grid Xin Baoan pointed out that in 2022, investment in the power grid, power grid as the country plans to invest the amount of 501.2 billion yuan. The investment of the grid for the first time exceeded 500 billion yuan, a record high.

When the number of listed companies who accept the "China Business" reporter, said that the good news will drive the UHV industry and related industries.

Insiders pointed out that in the context of carbon and UHV is still a large market space. After the experience of 2018 to 2020 a brief silence, it will enter the fast lane again.

Investment exceeds 500 billion record high

In the 2022 annual national work conference on the grid, Xin Baoan pointed out that the development of the national grid in 2022 with a total investment target of 579.5 billion yuan. Among them, plans to invest 501.2 billion yuan grid. Recalling the national power grid investment in recent years, the investment also reached a new high.

Xin Baoan said, to seriously implement the company "Fourteen Five" grid development planning, accelerate the construction of new power system, to promote the transition to energy grid internet upgrade. 2022, to improve the company optimize network planning and programs of action to promote the new power systems of major projects into national planning.

Which clearly referred to, to promote high-quality Baihetan - HVDC Zhejiang, Sichuan-Tibet Railway construction power supply two other key construction projects. Completed and put into operation during the year Baihetan - Jiangsu, Jingmen - Wuhan, Fujian and Guangdong UHV and networking, 500-kilovolt male Anton and other key projects. Local conditions to promote the regional distribution grid optimization and construction of power grids, construction of strong and smart urban distribution network, consolidate the implementation of the rural power upgrade project. Accelerate the construction of new power system demonstration area. Jiangxi Fengxin start, Zhejiang Taishun four pumped storage power station, commissioned Jinzhai, Anhui, Heilongjiang and other ravines 5 Pumped Storage Power.

"Previously, my country has experienced rapid construction of a building UHV. Is the approximate time to start planning from 2006, large-scale construction began in 2010, 2017 basically completed. After the first round of UHV construction, having a basic frame has become molding. "a power industry insiders Zhang (not his real name) said.

Based on this argument, the industry has even proposed UHV excess assertion. "Some of UHV lines fact has not been fully utilized, even to the use of UHV and passive boost, buck and then transmitting power, which virtually caused a waste of energy." Relevant industry source said.

In this regard, Zhang said: "From the UHV road map has been completed, most of the north-south or in the main, and are mainly constructed relatively short distance transmission lines between neighboring provinces, ultra-long distance not a lot of lines, terminal mainly concentrated in Shanghai and other Yangtze River Delta region and Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta region. such a UHV network more established under the logic of the development of thermal power. observation is not difficult to find, although there are new concepts such as infrastructure the proposed, but 2018 to 2020 UHV experienced a brief window period, the State grid increased investment will undoubtedly be a positive signal to boost UHV market. "

Reporters learned that, held at the end of 2018 Central Economic Work Conference for the first time proposed a "new infrastructure" concept. It is reported that the new infrastructure including 5G infrastructure, UHV, intercity high-speed rail and intercity rail transportation seven new energy vehicle charging pile, large data centers, artificial intelligence and Internet industries. Wherein UHV impressively.

The UHV again be mentioned, and the carbon is inseparable.

March 2020, issued by the national grid "peak carbon, carbon neutral" action program highlighted the UHV construction. Wherein when talking about accelerating the construction of a strong smart grid, referring to aspects of the national grid, at the sending end, improve northwest, northeast of the main grid structure, accelerate the construction of Chongqing UHV main grid, supporting safe and efficient operation spanned DC ; at the receiving end, the expansion and improvement of North China, East China UHV main grid, accelerate the construction of Central China UHV backbone grid, fire and water scenery optimal allocation of resources to build the platform, to improve clean energy receptiveness.

Further, in order to match the overall deployment and carbon, clean energy consumptive also essential. To this end, the national grid is proposed to increase the cross conveyor clean energy efforts. Optimization of the end supporting the power feeding structure, increase the proportion of energy delivery cleaning. New cross-transmission channel to deliver clean energy-based, and suggested that "Fourteen five" plan to build 7 UHV DC transmission capacity to add 56 million kilowatts. By 2025, the company operating area inter-provincial cross-transmission capacity of 300 million kilowatts, accounting for the delivery of clean energy by 50%.

Earlier, Xin Baoan, said National Grid plans "Fourteen Five-Year" period to invest $ 350 billion (about 2.23 trillion yuan), to promote the transformation and upgrading of the grid.

The reporter learned that during the "14th Five-Year Plan", the national power grid planned construction special high voltage project "24 pay 14 is involved in the route for more than 30,000 kilometers, the substantial converged capacity of 340 million yuan, total investment of 380 billion yuan. In addition, in the "Southern Power Grid", "Southern Power Grid", "Southern Power Grid" in November, in November, in November, in the Southern Power Grid, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the construction of the grid will invest about 670 billion yuan to speed up the digital grid. And modern power grid construction process, promoting the construction of new power systems as the main body of new energy. Among them, the construction of distribution network is listed in the "14th Five-Year Plan" work of the Southern Power Grid, and the planned investment reached 320 billion yuan. In Zhang Lin's view, standing in the large background of carbon and a large market space. "Combined with the current carbon neutralization, new energy power generation in photovoltaic and wind power will continue to increase in the future. These power generation methods are more concentrated in northwest or sea, which is an airline in the current high pressure construction. Plus The current distribution network and urban grid are still in construction, and the construction of future special high pressure is still a relatively large development space. "Zhang Lin said.

Industrial chain drive effect is obvious

The huge investment of the grid will undoubtedly provide a good driving effect to the industrial chain. In fact, grid investment has always been the core driving force of the development of the electric equipment industry, and is also the basis for determining new energy access and gas.

"This is a good news for the industry." Golden Crown Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Golden Crown Electric", 688517.SH) said inside people said to reporters.

Golden Crown Electric is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of power distribution and control equipment. The core products include metal oxide arresters, intelligent high-pressure switchgears, one or two fusion ring network cabinets (boxes) and one or two Secondary pillars on the column, mainly serve the construction of strong intelligent grids.

People from Golden Crown Electric said that the company has cultomized for many years in the field of arrester, including special high voltage arresters, and the company has maintained partnership with the State Grid and Southern Power Grid.

In the third quarter of 2021, financial data showed that Golden Crown Electric achieved business income 311 million yuan in the first three quarters of 2021, a year-on-year decline, a net profit of 30.7 million yuan, a year-on-year loss of 24.23%. In this regard, the inside of Golden Crown said: "The company's performance is related to the season, or pays attention to the full-year financial performance more reference value."

At the same time, there are also relatively conservative sounds in the industry. Dalian Electric Porcelain Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dalian Electric Porcelain", said it is a good, currently, from planning, there will be certain driving effects, but specifically, it is necessary to see the ultimate promotion.

Dalian electric porcelain mainly engaged in power transmission lines, composite insulators, power stations, and research and development, production and sales of electric porcelain gold. The main products include 70 ~ 840KN exchange (straight) flow housing hanging porcelain insulator, 10 ~ 1000kV AC composite insulator, ± 500 ~ ± 1100kV DC composite insulator, 10kV ~ 1000kV power station with strut insulator / high pressure porcelain sleeve and various electric porcelain gold. The main customers in the country are the national grid, Southern Power Grid and its subordinate units.

The report of the third quarter of 2021 shows that Dalian electric porcelain in June 3021, Dalian electric porcelain achieved operating income of 763 million yuan, an increase of 2.27% year-on-year, achieving net profit 148 million yuan, an increase of 42.23% year-on-year. "From the overall development trend, the company's 2021 business situation is still good." Said Dalian Electric Porcelain.

As a company company company, Henan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pinggao Electric", 600312.SH) Internal persons said that this is a relatively active signal, will definitely have a positive impact on the company, but specific The impact is to look according to the actual situation. At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has been repeated, and it may also have some uncertainty in the process of propulsion, which is to be seen in conjunction with the specific actual situation.

In addition, it is also mentioned that the core business is still high pressure, which is the highest technical content, the best product quality is the highest, and the highest invested. "We must continue to keep in this field."