Reluo Share and Nanjing Agricultural University Signature Academician Key Cooperation Unit

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Reluo Share and Nanjing Agricultural University Signature Academician Key Cooperation Unit

2022-01-23 12:03:53 50 ℃

On the afternoon of January 21, 202, "The Signing Ceremony of the Priority Cooperation Unit of the Academician" and the Pubiler Fungi Technical Exchange Conference was held in Relivedo Co., Ltd. .

Duan Lingling, Hebei Provincial Agricultural Rural Rural Department, Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department, Deputy Director, Hebei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Director, Department of Scientific Research, Hebei, Liu Mengchao, deputy director of the Agricultural Resources Institute of Agricultural Resources, Hebei Province, Hebei Province Huang Zhaobo, Director of the School of Science, Xingtai Science and Technology Bureau, Huang Zhaobo, deputy director of Xingtai Municipal Science and Technology, Hao Shuyu, Wei County Government, Gao Kaiying, Jiali County, Deputy Secretary, Wei County, Jia Lianshi, Wei County, deputy head of Weixian; Professor Nanjing Agricultural University Shen Rong and his team related scientific research personnel; Wang Shuping, chairman of Religory, and Relivedo Shares attended the signing ceremony. Jia Lai, deputy secretary of the Weixian County Committee, presided over the meeting, Yang Peiru, deputy director of the Rural Area of ​​Hebei Science and Technology Department, Huang Zhaobo, Director of Xingtai Science and Technology, Huang Zhaobo, the Weixian Government, Gao Kaiying, participated in the signing exchange meeting and delivered a speech. "The Agriculture and Forestry Satellite TV" China Agricultural Non-Japanese Chaumnar, "China Agricultural Sites", "China Agricultural Weather Media", Director Wang Xuo, "Northern Agricultural Site" Media, Tian Tianyuan, etc., etc. Equal exchange.

Yang Pu, deputy director of the Rural Department of Hebei Science and Technology Department

Wei County Government County Gao Kaiying

Strong cooperation, help agricultural green development

Relumo as a microbial fertilizer industry leading company, always adheres to the concept of technological innovation, green development, with biotechnology-oriented, use advantageous microbial bacteria to solve soil health and crop disease, self-developed, sputum, gastric pressure More than 500 functional strains. As of now, Grab a total of 8 national invention patents, 3 appearance patents, 38 utility model patents. It has been in five consecutive years, China's bio-fertilizer enterprise is competitive, successfully obtained China's organic input certification and the United States, EU certification, and 2020 were included in the first batch of national ecological environmental quality agricultural income (fertilizer) production pilot units. He has won the honorary title of "The Provincial Government Quality Award Nomination Award" "Provincial Government Quality Awards Nomination Award" "" China Organic Fertilizer Top Ten Brand ".

Shen Qi Rong, Soil Fertilizer, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of Nanjing Agricultural University, Director of Ph.D., School Committee. Long-term engaged in organic (class) fertilizers and soil microbial research and promotion work, the national 973 program project, national nature fund major and key projects, public welfare agricultural industry patents, 8 major major and key projects, many domestic and foreign A large number of papers were published on the authoritative publication. It has been honored to win the honorary title of Guanghua Engineering Science Award, National Innovation Competition Award, China Agricultural Heritage Award, and has made a prominent contribution to China's organic (class) fertilizer industry. This time, Shen Quan's academician team signed a key cooperation unit with Rhizomo shares, which is a strong cooperation with strong work, mutual help, and has important significance for the sustainable development of green agriculture in my country.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Nanjing Agricultural University

Shen Qi Rong

"Introducing Come", rheelome and then upgrade

At the meeting, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Nanjing Agricultural University Shen Hirong said that this Nanjing Agricultural University and the root-signed cooperation with root-signed cooperation are mostly separated from the soil, which can not only promote the absorption and utilization of plants to nutrients, so that the root microorganism The community structure is improved, and can also produce antibacterial or bactericidal substances by competing with pathogens, producing antibacterial or sterilization, and induce plant generating system resistance, and play a role in biological control. It has the advantages of strong environmental adaptation, easy to cultivate, fast growth, and diverse antibiotics.

Wang Shuping, Chairman of Roots

According to Wang Shuping, Chairman, Chairman, Chairman Wang Shuping, and the explorer and practitioners of new fertilizers have been developed as a "healthy soil happiness human" as a corporate development mission, putting planting interests in the first place, and developing green agriculture As a working core, it is necessary to follow the three good ideas of "good products, good service, good harvest". Wang Shuping said that the microbial strains of the most developed were mostly developed, mostly bacterial strains. This time, the pattyfility introduced by the Shen Yongrong team, belongs to the fungi boundaries, dual-core bacteria, petrospore, clungs, and clungs. The introduction of Poppermetic Fungi will provide more research directions to root, providing strong scientific and technological support for the further rapid development of roots, providing more solutions for soil environmental improvement in my country.

Technology innovation is never endless, "The Signing Ceremony of the Secretarian Cooperation Unit of the Academician and the Bacterial Technology Exchange" will be successfully held, let Religory more on the road to develop green agriculture, and let the roots of agricultural resources distributors I saw the efforts of the roots of soil repair work, let everyone cooperate with the roots.