In the past five years, my country's ESG fund brokeout overall income is superior to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300

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In the past five years, my country's ESG fund brokeout overall income is superior to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300

2022-01-23 18:03:21 44 ℃

21st Century Economic Report Reporter Lee Deishang Yu, the intern Wang Yumeng Beijing Report Carbon in the in-depth development of ESG investment in China, ESG investment is highly concerned by the Chinese capital market. Currently, ESG investment has gradually become the mainstree of mainstream investment in the international scope, and more and more employed and applied by domestic investment agencies. In 2021, China's ESG market has doubled more than 2020.

Recently, Zhong Chengxin Green Gold Releases "2021ESG Annual Development Report" (hereinafter referred to as "Report") show: In the past five years, the ESG fund is higher than the market number, only in 2020, the actual scale is slightly faded, and the rest of the year Exhibits different degrees of growth, the risk level is slightly lower than the overall market, and the overall performance is better.

The Report summarizes and gives ESG investment recommendations. Future investment can consider establishing an enterprise estimate framework under the ESG concept, incorporating ESG as cost spending into business valuation, and assessing the valuation level under ESG risk testing.

ESG fund revenue and risk

As of the end of November 2021, my country's ESG public fund finals were 151 (A, C share on the same fund statistics). According to the fund theme, including ESG subject, low carbon and carbon neutrics, new energy themes, environmental themes, sustainable development, company governance, etc., other subject funds that meet ESG concepts.

At the number of funds in the fund, the ESG fund growth rate was faster in 2019 to 2021; the ESG fund has been dropped afterwards from 2012 to 2015, and has fallen in 2019 to 2021. On the scale of issuance, it has grown significantly to the current market size.

ESG theme bond power is strong

Zhong Chengxin Green Gold believes that ESG theme bond varieties include green bonds, blue bonds (mainly related to the subject bonds related to marine environmental protection and economic development coordination), sustainable bonds, sustainable development of hook bonds, social bonds, and overall The scale is not high.

According to the statistics of the Report, the green bonds have continued to expand their scale since the initial release of 2016. Overall, the annual issue of Green Bonds has gradually elevated. In addition to green bonds, other ESG theme bonds are still attempted to explore the stage. ESG is increasing in the field of receiving and water supply.

The ESG investment concept is constantly spread, and the investment scale is increasing. The "Report" believes that investors should establish an enterprise valuation framework under the ESG concept, incorporate ESG as cost spending into the enterprise valuation, and assess the valuation level under ESG risk test. At the same time, the ESG indicators that cannot be quaped into enterprises can be included in the enterprise, and the risk of future development can be observed.

With the increase in ESG investment drives and the increase in enterprises ESG demand, the ESG management level of listed companies and communists will also be further improved. In terms of enterprise ESG performance, the healthy development of multi-level capital markets is largely dependent on the two major participation subjects of enterprises and institutional investors. As the cornerstone of the listed company and the credit company as the capital market, its development has largely determines the entire industry, the future development direction of the entire economy, and the actions of institutional investors directly affect the corporate behavior and governance performance, for the promotion of enterprises Enhance the level of ESG management, increase the attraction of listed companies and party bond companies in the capital market.