Lipstick, coffee, tea, face, new consumer goods Turning, which direction is blowing?

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Lipstick, coffee, tea, face, new consumer goods Turning, which direction is blowing?

2022-01-25 00:02:14 51 ℃

Change the light banana pajamas, hurry up, come to the stalks of the coffee, add some yuan with the lipstick of the perfect diary in the station, eat a king of the royal king, kill the screw powder, eat a plum Miyama Point Potato in the afternoon tea, come to a super orangutal fitness class at night ...

Unconsciously, these new brands returned to "new consumption" have been contracting the headlines in the consumption field. They have become the unicorn in the eyes of investors, and there are also flowers. The net red scenery is no longer, from the cheers to question Sound, what will 2022 new consumption?

Stand up

Lipstick, coffee, tea, face, one night, new consumption winds are coming.

"(Ink) 10 months of time estimation rose 500 times, the turnover of Six-seven square meters is probably 2 million yuan." "Participate in the incubation of the ink point of Tomato Capital Chreneurity".

This establishment of a dessert store with only two years, the queue of the tea is also rapidly attracted to the food in Beijing, and the people in the world will come to the store. .

According to Deloitte research, the new consumer brand fundraising is close to 89 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 30% year-on-year. In the first half of 2021, the new consumer brand fundraising has exceeded 50.9 billion yuan, close to 60% of the year.

From the beginning of 2022, in early 2022, the capital was successively completed in new consumer tracks such as coffee, milk tea, seasonings, Chinese faces, Chinese snacks. Taking the Chinese-style face as an example, in the first half of 2021, the original inconsistency is not Xu, which turned into a pot of "boiling water" under the blessing and re-packaging of capital. statement.

For a time, I met the face, the five-year-old mix, and the main Lanzhou beef noodles, Maji Yong, Zhang Lara, etc., the spring bamboo shoots, and successively got a big hand and financing, and started to be planted.

There is such a set of data on the Internet, which has become the industry, and Coca-Cola has been used for 134 years. Haagen-Dazs has been in 99 years, and Givench has been used for 69 years ...

The new consumer brand has created new data, from the birth to burst red, the Yuan Yincin used for 5 years, the perfect diary used for 3 years, Zhong Xueao only used 2 years ...

Consumers often exceed their rationality. Some netizens said that it can be hesitant to spend a few hundred yuan to buy a big lipstick, but spend dozens of blocks to buy a blind box to decompression, it is not hesitant. Moreover, new consumption is then then attractive, no one will think of cheese, tea, fruits can be matched together, even more people think about, the formula of the milk tea even stretched into durian, hawthorn, oil citrus, yellow skin, Coriander, celery, oil flap.

"This is because the reform and opening up for more than 40 years of development, the quality of China's manufacturing today has been significantly improved. China is no longer a synonymous, China is made of boutique, quality start painting, etc. If there is no so much boutique, How can there so many consumers embrace China's products? For more than ten years ago, we went abroad, seeing many people sought one of Japan, South Korea's products. But now Xiaomi, Huawei is rising in the world, many people are hugging China Manufacturing With the rise of China's economy, Chinese culture is affecting the whole world, especially after the epidemic has enteredbreated, our country's immunity is successful, and our new generation of consumers feel that the motherland is really good, the country The influence has been deeply rooted and also helped Chinese culture to continue to the world. "Li Zhi, Vice President of Beijing City, said," China Economic Weekly ".

Zhang Ping said to the "China Economic Weekly", the capital itself is also a profit, whether it is the Chinese-style face or today's new pet baking track, the underlying logic of the capital and the new tea such as the original tea Almost, that is, the industry has a low threshold, low market concentration, and the characteristics of large growth space in the future.

"Ruixing coffee and other new consumer brands originally found a set of play, that is, driving the shopping center, open in McDonald's, the next door of Starbucks quickly pays attention to and traffic, getting rid of the public's cheap product impression, let customers began to accept the price Upgrade new products. Rapid expansion lines with standardized easy-to-copy in capital blessings, through short-term centralized marketing bombing, forming high-speed growth, which is conducive to realizing the listing of enterprises. "Zhang Ping said to the" China Economic Weekly ".

However, he also admitted that when a new consumer track was "snapped up", when everyone is eager to find the next China's "Starbucks", the bubble has come.

Did the wind come again?

"The performance of the bubble mart and Naixue launched, let us recognize the fallen fire in this batch of new consumption investments, there is a mistake in some brands, so investment in the consumer is be cautious." Zhang Say.

There are a lot of brands to become a net red in the new consumption battlefield.

In August 202, Lu Yao, who once cooked a Shenzhou Department and Ruixing coffee, and will also be aimed at "Selling". Lu Zhengyao established the brand name called "Interesting," in 2021, once in Chongqing, Beijing opened, set up 20 branches, but the only store in Beijing has been renamed.

"The consumer investment is cold, it is true. Half a year ago and the small partners of my group have turned into the area of ​​the Yuancai Investment. I used to find a business, and now a lot of valuations of many brands are low, and the terms have also become very talked. "Zhang Ping said to the" China Economic Week ". A group of consumer product statistics is circulated on the Internet, and nearly 40% of new brands have shown different degrees of decline. A net red brand has been an annual income of 800 million yuan, but the sales of "Double 11" in 2021 decline nearly 70% year-on-year. A food brand of "selling 6 billion" in 2020, sales of sales in the second half of 2021 is two or million yuan ...

The financial data of the "Brail Box First Share" Bubble Mart (09992.HK) can be detected, and the blood box economy in the 2021 blind box has a significant decline. According to the financial report, the most popular IP image "Molly" of the bubble mart, 2019, is 456 million yuan, accounting for 27.1% of the total revenue; but in 2020, Molly revenue has dropped to 357 million yuan, accounting only 14.2%; in the first half of 2021, Molly revenue is 204 million yuan, accounting for 13.7% from 2020 to 11.5%.

When the market inspected the answer, the investment wind direction began to become alleviated and cautious. For long-term focusing on institutions and investors in the consumer track, no one wants to face a list of "one fluff".

"The case of the last round of failure is like yesterday, and you can't easily believe in shake, fast hands, small red book, B station, the traffic of these platforms, a series of net red brands. Long-term return and passing The value of energy is in communication, just like water and ship's relationship. Consumer track is also long-term valueism. "Zhang Ping said.

How to break the bureau of long snow

"Life is like rolling snowballs, the most important thing is to find thick snow and long slope." The famous saying of investment masters Warren Buffett was presented by the world as Gui.

Is current new consumption or a "long slope thick snow"?

Li Feng, the category of Fengrui, believes that the foam in the consumption field does exist, but no matter whether it is the US dollar fund or the RMB fund, the money in the Chinese market is still a lot, if you look at the money from the point of money, the consumer track may It will last for 2020. But in particular to the category, some of the high-rise consumer goods categories may be difficult to continue, and the competition underline will be more cruel.

Liu Zehui, the founder of Radomerive Capital Management, believes that although it is currently the song of ice and fire, there is an opportunity in 2022 challenges.

"We are now particularly optimistic about the revival of China's old name. At present, there are 1128 national Chinese old names. There are more than 4,000 local Chinese old names. The market is very large. It is very difficult to grow into super brands, need Packaging, marketing, operations continue to upgrade, in order to attract emerging consumers to buy will. "Liu Zehui said.

Li Zhi said to the "China Economic Weekly", to seize the opportunity of new national tide, because the outbreak of national trend is not accidental, the new generation consumers are new generations, naturally with international vision, they know more clearly to Domestic International The gap has been minimal, and the strong national cultural identity and self-confidence are active in the new consumption era, the new national tide, and new intersection.

Editor: Yao Kun