Sudden!10 billion female rich is investigated!

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Sudden!10 billion female rich is investigated!

2022-01-24 18:03:19 36 ℃

In the morning, there was a message market that was investigated by a billion female rich. Hong Kong stocks Huabao International announced this morning, recently received the notice of the Condition of the Fuyang City Supervision Committee, which decided to investigate the company's actual controller Zhu Linyao (about 71% of the company shares). At the same time, the company emphasizes that business operations are currently maintained.

Affected by this news, Huabao International opened 70%, and the latest market value of HK $ 17.6 billion.

A Share Waibao Shares seized a word down, the latest market value of 21.6 billion yuan.

The official website information shows that Huabao Fragrance Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of Huabao Edible Fragrance (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., established in 1996, successfully listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2018. It is mainly engaged in the development, production, sales and services of cigarette, food fragrance, daily flavor and food ingredients. At present, there are 39 subsidiary companies at home and abroad. The public data shows that as of September 30, 202, the number of Huabao shares share is 14,000.

Shares instantly fooled, many netizens lamented "finished, a few yuan," more old stocks said "stocks 20 years, first time to meet ...". However, there is also a courageous netizen means "I will continue to fall again tomorrow."

Ten billion female rich Hair History Billion female rich, Huabao International's real-controlled people Zhu Lin Yao has become "Pumping Queen" by the capital market.

In 2019, Zhu Lin Yao, 49, used its own price of 21 billion yuan, ranked 22nd. As a woman who started a family, Zhu Linyao has been rated as "the world's youngest white hand, billions of $ billion", "in 2008. But as the person in charge of Huabao International, Zhu Linyao does not like to talk to his employees, which is more willing to discuss the business of listed companies with each other.

According to the city's information, we can find that Zhu Lin Yao is born in Sichuan. In 1986, he took a university in Beijing. After graduation in 1996, Zhu Linyao did not find a stable work like someone. Instead, it is chosen that the seda is not a boss, so he has established his own fragrant fragrance trading company in Beijing and started his startup history. After the establishment of his company, Zhu Lin Yao began to launch the business of the wholesale sold sales, and in order to expand his business, Zhu Lin Yao came to Shanghai, and made his spices from Beijing from Beijing. Shanghai. In April 2004, Huabao Group acquired Shanghai Peacock Sweet Fragrance Co., Ltd. and established Shanghai Huaobao Peacock Sweet Fragrance Co., Ltd., officially entered the field of edible and daily flavor, this step made Huabao Group immediately became Among the important production companies in the field of fire, the famous domestic food fragrance brand "Peacock" income in the sac. In the same year, Huabao Group has begun preparing for the listing, and Zhu Zi, who is built by Shenzhen, has been successfully listed in Hong Kong. The company is renamed Huabao International, and Zhu Linyao began to serve as Chairman and President of Huaobao International Group in March 2004. . By January 2005, Huabao Group once again acquired 20% of the Weihai McAf Green Industry Technology Co., Ltd. and renamed Weihai Hua Yuan, once again expanding the company's business scale. When Zhu Linyao, he served as the company's management personnel, the group made the group in the industry faucet, but because Huabao Group entered late, and did not have any specialty, how did she? What did it? Through the data found that Zhu Lin Yao is in the group, it is first through cooperation with the cigarette company, and the company has established a spice flavor production enterprise, and then quickly occupies a wide range of markets in the industry. It is reported that in 2001, Huabao and Hongta Group first established Yunnan Tianhong. At that time, Huabao Group held its 60% of its equity, Hongta Group held 40%; then, in 2003, he was jointly established with Yin Zhong Group. Another joint venture company Qingdao Huabao, Huabao Group holds 70% of its shares, and the Group holds 30%. In this way, Zhu Lin Yao led Huabao Group to rapidly establish the industry barrier through this model. He became the leader of the industry. Soon, he quickly occupied the domestic market. One step by step, Huabao, started his own expansion. When 2007, the top ten cigarettes of the domestic cigarette brands were the company's cooperative customers, but only Honglong and Hongshan tea were not the core supplier of their company, and these 10 customers gave Huaobao Group. More than 80% of the flavor sales revenue.

Capital market "Pumping Queen"

In March 2004, Huabao International Bay House is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with a total market value of approximately HK $ 326 million, and Zhu Linyao has estimated approximately 248 million Hong Kong dollars at the time of the market value. From the market value, this is a listed company that extremely "pocket". In the next two years, the company's share price is not shocked, and it can be said to be "crowd." However, from 2006 to 2010, it benefited from the company's double digit performance growth, the stock price began to wave the way.

At the beginning of 2006, Zhu Linyao received a convertible preferred stock by gaining the Huabao International Distribution Company. Then, Huaobao International Shares began to rise, corresponding to the "stock price plug". In August of the same year, Zhu Linyao converted the convertible priority shares and warrants in his hands into approximately 2.796 billion ordinary stocks, and the $ 690 million distribution, the setup of approximately Hong Kong dollars, and the share capital of the listed company was expanded from 247 million to 3043 million. . At this time, Zhu Linyao held a proportion of equity proportions of listed companies reached 74.89%, and became an absolute first major shareholder, see "Transfer Playing". After that, as Huaobao International's stock price continued to rise, Zhu Lin Yao began to reduce the settlement operation, corresponding to "reducing". By the end of 2010, Huabao International City has soared to HK $ 39.622 billion, more than 10 times compared to 2006. In the process of continuous soaring, Zhu Linyao earned a full mortal. According to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange data, its total set of HK $ 8 billion. By January 28, 2011, Zhu Lin Yao's shareholding ratio has dropped to 37.71% due to multiple reduction. But even if you share the shares, she is still the largest shareholder of Huabao International. In other words, in the 7 years after the Hong Kong stock market, through the transfer of plants and reduce, the real-controlled people Zhu Lin Yao intertwined more than 9.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, and still controlled the listed company, it is definitely a fame and fortune, financial skills. Dividend set of 2 billion

"Queen" is still more than this.

Since January 2011, Huabao International has a maximum drop of 60% in 1 year. However, after the stock price has declined, Zhu Linyao has begun to increase Huabao International. After 2015, it is more proposed to propose the company. Business split privately retreat. Then after the privatization is invited, January 2017 Zhu Lin Yao once again reached 73.6%.

After the Hong Kong stocks, Zhu Lin Yao was prepared to start the A-share market. On March 1, 2018, Huabao International packed its assets and successfully logged in to the GEM. However, when Huabao International Listed Just one year, Huabao Shares began to score the red agreement. Huabao shares announced the 2018 profit distribution plan to send 40 yuan (including tax) cash dividends every 10 shares. A total of approximately 2.464 billion yuan. This has to make people think that the purpose behind the dividends? Is it possible for a large shareholder to prepare for a machine.

Because from March 13, 2019, the dividend of Huabao shares was only 9.6%. According to net profit, the net profit of Huabao Shares was only 1.476 billion in 2018, but the annual dividend agreement reached 2.464 billion. Yuan, this has reached twice the net profit, where is such a high dividend money? The answer is not allocated. As of the end of 2018, the unallocated profit of Huabao shares reached 3.43 billion yuan, and the cumulative profit of the parent company can reach 2.52 billion yuan for the shares, and this is the purpose of Zhu Lin Yao, because if the dividend is made, China's major shareholders China Hua Wei will have more than 1.9 billion yuan (excluding tax), and Zhu Lin Yao can get 1.5 billion yuan (excluding taxes) through China Huawei.

After seeing this situation, the investor sighs, "Shareholders can get a cash of more than 2 billion, and I want to go to the novel shares of Huabao Shares, there is no way to achieve the achievement, this is really intelligent." There is also netizens said, "cutting The leeks change process. " And this dividend also caused the attention of the Shenzhen Exchange, requiring the reason for the reasons why the listing of high proportional dividends in the same year, whether the necessaryity of the funds raised by the prospectus is contradictory. Although Yao is very active in the market, he does not throw his head, and does not accept reporters.

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