Bitcoin fell below $ 36,000!Foreign media: affected by risk preferences

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Bitcoin fell below $ 36,000!Foreign media: affected by risk preferences

2022-01-24 18:03:25 41 ℃

China New Jingwei January 24th electric Bitcoin price has declined again, the latest offer is less than $ 36,000. Foreign media analysis pointed out that due to risk preferences.

According to Coindesk, last Friday (January 21), the world's largest encrypted currency bitcoin fell below $ 37,000, set the lowest level since August 2021. The decline continued on the weekend, on January 22, Bitcoin fell below $ 35,000, and the market rebared on Sunday (January 23) to this level.

According to the British financial data, as of the press release, the Bitcoin price reported $ 35737.0, a slight increase of 1.10%.

Screenshot Source: British

Wall Street Journal of Chinese Net pointed out that Bitcoin has fallen near half in this round of decline. This wave falls rapidly in the US stock market last Thursday (January 20).

The above report believes that when the US stock market fell, the price of Bitcoin will be low, which is becoming more common.

In addition, Reuts Chinese network analysis pointed out that Bitcoin price fluctuations are dramatic, due to the concerns of inflation and more active rate hikes to the US Federal Reserve Council (Fed / Fed), market risk preferences have fallen, and Bitcoin prices are therefore Hit.

The report invoked OANDA's Advanced Market Analyst Edward Moya Research Report View, with the "Encrypted currency trader to reduce the risk of investment portfolios after the stock market", the Federal Reserve Policy Conference is, Bitcoin price fell.

Moya said, "Bitcoin is still in a dangerous area, if 37,000 dollars are abolished, then there is not much support before $ 30,000." (China New Jingwei APP)