2022 local "steady progress" road map: Most provinces GDP growth rate is less than 7% advanced infrastructure and offline consumption

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2022 local "steady progress" road map: Most provinces GDP growth rate is less than 7% advanced infrastructure and offline consumption

2022-01-23 18:03:14 49 ℃

2022 local two sessions are being integrated.

As of January 21, 28 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) held local two sessions, and issued government work reports or annual economic data. The 21st century economic report reporter statistics found that under the overall foundation of "stability words, steady progress", most provinces set the GDP growth rate at 7%, and seek to conduct infrastructure through active expansion effective investment, moderate advancement Investment; carry out diversified activities to promote consumption, especially contact type consumption recovery, cultivate new consumer growth points, etc.

At the same time, some provinces are relatively optimistic, and 7% -9% is proposed for 2022 economic growth. Taking Anhui as an example, the director of the Investment and Finance Research Institute of the Anhui Provincial Economics Research Institute, the researcher Xia Xingping pointed out that the 21st century economic report reporter, the 2022 GDP growth target setting, which tried to implement the central spirit, and in accordance with Anhui Province The operation, reflects the stability, and steady. At the same time, considering the need to strive to narrow the gap between Zhejiang, Zhejiang, the next period, the Anhui must maintain higher growth rate. From the perspective of economic growth support, Anhui investment has a good foundation with a good foundation; stability and expanding consumer demand is guaranteed; in 2022, exports will still be in the fast lane, "stable growth is foundation, guaranteed."

Increase: at least 10 places GDP growth rate target is set at 7% and above

The 21st century economic report reporter statistics found that as of January 21, at least 10 provinces have proposed 2022 GDP growth expectations in 7% and above. Specifically, the growth rate expects in Henan Province, Hubei Province, Yunnan Province, Guizhou, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is expected to be more than 7% of the growth rate of Zhaobao, Jilin Province, Hainan Province, and Hainan Province. Most of these provinces have maintained faster economic development in the past year. In the above 10 provinces, 82021 GDP growth rates are not less than 7%.

How to achieve the economic development goal of "steady progress"? The 21st century economic report reporter noted that the supply side and more proposes will guarantee the vitality of the market main body, promote the high-quality development of the industry; for the demand side, multi-place foot in promoting effective investment, social consumption expansion upgrade.

The market main body is the economic power carrier and is also the focus of the foundation of the economy. The 21st century economic report reporter noted that more than 2022, will continue to be active, and the supply side is full of vitality in the future. Among them, Henan Province, through deepening the "10,000 people to help 10,000", implement new tax reduction and tax reduction, value-added tax remained tax rebate policy to help the market entity's sustainable development; Jiangxi put forward, strive for the burden of the market for the market for 200 billion yuan, The net increase in the market is more than 600,000 homes; Shaanxi will put forward, will reduce the market subject to the market main body; Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region will pass the new cultivation manufacturing "single champion" 8, "Special Jingte New" small giant enterprises, 100 goals of the launde gain, promote self-motivation in the market main body, continue to active.

In response to the demand, the consumption continued to recover after the epidemic, and cultivates a variety of new consumption has become a priority of 2022 provinces with higher economic growth.

For example, Henan Province put forward commodity consumption of commodity consumption, etc. New consumption promotes the quality of consumption, and the like.

Anhui has developed rapidly in recent years, and the 21st century economic report reporter noted that in 2022, it promoted consumption, steady growth arrangements, Anhui clearly pays more attention to improve urban consumption level, including promoting multi-level consumer center construction and Hefei created an international consumption center. Implement three-yield "Exercise Tensing" action plan, "fast to the wealth" series of consumption actions, multi-dimensional optimization consumer environment, "Double management" to improve consumption infrastructure, etc.

In this regard, Xia Xingping believes that the next step, Anhui must be a three-quality collaborative development of the three industrial systems, and launch the implementation of the three industrial high quality synergy development action plans. In addition, Anhui should surround a "two strong and one increase", two production "high quality and expansion", three-yield "to exercise", speed up the construction of strong agriculture, manufacturing province, improve consumption, and expand Consumer level.

Investment: moderately advanced infrastructure investment

At present, my country's economic development is facing demand shrinkage, and the impact is expected to weaken triple pressure. 2021 Central Economic Work Conference requires that in 2022, economic work should be stabilized, steady and advance, and all regions should take responsibility for stability and macroeconomics. All aspects should actively launch policies that are conducive to economic stable and policies. Before proceeding.

Due to the overlay of the new coronal pneumonia epidemics that were scattered in the beginning of this year, the steady growth of the annual economy in the first year and the steady growth of the annual economy was received. In 2021, the national GDP growth rate reached 8.1%, although the National GDP growth rate in 2022 has not yet been released, but from the 2022 government work report, most of the GDP growth rate is 5.5% -6.5% in 2022. .

How to achieve this year's economic development goal? The 21st century economic report reporter further sorted out that it was clearly clarified this year to actively grab the country's "window period", moderately advanced infrastructure investment, and expand effective investment through the construction of key projects, and then promoted the economy Realize "steady progress". Specifically, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Shanghai, Beijing, Anhui, Chongqing have clearly suggested that in 2022, it is necessary to actively expand effective investment and moderately carry out infrastructure investment. How to understand the significance of moderate advancement of infrastructure investment? How will it be promoted everywhere?

"Today's infrastructure investment is the strong support of the economic and social development of the city tomorrow. Wang Huajie, deputy director of the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, said at the press conference held on January 18, moderately advanced infrastructure investment is an expanded effective investment. An important content is also an internal requirement of both economic advantages and economic advantages.

Taking Shanghai as an example, Wang Huager introduced that in 2022, Shanghai mainly grasped three points in the development of a stable economic development of effective investment: First, the plan will lead the plan, and the project reserve is the advantage of the project. Promote traditional infrastructure levels such as transportation, energy, ecological environment, improve digital, intelligent, green low-carbon levels, synchronize accelerated layout services, cultivate new kinetic energy, and support new infrastructure; second, persistence Combine, accurate, actively promote the construction of key areas and weak links, expand current effective investment, supplement shortboard, strong weakness, and enhance the development of development; three is to adhere to "time, degree, effect" unified, Shanghai will Focus on the development of the urban economic and social development, the major projects must be done in the morning and evening, after the scientific argument, advance to the "14th Five-Year Plan".

Not only that, but also focused on major projects in terms of expanding investment. For example, Beijing puts forward to continue to maintain a hundred billion investment intensity, Anhui should start an effective investment to attack the battle, Shaanxi said that it is necessary to increase investment in 5G network, a new generation of Internet, and the Internet of Things.

As a 2005 billion economy of my country GDP, in 2021, Guangdong Province's key project has completed more than 1 trillion yuan. The province's fixed asset investment increased by 6.3%. In 2022, Guangdong clearly promoted investment steady investment, this year arranged the provincial key 1570 projects, total investment of about 7.67 trillion yuan, annual planned investment of 900 billion yuan, an increase of 12.5% ​​over last year. Among them, the new infrastructure has become a key point. For example, this year, Guangdong will accelerate the construction of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao District International Science and Technology Innovation Center and Comprehensive National Science Center, promote the construction of Guangming, Songshan Lake, and Nansha, Sand, Accelerate the construction; optimize the laboratory system , Promote the Pengcheng Lab, Guangzhou Laboratory Construction, and strive for a group of emerging fields, the national key laboratory of cross-disciplines in the Guangdong.

Director of Jinan University Investment Consultation (Research), Professor Liu Jinshan analysis The second is the first, not only in the economic growth of the year, but also provides the future capital; the third is to optimize, investment distribution matches Guangdong's current economic structure optimization; four is innovation, this year's Guangdong key project distribution can be seen The investment in technology innovation is very large.

Consumption: recovery and cultivation into two key words

Steady growth must not only have to invest in investment.

Han Wenxiu, deputy director of the Office of the Central Finance and Economic Committee, said in the previous 2021-2022 China Economic Annual Meeting: "The potential of domestic demand is our advantage. To implement the expansion of domestic demand strategy, promote continuous recovery of consumption, actively expand effective investment, pay attention to The combination of steady growth, adjustment, and Huimin livelihood. "

Under the influence of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the promotion of consumption recovery has become the top priority of the "steady progress" in various parts of the economy. From the perspective of government work report, it is clearly suggested that in 2022, we will further promote consumption recovery by conducting a series of promoting consumption activities, such as building consumption gatherings, and paying consumption coupons.

"Since the epidemic, various departments have introduced a series of policy measures to promote consumption. The effect continues to appear." January 18, the Director of the National Development and Reform Commission Policy Research Office, spokesperson Jin Xiandong in the press conference It is said that in 2021, my country's final consumption expenditure has a contribution rate of economic growth to 65.4%. Next, as the epidemic is effectively controlled, the consumption policy effect is further appeared, and the new policy is further introduced, and the consumption will continue to maintain recovery.

On January 14th, the National Development and Reform Commission also issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job to Promoting Consumption", requiring the premieration of the exquisite and effective to prevent the epidemic prevention and control, seize the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival and other traditional festival consumption peak seasonings, adapt to residents Consumption habits and improvement and upgrading needs, excavate consumption hotspots and growth points, further release residents' consumption potential, and promote the implementation of the economically stable operation in the first quarter, and put forward the local conditions to meet the needs of holidays, expand the county country consumption, expand ice and snow consumption and other ten aspects Message.

From a place, accelerate the continued recovery of consumption, and cultivate new consumption has also become a clear task of promoting consumption in more than 2022. The 21st century economic report reporter noted that on the basis of paying attention to online consumption this year, it further emphasized the restoration and development of online consumption. For example, Sichuan proposes that in 2022 will hold the province's consumption promotion conference, build a number of cultural and sports brigade integration, special neighborhood, night culture and tourism consumption gathering area; Shaanxi put forward, 2022 will implement the three-year action plan for promoting consumption growth, Focusing on a variety of consumption promotion activities around automotive, home appliances, home, such as commodities and catering, entertainment, and promotion of consumption, especially contact consumption recovery. In addition to improving traditional consumption, it also emphasizes that it is necessary to promote the integration of consumer industry and cultivate a living service industry through excavation of regional characteristics. Take Chongqing as an example, in 2022 will explore Chongqing special cultural, special food and special tourism resources, promote the integration of consumer industry linkage, improve the development of e-commerce, promote the convergence of online lines, and business travel.

In 2021, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, etc. were approved to take the lead in carrying out the construction of international consumer center cities. Among them, Beijing, Guangdong, Chongqing and other provinces and municipalities have also held the development of international consumer centers in urination in the government's work report as the top priority of this year. For example, Beijing puts forward, to actively adapt to the changes in consumption activities and control and promoted the investment of the epidemic, in-depth implementation of the international consumer center city special action, encourage green consumption, enrich digital consumption, develop sports consumption, innovative life, Wen travel consumption, and vigorously hatch new consumption brands , Expand quality consumption supply; Chongqing mentioned that the "Ten Projects" of the International Consumer Center Urban Cultivation Construction, Implementing International Consumption Carrier Questions, Deepening the Eight Actions of "Bacon New Consumption", consolidating consumption and warm momentum; Guangdong The provisions are proposed, to promote Guangzhou, Shenzhen construction international consumption center city, expand the consumption of automobiles, home appliances, information, etc.

Jin Xiandong also said in the above-mentioned routine press conference that the expansion of consumption is combined with the improvement of people's life, promoting high-quality consumption supply system with rich content, excellent quality, reasonable structure, and leads companies to increase cost-effective goods and services. Supply, fully meet the individuality, diversification, and improvement of consumer demand. Purpose time to issue relevant policy measures, increasing the income and reduction of residents, and the general growth of urban and rural residents continue to expand.