"Rib" of the tiger, B station and Xiaohong book?

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"Rib" of the tiger, B station and Xiaohong book?

2022-01-24 18:02:00 38 ℃

In the face of increasingly highly highlight of users, users are mainly bits and small red books based on female users, and they are giving more attention to the bottom - straight male in the consumption pyramid, and is middle-aged male.

At the beginning of December last year, the B station won the exclusive copyright of the English Digital Media in the next three years. This is the first time the B station extends the content layout to the sports sector.

In order to attract the audience, the B station announces the free live broadcast of the FA Cup. In contrast, the premium season package price is 158 yuan, and the price of single game is about 3 to 4 yuan. When spending money to watch the ball, the free live broadcast of the B station is undoubtedly attractive.

In addition, the B station invited Zhan Jun, Zhang Wei, Dong Fang Zhuo and other football names, explained key scenes; and opened "England Football Cup" official account, release competition highlights, wonderful goals, etc., currently upload 43 videos Accumulated more than 100,000 fans.

Xiao Hong Bang, a little red book, also tried to break through from the sports event, and its movements were faster than the B station, and the entry point was selected as the Olympics.

In July last year, Xiaohong Book became a CCTV Olympic strategic partner. During the Tokyo Olympics, Xiaohong Book got dense exposure on CCTV grunge matrix.

At the beginning of next month, the Beijing Winter Olympics will be open. Xiao Hong Book did not receive this event IP authorization, but still through cooperation with dozens of snowflakes, inviting the ice and snow sports to settle into the "ice and snow season" operation activities, trying to take a windmill again.

Under the impact of live broadcast, short video, mobile game and other flat entertainment methods, the traditional sports events such as eliteism and grand narrative, the traditional sports events such as the Olympic Games are not 95, and after 00, after 00, "Zege" young people Par. These events came from the TV live era, and the typical audience portrait is middle-aged man, which can fill the B-station and small red book users.

At present, B stations and Xiaohong books are the two largest Internet communities in the domestic value, but they need to respond to breakthrough core, attracting a broader user challenge.

The problem with the B station is that the user is too young. At the end of 2020, a financial analyst call, the B station CEO Chen Rui revealed that the average age of users was only 21 years old, while the average age of new users was only 20 years old. This not only makes the active user ceiling of the B station clearly visible, but also limits the imagination of advertising business.

The problem of Xiaohong book is that the concentration of female users is too high, accounting for more than 70%. Xiaohong Book is currently making money by advertising, and the user's gender structure is unbalanced, which is clearly unfavorable to attract advertisers in sectors such as car, liquor, digital.

The two platforms "Broken Circle" mainly rely on strong operation, such as the "rear wave" of the B station, the Yin Zhengqi of the Xiaohong Book, etc., both attracted the attention of the large number of outer users in a short time. But the problem of user structure is not fundamentally solved. With large sports events, in the middle-aged sports fan, it is worth trying to try the B station and Xiaohong book.

But buy copyright is easy, keeping users. The biggest challenge is that B stations and small red books have formed a unique community atmosphere, which is unlikely to change with sports content; even if there is a large number of new users in the short term, it is difficult to settle their appeal with the attraction of the community itself. Down.

However, in front of the user's growth pressure, the B station and Xiaohong book are necessary to smash the straight male. If you have exhausted various means, you still can't break through. The two platforms may wish to consider the acquisition of the tiger and use "in vitro cultures".

According to multi-party reports, the Tiger's current registered users exceeded 100 million, and the total active users reached 80 million. However, such data is not convinced that the MAU data monitored by the third-party institution is more than millions of levels. Although the two platforms are beneficial but the meaning is not large.

If the B station and Xiaohong book Tang, if you get a tiger, true value is the brand of "straight male community", and PugC users with attachment and creative vitality. If you can use it for me, the two communities can seize a core position when breaking through the straight men's fort.


B stations and small red books have billions of MAU (monthly active users) and tens of millions of DAU (day active users), and still grow. At the same time, its core user portraits are Z generation and urban women. Commercialization seems to be more than Wenqing, Kochi, and straightforward people.

However, with the depletion of the Internet, the zoom in the size of the community, the B station faces the problem of users' growth and slowing, and Xiaohong books need to improve the user's gender structure.

According to the financial report, the second to fourth quarter of 2020, the monthly MAU growth rate of B station was 55%, 54% and 55%, respectively. This high-speed growth has both an epidemic to promote more demand, and there is also a result of vigorously breaking the circle.

However, in 2021, the B-station users have slowed down. The monthly MAU growth in the first three quarters of MAU is 30%, 38% and 35%, respectively, compared to 20 percentage points over the previous year.

As of the third quarter of last year, the B station MAU has reached 267 million. Plus the domestic epidemic is effectively controlled, the unconventional demand of Internet video content is weakened, and the B station wants to re-pull the growth rate is not easy.

The B station has developed the goal of "400 million MAU" 2023 years ago. The time left in now, the B station still faces about 100 million Mau gaps, and new user gold mines must be found as soon as possible.

In contrast, the size of the small red book is relatively small, and the growth is still very fast. Xiaohong Book official data said that in June 2020, its MAU exceeded 100 million, and November 2021, reached 200 million in November, and he had doubled a year and a half. However, the imbalance between men and women has been plaguing Xiaohong books. It evolved from cross-border shopping guidelines, with "breeding grass" genes, women users and beauty, and life content for long-term dominance. This atmosphere shaped the community temperament of Xiaohong Book, and also affects the field of view, and hinders the integration of male users to a certain extent.

The B station and Xiaohong book have realized the problem and attempted to make changes from multiple dimensions.

Among them, the B station made a brush screen short film "After Wave", He Bing's speech seems to hug young people, the bones are creating the "味" that is creating a high-year man to cater to middle-aged people.

At the end of last year, the B station gains the New Year's party, and it is increasingly moving closer to the local Tai Spring Festival. There are many concentrations of secondary yuan. Japanese songs are replaced by Xue Zhiqian, Shen Shen, Phoenix legend, and even joined the cross talk of De Yunshi.

Xiao Hongke has expanded the content matrix, food, digital, and sports. It is a key packaging object. Its latest ad piece except when the red artist Liu Yuran, I also invited the ski list Gu Ling. Basketball stars such as Ephsen, Ma Black, Zhou Qi have also been invited to resident.

In the past two or three years, the two communities have attracted four sides, "rear waves", and Yin Zhengying's explosions have also done a lot. However, from the perspective of operational data, the victory of the tactical level has not yet brought the success of the strategic level.

Public data shows that as of the first quarter of 2021, the 35-year-old month of the B station accounts for 86%; Xiao Hong Book did not announce the ratio of men and women users, but the outside world is generally expected to be 70% or even more high. This user structure obviously drags the income of the two companies.

The B station game business decline in recent quarters, with the age of new users, and the low consumer power is related. Small red book female users account for too high, limiting the choice of advertisers; and the overall of Internet advertising is sluggish, and there is also a difficulty in obtaining advertising income.

"Killing", which is more obvious, excavating the outer population of more than the potential, highlights the importance of B stations and Xiaohong books. It has never been treated by the domestic Internet company, it is time to enter the two major community vision.


Rough estimates, middle-aged men are a hundred million people and have a high level of income and consumption. The number of this population is a hot project such as sports, especially football, basketball.

The B station and Xiaohong Book successively started the copyright, hoping to touch the male population over 35 years old with sports content. However, in the current point of view, the two communities surround all kinds of concave shapes, the actual effect is not ideal.

The second day of the B-station official to win the copyright of the FA Cup, broadcast the second round of many games. But until early January this year, the FA Cup entered the third round, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and other strong teams have played, and the popularity of the official live broadcast began to climb.

For example, January 9, Liverpool 4: 1 Massian Squori, the number of live broadcasts once nearly 8 million. Other hot competitions in the same time also have similar performance.

However, this heat is in a hurry.

B stood in the game and released Liverpool's competition video, with only 21 million playback volume, 95 slings. The remaining content published by "England Football Cup" is equally bleak. Only well-known fans "return money" recorded FA Cup propaganda video playback volume reached 1 million, exceeding the sum of the remaining more than 40 contents.

In addition, the B station UP main is limited to football, and there is less than the second creative of the FA Cup, which reflects that the creator community is not active.

More importantly, the B station rely on a free watching to attract a large number of viewers, but after "white", many users have not precipitated in the community, and there is no new small circle. From the amount of fans of sports KOL, you can get this fact.

The B station has invited the Chinese men's football guerolist Feng Wei to enter, Liverpool, Bayern and other famous football clubs have also opened the official account. However, the B station users are too enthusiastic, and Feng Wei has 246 million fans in Weibo. The B station fans are less than 50,000; Liverpool's fans only have a head, Bayern has only accumulated less than 150,000.

Little red books are also facing similar problems.

During the Tokyo Olympics, Xiaohong Book invited a large number of athletes, sports journalists and sports to meet, organized dozens of bloggers, and launched the "1000 ways to participate in the Olympics", and motivate users to release Olympic related content. Attracting a lot of attention for a moment.

However, from the establishment of a social relationship, contributing to community content and other dimensions, these initiatives are more limited.

For example, Gu Ling, which is promoted by Xiaohong Book, has so far only 165,000 fans. Single note is worth thousands to tens of thousands to tens of thousands, and millions of fans in artists such as Ouyang Na will not be synonymous.

In addition, after experiencing high-density content operations during the Tokyo Olympics, Xiao Hong Book users are still not "cold" for sports content.

Take the women's football Asian Cup as an example, January 20th China Female Football 4: 0 overs the Chinese Taipei team, Xiaohong book related posts have more than 50, while the vertical football app understands the same news of the Emperor of the Emperor. More than 1000.

By the acquisition of copyright, the B station and Xiaohong book provide a lot of sports fans in a short period of time; but the user quickly dispersed after the game, most people will continue to consume other content in the community, become Content contributors are even rare. Under this influence of this "tidal effect", the efficacy of B stations and Xiaohong Books will be greatly reduced.


The B station and Xiaohong books put a large number of resource layout sports, but it is not effective and is closely related to their own community atmosphere. The new user is difficult to integrate into the old users, the precipitation and conversion will not talk.

In order to protect the experience of core users, two major communities cannot do major surgery for community culture, and can only be partially fine-tuned. However, in front of the new pressure, B stations and small red books need to open the straight men's breakthrough as soon as possible.

In this case, the value of the acquisition of the tiger began to highlight.

The tiger is the domestic old sports community, and has been 18 years of history. It gathered a group of professional fans in the Chinese Internet, an analysis of the field analysis, trading rumors, and industry observation, and gradually accumulated a large number of sport users. The annual goddess contest is a pen of a broken god, making the audience of the tiger.

In 2019, the Tiger CEO Chenghang said, "We dig a man's essential demand. That is, the man likes to be with the man, but men do not dare to say". " The tiger has formed a unique JRS (home) culture, and is hit the label of "straight male community".

However, at the business level, the tiger rose all the way.

As a sports community with NBA as the core, the biggest soft ribs of Tiger Pool are copyrighted by the event. Users cannot watch the game live in the tiger, can only talk, 八, even mutually spray, so that more sports is fascinated.

On the other hand, the commercialization of the tiger is not good, and it is highly dependent on advertising for many years. Cheng Hang revealed in an interview at the beginning of 2020, and the company's 48% revenue from advertising.

Too much and traditional revenue models, let the tiger are not subject to the capital market. In 2016 and 2019, the tiger was sprinkled to the market, and finally he was in Shenshan; the byte was 1260 million yuan in the shareholders, but the latest industrial and commercial information showed that the list of Tiger Shareholders There is no image of the byte.

The letter list (ID: wujicaijing) is finally responded to the byte aspect.

Independent communities are difficult to survive and are the consensus of China's Internet. End of the World, Cat, Iron and Blood Community is a forum of the forum; the tiger is facing financing difficulties in the first-level market and the secondary market, and taking tens of millions of users in time and is gradually become one of the strategic options.

From a financial point of view, the valuation of the tiger is about 34 billion yuan; there is no difficulty in winning the tiger.

On the other hand, both communities are accelerating the copyright of the layout of sports, and this is an urgent need for the Tiger plum, and can quickly improve the dilemma of the local content of the community. The B station and Xiaohong book have hundreds of millions of months, including millions of professional and semi-professional creators, can also bring huge potential users to Tiger.

In the process of competing for straight men, the starting point of the B-station and Xiaohong books is different, but the purpose is different, but the path is similar, and it is very likely that the narrow road will meet. Who can take the first hand, take a tiger, who will have the opportunity to take the initiative.