"Opening" of the first "explosion", what is going on?

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"Opening" of the first "explosion", what is going on?

2022-01-24 12:07:09 43 ℃

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In recent days, countless audience is being "time cycle", and triggered a series of charts PTSD: I will explode the ringtone of the card agriculture. When I take the bus, I have a high-pressure pot on the car. "Prepare the drug test". " After climbing, the next topic with metaphor.

From the ombarous sun, the new generation of actors Bai Jingtang, the "start" starring Zhao Xiwai, since January 11th, in the exclusive line of Tencent video, the topic is high. Broadcasting to date, the total playback volume exceeded 1 billion, according to the cat's professional version, the single-day playback of the next week reached 16.3 billion; word of mouth, more than 250,000, 8.2 Douban score, suspend the plot and The story has also triggered many tap water to actively discuss in social platforms, Amway.

As of the paper, # TV drama started # 微 博 Topic Total reading 35 billion, the discussion is 2.42 million. Not so, "opening" has also received a lot of praise overseas, and it has been published by South Korea.

In fact, from the overseas film market, "Time Circulation" is not fresh, the structure of the loopback narrative has also been used, representative, "Luolai Run" "source code", etc., the state drama "start" Why is it successful? What are the methods behind the drama success?

How to refine "start"?

2 episodes 10 cycles, 13 episodes have experienced 24 cycles, which laid the "start" rhythm compact tone. The episode also throws an attractive hook from the beginning: a 45 bus that is driving is about to explode. College students Li Shi and the game architecture division Xiao He Yun accidentally entered the time circulation system, they need to find an explosion in the cycle. And rescue other passengers in the lower car.

As the number of cycles increases, the suspense meaning is also strong. A few times, Li Shi, Xiao Hecai, believes that the explosion caused by the buses and tankers, so they try to avoid collision, but even escape the tanker, go to the river, the bus is caused The explosion is disconnected, and this explosion is a bomb in the car or bridge.

Therefore, the protagonist thinks to verify the way the passenger bag is to investigate the murderer, and in the process of investigation, gradually put out the group of life, the real, restraint of the people in the car, also mapped the social reality.

For example, a black hat is dead to guard the backpack's second yuan boy, who claims to be "the apostle", because there is asthma, is strictly seen by his parents, can only sneak the households, maintain the dream, this shows it. The real contradiction between native family and children; The move is heart-sorry; for example, the workers are expensive to fight in the city, they want their daughters to use the sanitary napkins and cleanser in the city, a small person who is poverty but struggled to live in an instant.

They seem to be NPC, but after the fragments of the scattered story, it is also a camel Xiangzi with all beings. The characters such as such a "time cycle" provide landing undertakes, and flesh and muscles are also injected.

While shaping the character experience, it doesn't forget to discuss humanity. For example, Li Shiqing and Xiao He Yun also wanted to "one left" in front of the previous cycle, but she still supported the mission of saving others. From self-help to save, the growth line of the character is gradually full; when the murderer Tao Yinghong holds the protagonist Almost no passengers are helped forward, which also forms a contrast with the description of the people of the small people: good people may not be brave in the face of life and death.

In addition to the story, the plot is also buried in a large number of details and volts. For example, the shape of the buses, the shape of the bridge is the "circulation" sign, even connect the "cycle" on the edge of the opponent.

The foreklial reservation is also echoing in the plot: Lao Jiao and coworkers learned that the other party received 20,000 yuan bonus, so after Xiao Hecheng asked to help uniform the murderer, ask "This is not The first concentration gives the police officer Zhang Cheng right hand unable to unscrew the lens cap, wait until the 13th episode, when Zhang Cheng, the right hand "sink", but there is still no hesitation. The front and rear echo enhanced detailed feelings, and also established a character image.

Through the smear and stripping, find the truth, find the truth, the audience harvested the immersive case experience when watching the drama, this is the advantage of "time loop" theme, this subject is also a feature, each cycle, the characters It does not change, how to avoid the aesthetic fatigue of the audience, which requires the setting of actor's emotional progress and the actions.

"Opening" boldly enables new generation of actors Bai Jingting, Zhao Zhan wheat as a starring, from presence, they interpret the emotional level of different cycles: For example, in the self-policy and save others, it has experienced multiple cycles failure Mahim, collapse, and then I know the helplessness after the real life of the underlying people.

Bai Jingting also revealed in an interview: Because shooting is in the shed, the exterior of the two is half a month, the connection between the middle emotions is the biggest challenge. The 60% of the play will be on the bus. The creation of the crew is thinking about how to shoot every day, where is it started.

In addition to the bold angle, "start" also invited the original author prayer to control the script. Prayer Jun once mentioned in the new text, "starting" project team hand handling the work of the script language, format and structure, "teaching me into the door". The new theme, the new generation of actors do starring, the original author's first time the main editor, can be said to be "explored" from preparation, production, from the results, "start" provides an innovative sample for the industry: jump out The episode of the template can also be greatly made by the story base and the delicate production.

Explosive models lead the trend of the industry

In addition to the value reference to the industry, a episode has reflected the trend of the current film and television industry.

On the one hand, after the aesthetic level of the audience, for the homogenization, the film and television drama of the homogenization is no longer bought, which is forced to return to the content itself, and how to jump out of the set, one is looking for fresh themes, second is to use Element superposition brings new look.

In the past 2021, type superimposing is a trend in the episode market. For example, "You are my glory" "You are my city camp" is based on the urban emotions, adding the realistic written career writing; the heat and reputation of the "赐 仵 仵" superimposed in ancient love, suspense The case is also the high concept of "sex" in the narrative of sweet pet.

On the other hand, the film and television industry is in a key stage of rising reduction. According to the "2021 domestic drama market research report", 233 online dramas were launched in 2021, which declined by 21.5% year-on-year; in the broadcast index TOP50, the network drama accounted for 30, and the high quality network drama is increased.

Quality is improved, and the number of episodes is getting shorter. In the past few years, the drama, the plot is dragged, and the sound of the audience has been patient. The rhythm is a new solution to the industry and the needs of the audience. For example, the 20 episodes of the end of the year last year "Small volume" short drama "love Very delicious, "the breakout is achieved in a series of large production.

Based on the above industry trend, the "start" of the "start" of the year of the industry has been "started", and it is a cutout, and the next step of the film and television industry can also observe the next step.

When the audience 's "film" improves, the new theme, the theme of the niche is poured into the domestic drama market, and can also "pick up water". "Start" is in addition to the expectation of the audience, it also confirms the narrative rhythm, the time cycle theme of the plot, the time of the plot can mobilize the enthusiasm of users to participate in the puzzle.

For example, the victory of this bus explosion is a five-year driver Wang Xingde and the daughter of the daughter of Tao Ying Due and the death of the daughter. From this netizen, the big brain hole, Wang Mengmeng, and the heroine, Li Shi, also entered the circulation system, so A Mobius ring formed five years ago. Before the official end of the official, the netizen stood in the perspective of the screening drama, explored the ending of various versions.

Time cycle is often accompanied by suspense, and the suspense reasoning stimulates the virtual sense of science fiction, which also makes a single suspend the theme film and television drama have a diverse expression. In recent years, suspense reasoning dramas have a big fever, but the storyline is still the protagonist in "The answer to the real thing", "start" is looking for true fierce through the virtual time cycle, it is true, add products Fangzheng Nichao is a small person who is good at and conveys the values ​​of real-world, which makes the story narrative more plump.

Let the fresh themes into the domestic drama market, let the theme of the people are seen by the public that the video platform is not overlooked. Before that, the time cycle theme has appeared in the domestic drama market, and the sample without reference means that the episode broadcast effect cannot be estimated. In this case, Tencent video selection "start" is based on the new theme. The sensitivity and the courage to dare to experiment.

After the rendering of sensitiveness and dare to innovate, it is the ability to accumulate the content of Tencent video to make it role in the selection of themes, the production of episodes - actively insight into the user's preferences from the perspective of the platform, and make reasonable episodes Positioning and strategy, and provide corresponding resource support after the episode is online.

After the "opening" is online, "the whole people are reminded", even the starring Bai Jingting has also joined the reminder, Tencent video actively responded and added more episodes on January 19th, such effective interaction also boost The episode of the episode.

In the integrated, "opening" "explosion" is in an rationale and is expected. The reason is that as a time cycle theme, the story logic is compact, in detail and production, it is sufficient to witness the intention, actor, and the actor, the product includes the original author's fans, the expectation is, open In the year, the science fantasy theme has also possible possible to become a national explosion.

The new transformation of the 2022 drama market may be "started" as "start".