The Chile car cherry earned 1 billion months, and the lithium mine can card China's neck?China Enterprise is almost collapsed

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The Chile car cherry earned 1 billion months, and the lithium mine can card China's neck?China Enterprise is almost collapsed

2022-01-24 18:02:20 29 ℃

Wen | Chinese Business Powerhouse Wu Su

Speaking of Chile, many users will think of cherries. In China, Chile cherries indeed "darling", consumers eat up 91% of Chilean cherries each year, only 11 months of 2021, Chinese imports of cherries from Chile reached US $ 1.748 billion, approximately combined 11.08 billion yuan.

This means that every month, the Chilean cherries from China earned walk 10 million!

If you think that is all Chilean cherry exports, it is not seen the strength of Chile's mineral resources. To Copper Ores and Concentrates for example, the first 11 months of 2021, China imported from Chile resources amounted to $ 19.101 billion, or about 121.1 billion yuan.

Outside copper ore resources, Chile also has a "trump card" that lithium ore.

Lithium batteries used in smart phones, computers, new energy vehicles and other popular products, Putting aside the other, each new energy vehicles require lithium reached about 9KG.

Wide demand, strong, very hot track lithium battery, lithium battery components as the main source of lithium ore reserves in Chile accounted for 48% of global mining-related industry is driven by over three percent made contributions to the Chilean GDP.

In contrast, although China is the world's fifth largest lithium ore resources in the country, but mainly in lithium ore resources in the East Lake taijnar Qinghai-Tibet region, such as Salt Lake, where the ecological fragile and inaccessible, difficult to develop Therefore about 80% of the lithium needs to be imported from abroad.

Chile grasp nearly half the world's reserves of lithium ore, China eighty percent dependent on imports, both in the natural market-driven docking, my country's imports of lithium carbonate in 2020, Chile accounted for 74%.

From a market point of view, the probability of big money can buy, but from a strategic point of view of resources, Chile lithium ore also poses a threat to China "strangle hold" of.

For this reason, the prices always looking for opportunities, hoping to stake lithium mine in Chile to have more initiative. One difficulty is that in Chile, only two lithium producer, namely Chile Mining Chemical (also known as SQM company) and the United States Albemarle Corporation, the world's second largest salt lake that is wisdom 利阿塔卡玛 Salt Lake, by the two co development.

One is "strongmen", an American giant, the companies want to blaze a new path of lithium ore in Chile this "arena", no easy task.

Among them, Albemarle dates back to 1887, it is a global specialty chemicals company, reached capacity lithium industry with money. Media said, the market share of lithium products from the point of view, Albemarle market share of 30 percent, the world's largest supplier of lithium products.

From the perspective of lithium ore resources, the Albemarle only has exploration rights Chi 利阿塔卡玛 Salt Lake, also scored a 49% stake in Australia's Taliesin lithium ore, is also involved in Salt Lake Antofalla Argentina, Australia Wodgina lithium ore and so on. At present, the annual output of its resources to support the holding of more than 400,000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent, nominally converted but only 17.5 million tons, of Albemarle sturdy evident.

Albemarle rich ore, the prices can not be torn hole, could only stare SQM company.

Like the United States and Albemarle, SQM company is also rich ore. Domineering to what extent? Top 100 "at the helm" of Pinochet in Chile for many years to appoint his son Ponce served as director of SQM, has become the largest shareholder in the privatization process, which is sent directly to the first three of Chile's richest, but also long squat Forbes Global Rich List powerful.

However, SQM company has a breakthrough, that official connection. Whether SQM check accounts, or Ponce himself, Chile official did not hesitate, and Ponce "ass" is not clean, such as market manipulation and so on, to keep SQM's mining rights, it had to be concessions.

December 2015, Ponce indirectly held 22.95% of the shares were placed in the international market, in June 2016, enterprises in the Tian Qi Li industry shot, submitted a bid for the shares of SQM. Who knows, Ponce just to be Fu Zhili official, to "price inappropriate" to cancel the sale of shares.

Ponce put in an enterprise, but did not expect another major shareholder of Canadian potash company SQM forced by antitrust regulators, pressure, announced plans to release SQM shares in October 2017.

Tian Qi Li industry once again rushed to the Chilean domestic happens to many changes have taken place, Ponce even signed an agreement to relinquish control of the resulting "benefit" is the exploitation of the quota increased to 6.5 million tons per year from the original 410,000 tons.

Thereafter, Tian Qi Li industry buy into practical operation stage. May 2018, Tian Qi Li industry announced that, for $ 4.066 billion acquisition of SQM23.77% of the shares.

Do you think coming here, Tian Qi Li industry is the "winner"? To the reality is much more cruel. First, because Ponce and Chilean official to come and talk about the agreement, he dragged a lot of progress, the M more than a year ago to spend at least $ 1 billion.

More unexpected is that after the merger the delivery is completed, lithium prices downward, SQM share price fell all the way, there are funds in the acquisition of more than 30 billion dollars from the loan facility, which makes liquidity Tian Qi Li industry in crisis, almost collapse.

Debt coming due until 2020, on the occasion, Tian Qi Li industry investment and financing the introduction of war, to defuse the crisis. Because lithium prices rebounded in 2021, Tian Qi Li industry shares rose 172.47 percent, the market value exceeded 100 billion.

In addition to Tian Qi Li industry, BYD also compete for lithium mine in Chile.

On January 12, the Ministry of Mining of the Chilean Ministry announced that BYD was brought to a lithium mining contract at $ 61 million, the contract annual output was 80,000 tons of metal lithium. You know, in order to win, BYD throws a maximum price, not only much more than a few Chile companies, but also more than 4 times more than US Yabao.

It was also a service in China, and I didn't think that after two days, the bid was stopped by the Chile's local court. The reason is that the indigenous communities near Salt Lake have filed an appeal for environmental protection issues.

Byadi bid bid for Chilean mining rights, the result is difficult to determine, but as Tianqi lithium industry finds an opportunity, it is true, as long as there is a chance, China Enterprise will still have a decisive attack.

Moreover, outside Chile, Shengxin Lithium has entered Ukraine and Indonesia, and the lithium-qigang lithium industry is also in the African layout.

When you speed up your lithium overseas, you will firmly master in the Chinese people in China's efforts Lithium, new energy vehicles.


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