Double breakthrough!German GDP and per capita GDP have a new high, why is Japan that have been very low last year?

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Double breakthrough!German GDP and per capita GDP have a new high, why is Japan that have been very low last year?

2022-01-24 18:03:37 51 ℃

Lift Germany and Japan, everyone's first thought must be World War II. During the Second World War, Germany and Japan stood on the side of the sinful fascist. Give the world a deep disaster. After the war, Germany and Japan's confession on World War II can say that the sky is different. Germany Very deep "Typo>" reflects his crimes, and Japan has not been deeply reflected in World War II crimes. In addition, there is still a similar place in these two countries that they have achieved rise after the war. Now, Japan's GDP is the third place in the world, Germany is the fourth place in the world. Although the World War I made these two countries full of sore, they did so much, and they were so fast enough. If it is not the economy of "Typo> miracle

First of all, let's talk about Germany. After all, Germany's performance is relatively bright, although its current ranking is still behind Japan.

According to Xinhuanet, the GDP last year's GDP increased by 2.7% over the previous year.

Compared with 2020, it is indeed improved, but the economic level still has not returned to the epidemic level.

The data shows that in 2021, the German industry and service industry has grown strong, and the data also shows that in 2021, Germany's import and export trade recovered from 2020 decline. In short, the whole German is slowly of "Typo". The brightest group of data is that Germany's GDP and per capita GDP have set new high.

It is worth noting that there is an industry that helped Germany very busy last year. Even a fifth of German GDP growth was contributed. That is the vaccine production.

According to the latest data of the German Bureau of Statistics, a company in Germany has made excellent contributions to the GDP of this country. This company is called German Biological Technology Company. This is a vaccine developer. Last year, this company increased the entire German GDP by 0.5%.

This company does make a bright eye. It is estimated that in 2021, the company in Germany has earned $ 1.863 billion in income from the vaccine, probably 0.5% of German GDP. The company was established in 2008. In last year, the company's performance is sitting on the rocket.

The German economy is still influential in the epidemic . Especially for the last three months of 2021, the German epidemic situation has a recurrence situation, which affects Germany's fourth quarter GDP. In addition, the German economy is also affected by global supply chain friction.

Although the order is sufficient, the German industrial production has not improved, which is a problem in the supply chain. Therefore, Germany is now waiting for the epidemic, then the entire economic vitality will recover.

In 2022, Germany gave his expectations, the economy will rebound to high than the epidemic. It is expected that the German economy will increase by 4.2% in 2022. This expectation is to be higher than 2021.

After talking about Germany, let's talk about Japan that Chinese people are more concerned. The relationship between China and Japan, in the people of the two countries, have always been a mole. It is interesting, the three countries in this Asian, China and South Korea, in the folks, it is really not pleasing to each other. No one is caught down. I think this is also one of the reasons why I can't form close cooperation is a Chinese Japanese and Korean.

Since the Japanese economy in the 1990s reached 5 trillion US dollars, he did not rise. Last year, I was about 5 trillion US dollars, and I didn't get it. Compared to the steady growth of other countries, Japan is indeed like a pool, belongs to "I lost 20 years." In fact, more than 20 years.

Moreover, for the bad news in Japan, it is more than now. In the future, Japan's GDP is also low for a long time. According to the Japanese institution, Japan's per capita GDP will fall behind in 2027. This long-term productivity is low, it is foreseeable. At the same time, the research institute predicted that Japan's annual economic growth rate of 2021 to 2035 is expected to 2.0%, lower than 4.1% from South Korea. The problem facing Japan is now mainly low birth rate and population aging. To be honest, China should pay attention to this problem. In 2035, Japan's per capita GDP is expected to be superior in Korea.

Japan is indeed suffering from low growth. At the beginning, the Abe government got a "Abe Economics", in fact, there is no use, did not change Japan's economic downturn. Because the national economy is sluggish, the days of the people are naturally not good. According to the report, Japan The salary level has little rising. There is a set of data, in nearly 30 years, Japan has an average salary of 4.4%. It is almost inordant. In contrast, the average salary of the United States increased by 47.7%, and the UK increased by 44.2%. The amount of salary in Japan has also been taken from South Korea in 2015. Economic and low fans Wages do not rise, resulting in a bad situation in Japanese society.

So why is the German GDP come over, and Japan still has no way to recover?

There are several reasons, first, Japan's economic autonomy is poor. People in Germany are the EU boss, with large influence, and the power of independent choice. And Japan relys more than the US. Furthermore, it is an international position that Euro and Yen is completely unable to compare. The euro is comparable to the US dollar. The yen has a lot of the international market share because of the increase in the price of the Euro and RMB. Just now I talked to the economic situation of Germany and Japan 2021. So, in this year, what will change in these two countries?

The mainstream financial media recently predicted the 2022 economic situation of the five major economies of the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia and India. You can listen to see this wave forecast, do you agree?

First of all, the United States is not clear, because the epidemic is not controlled, the economy will continue to be sluggish. There is a saying that the United States is likely to enter a long-term growth track of growth rate of 2%. It is similar to Japan, and the United States has to lose a few years.

Let's talk about today's protagonist Germany and Japan. The Japanese Nevocontal Palace released forecasts, Japan's 2022 fiscal year GDP growth rate is expected to be 3.6%. Therefore, Japan is still very optimistic about ourselves country economic growth. Interestingly, the Japanese Financial Real Economics believes that the trade between the two countries in China will be further enhanced in 2022. Let us know that Japan is now the most active allies in Asia. The United States is obvious to lay out Asia, and it is necessary to engage in China in Asia. In such a subtle moment, Japan actually felt that the relationship between China enhanced trade. You will know that it is not to help the United States to curb China in the end. At the very least, Japan does not want to delay your business and China. For two years of epidemic, some Japanese companies have recognized China's strength. China's supply chain is irreplaceable. Because other countries are still busy with their epidemic. Therefore, Japan now has now the company's supply chain to ensure the stability of production.

What about Germany? How will Germany this year? According to the German media prediction, Germany's economy will not turn too much. The epidemic still dragged down the economic recovery of Germany. However, there is a little bit to be determined, that is, the trade relationship of "Zhongde

From last year's results, Germany and Japan are actually not good, but it is good to drag in the German economic situation. When the epidemic passes, Germany's fast recovery is only time. And Japan's problem is not just an epidemic problem. It is the structural problem of the entire country and society. Even if there is no epidemic, the Japanese economy in these two years will not change much.

Since we talk about the GDP last year, in the end, a few words in China's 2021 GDP performance.

We have taken the lead in posting GDP growth rate. Last year, GDP increased by 8.1%, the biggest increase in past 10 years. It seems that after the year of last year, our economy rebounded. So, what is our GDP and the United States? What is the gap? Now, China's GDP is expected to increase from 70.5% in 2020, increased to 77.3%.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, "In 2021, my country's economic growth contribution rate is expected to reach around 25%." China has become a venue of the name, driving the power of world economic growth. According to forecast, the EU GDP is approximately $ 17.1 trillion in 2021, China GDP is expected to exceed the EU.

Now, we look at the country in the country. The first United States is about to enter long-term downturn. The third Japan can't see it. The fourth German is trapped by the epidemic. Healthy, growing major economies, only China in the world. Therefore, China is really contributing to the world economy.

In the past few years, we often hear this sentence: "We are in a hundred years of nothing." Many people misunderstood this sentence, it seems that the world has a change, we have to witness. In fact, we are the change of the commitment itself. China, is in a hundred years without a big change. It's hard to imagine, a world of epidemic worlds, what will it? Without China's tenacious economy, the epidemic will only make the world worse. What is the world economy without China? I believe that only the recovery is even more distant. China is showing its own big strength.