New Oriental is expected to be 800 million US dollars; Tencent reward shares; H & M is punished; bankrupt chairman picks up the foot; Saturday abandon sale shoes

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New Oriental is expected to be 800 million US dollars; Tencent reward shares; H & M is punished; bankrupt chairman picks up the foot; Saturday abandon sale shoes

2022-01-23 12:04:13 46 ℃

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Focus on domestic economy


Beijing Metro will be extended in Monday.

According to Beijing Daily, in order to further ensure the safe operation of rail transportation, the majority of passengers are safe and smooth, and the Beijing subway will be fully improved and strict security measures since January 24, 2022 (Monday). Please arrange a travel plan in advance, try to go to the peak, so please understand the inconvenience caused. Please follow the relevant provisions of the "Beijing Rail Transit to bring the item catalog (2020 revision)", do not carry the flammable and explosive, controlled equipment and other contraband, minimize the carrying liquid to shorten the safety inspection time.


Tencent rewards 22,800 employees in total 8 million shares

On January 21, Tencent Holdings issued an announcement at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the Board has resided to grant a total of 8004807 shares rewards in a total of 2,2800 rewards. The announcement said that the purpose of the issuance aims to celebrate the contributions made by rewards and attract and retain the people needed to continue to operate and develop.

On January 21, Tencent Holdings closed at HK $ 474.8, rising 0.68%, with a total market value of HK $ 46 trillion. According to this estimate, Tencent's total value of the total value of approximately HK $ 3.8 billion, and 22,800 rewards have received a total stock worth 1666,000.


Bankruptcy chairman's wandering street picks up a living, once a millionaire

Recently, Guangdong Shenzhen, a video of the bureaucrat of boarding, a hot discussion. It is reported that the old man surnamed ginger, 75 years old this year, has created the Hong Kong Holy Dragon Group, and the bankruptcy cannot be loan due to funding chain. According to the person in charge of Dongguan City "Let the Love Home", the old man wandered more than 1 year, and he had returned home with "no face" and his disappeared. This year, I found him on the street. After the old man saw the video active contact, the old man is not good, sitting on the train in Shandong.


H & M is fined 130,000 due to inferior costume sunglasses

Recently, H & M affiliation company Hayen Semolis (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. added administrative penalties, due to its production, sales products, mixed, adulterated, with false filling, taking the times, was charged with Shanghai Huangpu The District Market Supervision Administration confiscates the illegal income of RMB 8646, fine of RMB 137768.6.

The administrative penalty decision shows that some of the knitted casual tops produced, knitting, shirts, shirts do not meet the relevant standards; some sunglasses are sampled, and the visible light transmissions is not standard. Since 2021, H & M has repeatedly been punished due to product quality problems.


The new Oriental is expected to lose 800 million US dollars.

On the evening of January 21, the new Oriental released an announcement, based on the initial assessment of the financial performance of the Group's 6 months ended November 30, 2021, It is expected to be 228.6 million from November 30, 2020. Compared with the net profit, the Group will record the net loss of $ 800 million to $ 900 million during the reporting period. This expectation is mainly due to the major adverse effects of the business termination to the current receipt of the report, and the large amount of additional costs thereof.


More than a thousand students are inexplicable by the account penalty results

Yesterday, the People's Bank Nanning Center Branch publicized a group of administrative punishment information. For the preceding Agricultural Bank Chongzuo Branch, it is more than a thousand departure students.

Penalty information publicity table shows that due to the presence of the personal bank account real-name system, illegal use of personal financial information, the bank account risk monitoring requirements are not strict, and the illegal activities of the Office of the Complete Preservation of Customer Identity are not saved, and the Agricultural Bank Chongzu Branch was The People's Bank of China Chongzuo City Center Branch fed 114.25 million yuan.


Women's shoes, first stock, Saturday, official, abandon sale shoes

I have just passed the New Year, "the first share of women's shoes" Saturday announced: It is planned to pack footwear sales business, only the footwear trademark.

The company expects that in 2021, the loss is 430 million yuan to a loss of 645 million yuan, among which footwear business gauges and fell are the main reasons. The expected loss has set a maximum loss since Saturday since 2009. The company has high inventory. As of the end of 2020, the deposit balance is 1.281 billion yuan, accounting for 23.72% of total assets, and the shoe bag in stock is 1102 days. The depot is 4 years, and there is more difficult to sell in the company's product sales.

Saturday, the secret HE Jian Feng responded to the "Daily Economic News" said: "The company will set down the strategic transformation of the strategic transformation is from heavy to the bottom. In these years, the company's employees have a lot less, up to 6000 People to 8,000 people, there is less than 1,000 people now. "


Hangzhou per capita year-end award 12196 yuan

The "2021 white-year-old year-end award survey report" showed that nearly 4% of the white-collar workers had the highest proportion of traditional industry in the year-end awards, energy and finance. Among them, the per capita year-end award of Hangzhou is 12,196 yuan, ranking fourth in the country. In addition to the traditional year-end award, some white-collar workers receive a secure new year-end award. There are also companies that have an oral encouragement, award, and other spiritual rewards.


BYD raised the official guidance price of new energy models, and the increase of 1000-7000 yuan from the securities Times learned from BYD that the BYD car will be related to the dynasty network and marine networks The official guidance price of the new energy model is adjusted, and the upregulation is 1000-7000 yuan. The price adjustment will take effect from February 1st, and customers who pay the contract before this are not affected by this price increase.


People's Daily commentary

Recently, a county leading cadre caused public opinion attention to the "malicious returning" of "malicious returning", "malicious returning".

On January 21, the People's Daily has been commented: Therefore, the soil is unforgettable, and the hometown is unforgettable. The Spring Festival returns to the "unlock" reunion, and it is true for people, how is it "malicious"? Prevention and control of the epidemic, Zeng Big, but can not cut a knife, can not be able to perform it. The so-called "detained after quarantine", there is no sense of rule of treatment, and less management temperature. Scientific prevention and control according to law, every kind of enthusiasm for returning home must be subject to compassion, and every drift wandering is worthwhile.

Throughout overseas markets


In the early morning of 22, Beijing time, the three major stock indexes of the United States have fallen, and the market will have to raise interest rates many times this year to hit the inflation, which makes the stock market pressure.

From the weekly decline, the United States and three major stocks have fallen more than 4.5% this week. From the perspective of January over the years, Nash has fallen 11.99% since January this year, and it has been the worst since 1972. The Dow and the S & P 500 fell 5.70% and 7.73%, respectively, and also created the worst opening record since 2009.

Technology stocks have frustrated. US stream media giants Netflix fell by 21.79%, and the share price was $ 397.5, and the maximum number of orders since 25% of July 25, 2012. The market value was 14.9.06 billion US dollars overnight, about 310 billion yuan. The company's fourth-quarter earnings released after Thursday, the subscription user has slowed down and has been treated by many investments.

According to the financial report, Netflix expects the number of users in the first quarter of this year to increase by 2.5 million, which has increased significantly increased by 6.26 million in the market, and the same period in 2021 increased by 39,800. Netflix said that competition from other companies exacerbates one of the reasons why users grow slow, although the company has said that Apple and Disney will have substantial impact on users.


Table-ball-style crash accident occurred in Yokohama, Japan

According to the Global Network, Japan's "Dynasty News" report has been reported that "the billiard" falling in the afternoon of the 21st, a total of 4 people were injured.

According to reports, in the roof of a 5-story building, a middle-aged man fell due to "some reason", and then, a 40-year-old woman who came out from the 3rd floor window to the roof. Inadvertently dropped, the woman who fell and fell to the earned more than 30 years old man who came up from the 2nd floor, causing the man to fall together, the woman fell to the other man on the ground, a series of pendants Floor incidents lead to 4 people injured.

According to reports, 4 people were sent to hospital for treatment, and there was no danger.

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