Medical equipment faucet revealed medical new infrastructure, more than 400 institutional groups surveyed three yuan faucet capacity layout received wide attention, profitability has grown steadily 7 shares all year new profit (with stock)

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Medical equipment faucet revealed medical new infrastructure, more than 400 institutional groups surveyed three yuan faucet capacity layout received wide attention, profitability has grown steadily 7 shares all year new profit (with stock)

2022-01-24 06:04:49 50 ℃

In recent weeks, a number of institutions have investigated 190 stocks. Among them, the medical device faucet Metri Medical has become the largest number of stocks in the research institution.

Securities Times · Data Statistics, January 14th to January 20th, the agency completion is 190 listed companies; 161, 42, 84, 79, respectively, with the type of institutional type, securities, funds, private placement, insurance, respectively Listed companies have conducted research.

Medical equipment faucet has been investigated 430 institutions

On January 17, 430 institutions conducted a centralized investigation, 91 funds, 85 private equity, 75 overseas institutions and QFII, 39 securities and 33 insurances, and reception. In the survival disciration, the company first delegated the sales staff of the network transmission in the previous time, and the performance did not reach the expected rumors. Subsequently, the current development of domestic medical new infrastructure is currently progressing and future expectations, the product "three Rui" ecology and admission situations and The company has a highlight of 2022.

The company said that from Merry's and market perspective, domestic medical new infrastructure has reached 20 billion yuan. The current project is expected to be landing; the "Qian County Engineering" business opportunity is expected to reach 10 billion yuan in the next few years; 2021 The year "Sanrui" ecological admission situation is good, Rui Zhilian IT Solution Signal Hospital Quantity, Ruijie Cloud ++ and Mai Ruixin Information Program Cumulative installed speed is rapidly; 2022, the company expects the main business to grow steadily, in vitro diagnostic business Emerging services such as global medical new infrastructure, orthopedics and IVD sections will continue to grow rapidly.

At the same time, the company has also obtained a public rating due to the recent draft 2022 employee holdings. The draft participation object is a core technology or business person who is not more than 2,700 people, and the subscription price is 50 yuan / share, and the average shareholding has 3221 million yuan. CITIC Securities said that the draft high performance growth target reflects the company's confidence in development prospects and continues to optimize the company's growth potential. For a long time, the company is an integrated platform-type medical device company, and the multi-product layout corresponds to the broad industry space, will continue to open the company's growth new pattern. It is expected that the company's revenue is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan in 2030.

Three-dollar faucet 2022 increased significantly

Other institutional groups have a number of stocks in front of them, and they have core energy technology, and they have 327, Jiu'an Medical, Tiandune, and investigation institutions have 327, 239, 161, 151.

Three-yuan faucet lifted January 17th to preview the full year performance, expect net profit 10-105 billion yuan, year-on-year increase of 159.81% -172.8%, the main system is rapidly increased, new production capacity is loaded into production, and the sales volume of positive material has increased significantly. , High-nickel products are rapidly placed, and the profitability is steadily improved.

In the interactive question session, organisms ask questions from the company's 2022 production capacity arrangements and two project progress.

When the promotion is said that due to the rapid production of Changzhou Phase I project and the second phase of the project is about to build and put into production, the company's capacity scale will increase significantly; the fundraising project, the company is accelerating the promotion of Changzhou to rise 50,000 tons high Nickel positive material construction, Jiangsu Luheng four projects have also launched relevant construction preparations, and some production capacity will be built and put into production in the second half of the year.

The company said that overseas tapium materials are mainly used in logistics vehicles and energy storage, and the passenger cars may also be applied. The company is actively laying out of lithium iron phosphate business, the materials have been developed, and the performance indicators are good and is currently in the customer certification phase.

7 companies doubled 2021

Data treasure statistics have a list of more than 50 stocks in the nearly one week of research agencies, a total of 29 shares. In the market, this week's Shanghai fingers have risen, and the accumulation is 0.04%, and the 29-share performance of the market, the average fell 2.19%. On the launch list, Lingnan Shares, Hanshi information, Beijing Northern, the increase of 28.61%, 12.09%, 11.16%; the decline list, Yu Ningwei, Yushang Optics fell 16.86%, 12.84%, I 4 shares such as Yongxing materials fell more than 10%.

Among the above 29 shares, 11 shares have released an annual performance of the newsletter / notice. With the median value of the pre-scheduled interval, 11 net profit increased by more than 20%, and 7 shares were doubled. Jiu'an Medical, the net profit of Tianci materials increased by more than 300%; Yongxing materials, Hanshi information pre-increased by 200%. In terms of valuation, there are 3 shares of the latest dynamic P / E ratio, and there are 3 shares of Izhi, Cloud Map Holdings, Changshu Bank.

According to the premise of institutions, Tongfu microelectronics, Haier Biology is expected to double, and the latest valuation of the two stocks is also in a reasonable range, 25.8 times, 25.2 times; after the day, the net profit increase in 2021 It is expected to reach 75.89%. The latest dynamic P / E ratio is less than 10 times the Wuxi bank, 7.09 times.

Disclaimer: All the information content of the data treasure does not constitute an investment recommendation, the stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

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