Yu Zhi Electromechanical owner was detained!I have been disclosed by Ye Fei as a market value management, and my brother has reduced nearly 300 million.

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Yu Zhi Electromechanical owner was detained!I have been disclosed by Ye Fei as a market value management, and my brother has reduced nearly 300 million.

2022-01-25 00:03:23 30 ℃

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Ye Fei self-explosive report "Market value management" incident has continued to 2022, another listed company real-controlled person was detained.

On January 23, Zhi Zhi Electromechanical (300503.SZ) disclosed the announcement, recently received the "Notice of Detention" issued by the Jinhua Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the company's real-controlled people Tang Xiuqing was detained by criminal detention. Relevant matters need to be investigated by the public security organs.

Prior to this, Sang Xiqing and the company's finance directors Xiao swimlin were suspected of manipulating securities, the futures market has been monitored by the Jinhua Municipal Public Security Bureau. Tang Xiuqing upgraded from surveillance and residual to criminal detention, which also means that the case has made significant progress.

In 2022, the first listed company is real-controlled by the listed company.

It is said that the real-controlled people who have been sentenced to Zhi Electromechanical real-controlled people have also dated back to a series of explosives of Ye Fei, who have been private equity fund manager last year.

In May 202, 12 listed companies such as Ye Fei broke the source home and other "market value management", and the A-share market was set off in the sky, and Zhi Machine is the 12 listed companies that were named Ye Fei. one.

(Source: Ye Fei Private Raise Champion Direct, Weibo)

Soon, Zhi Zhi Electromechanical thus received a letter of concern, requiring the existence of whether there is a third-party conspiracy and separate manipulation of the company's share price, sitting in Zhuang. However, with the radiopers of the Eastern Fashion, the city, Xiangjiang, etc.

On September 24 last year, the Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed that the relevant personnel suspected of manipulating the "Nanling Civil Proudol" "Today Group" "Zhi Zhi Electromechanical" stock price record has made significant progress. After investigation, since 2019, Liu Moulong gang, Yan gang has been suspected of continuous trading, pairing, etc.

Due to suspected of manipulating a securities market, on September 26, 2021, the China Securities Regulatory Commission decided to clear the Tang Xiu clear. At the same time, Tang Xiuqing's 9 million shares of Zhuzhi Electromechanical Shares were freezed by Judicure of Jinhua City Public Security Bureau, accounting for 2.94% of the company's total share capital. In December 2021, Tang Xiuqing and Xiao Yilin were survived. In January 2022, Tang Xiuqing was arrested by survived by survived, and Xiao Swimlin is currently in the state of the treatment.

According to the data, Tang Xiuqing was born in December 1973. Since its establishment, Since its establishment, he has been working as a vice chairman, general manager, chairman, etc. Zodiac forest was born in April 1979, graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Master of Business Administration (EMBA), and attended the deputy general manager of Zhizhi Electromechanical, the Secretary of the Board of Directors, and Financial Officers.

Because Tang Xiqing and Xiao Hantilin were survived, Tang Lijun, chairman of Zhi Zhi Mechanical and Electrical, in order to perform the secret secret, financial director position, and the company's directors, deputy general manager Lei Qun generation as the vice chairman, general manager responsibilities.

The equity relationship shows that as of the end of September 202, the first largest, second largest, and the third major shareholder is Tang Xiqing, Tang Lijun, and Guangxi Yao Ju Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangxi Hao"), The shareholding ratio is 28.34%, 9.19%, 3.62%, respectively. In addition, in the top ten shareholders in Zhi Zhi Electromechanical, there is also a tonna that is famous, Tang Xiusong, a ranked 7th shareholder, with a shareholding ratio of 2.18%.

Zhi Zhi Electromechanical Announcement Disclosure, Tang Lijun, Tang Xiuqing and Tang Xiu Song's brother relationship, Tang Lijun Tang Xiusong and Tang Xiuqing's class sister, Tang Xiu Song Tang Xiqing's boy. Tang Xiuqing also actually controls the third largest shareholder Guangxi, and thereby controls 43.33% stake in Zhi Zhi Electromechanical.

As of January 24th, Zhi Zhi Electromechanical shares reported 12.02 yuan / share, the total market value is 3.7 billion yuan, the company's latest shareholder has a total shareholder number of households.

The stock price doubles for a year and a half, and the soul of the soup continues to set up

According to the notification of the previous Securities Regulatory Commission, the relevant gang since 2019 suspected of continuous transactions, inverting the stock price, the amount involved in the case, but did not disclose the specific time.

At the point of view, Zhi Zhi Electromechanical stock price started from 8 yuan / shares in 2019, and in November a year and a half in November, the accumulated increase of more than 150% in November, 2020. During this time, Tang Xiuqing and its consistent actors Guangxi Haoyuan, and the relationship people Tang Lijun will continue to reduce from February 2020, and there is a hundred million yuan.

On February 5, 2020, Zhi Zhi Electromechanical Announcement, received Tang Xiuqing, Share, Shagli, Share, and Tang Lijun issued by Tang Xiqing, and Tang Lijun issued. Among them, Tang Xiu is clearly reduced by no more than 8519,600 shares, which will not exceed 3% of the total share capital of the company; Guangxi Ji's agglomeration reduces no more than 5307,100 shares, that is, 1.87% of the Universal share capital; Tang Lijun does not exceed 678.91 million shares, ie not Super The total share capital is 2.39%.

Among them, Tang Xiuqing, Tang Lijun placed Both to reduce financing repayment and personal fund arrangements; Guangxi Haoyuan is Company business needs to be reduced.

So, February 12 to 2020, 2020, through the big trading method, Tang Xiqing reduced 3.21 million shares, accounting for 1.13% of the total share capital of the company. At that time, the company's share price is around 11 yuan / share, and Tang Xiuqing is now about 35.31 million yuan. On August 26, 2020, the company released the pre-disclosure announcement, Guangxi Yao agglutinated the company's shares about 4.28 million shares, and Tang Lijun was not more than 2 million shares. In addition, the company's executive Xiao swimlin, Radium, etc. have a reduction plan. At this time, the share price of Zhi Electromechanical has been coming to 17 yuan / share.

It is worth noting that the price of Zhi Zhi Electromechanical stock suddenly became suddenly shooting on December 8, 2020, and the next day, the next day, more than 13% of the next day, the stock price has fallen from 18.4 yuan / share of the high to 2021 1 9.23 yuan / shares on the 13th, almost waist.

At the time of Zhi Machine, the stock price suddenly plunged, and the company's operations were normal, there is no disclosure without . As a result, the Zhizhi Electromechanical is also questioned by the outside world as "killing pig".

The stock price is bizarre, and the Guangxi, the Guangxi, which is controlled by Tang Xiuqing, has not stopped, and its accumulated 25.74 million shares of the Zhi Machine during January 29, 202, 2021, January 29, 202. In addition, Qingdao Changyi Investment, Shanghai Tongyi Investment, Shanghai Welcome Investment and other private equity have also retreated from Zhizhi Electromechanical.

On April 22, 20021 after the shareholders retired, the proposal of the Zhi Electromechanical issued results announcement, fundraising of 221 million yuan, the distribution price is 10.03 yuan / share. The issuance of the Anji and Ze Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership), Guangdong Exhibition Equipment Management Co., Ltd. - Exhibition Fund, Anji Magnelomo-China Economic Consultation Partnership, Anji Magnesium China (Limited Partners).

Obviously, the shock of December 2020, in fact, lowered the "TYPO> to add

In May 202, Ye Fei once shouted in Weibo and questioned: "Is your shareholders in someone else? Knowing Beijing Honor? How to fall so bad in December last year, do you know?"

As of the end of September 2021, Tang Xiuqing's shareholding proportion fell from 32.52% by the end of 2019, the proportion of Guangxi Polybelts fell from 7.48% to 3.62%, and Tang Lijun fell from 9.56% to 9.19%, soup The Xiusong Hold Share proportion has dropped from 2.35% to 1.98%, and the total reduction of 8.78 percentage points, and the package is nearly 300 million yuan.

The bureau "self-explosion", pseudo-market value management

Ye Fei's so-called "market value management", that is, through external funds to operate the share price to achieve a specific purpose. Specifically, the listed company and the secondary market collude with each other and use the funds and information advantages to manipulate the stock price, form a dragon industry, from the information disclosure - allocation plan - the seller analyst - the funds are responsible, serious Involving investor interests.

A senior fund person said that most stocks participating in the market value of 5 billion yuan is 5 billion yuan, and these small market value companies are too small due to too small circulation, and the stock price is easily manipulated. These stocks are sitting in Zhuang, the participants are mainly listed companies, Pan Fang Zhuang, middleman, pickup side, etc.

In this hidden business chain, listed companies can play "important roles", one is to reveal insider news to the Manistist, Let External funds are low-priced, and the second is that listed companies are also better combined with analysis. The teacher has an expropriation, combined with the issuance of good news, and pulls the stock price to facilitate the high-level shipping. In the case of listed companies, the company real-controlled people, and most of them are difficult to escape.

After Ye Fei, the capital market has appeared in the capital market, and the capital market, the capital, the capital, entering 2022, a message on the news of the chief strategy analyst of Zhongtai Securities before, network transmission news It is said that Chen Long has passed a small group of more than 20 people, and it is currently being grasped.

With the exposure of the stock manipulation of the market, the "sitting industry chain" is gradually open, and the market price manipulation is also subject to severe management.

The Chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission has repeatedly said: For "pseudo-market value management", the "Securities Regulatory Commission always keeps the 'zero tolerance", the relevant party on the chain of interest, regardless of who, it is verified, will be strictly processed from strict And promptly open to the market. "

Source: Securities Regulatory Commission

On July 6, 2021, China Office, China Union issued the "Opinions on Strike Securities illegal activities in accordance with the law", clearly demanded to adhere to classified supervision, precise strikes, from strict abstracts of fraud, false statements, and manipulate the market , Insider trading, use unapplicared information transactions and major illegal cases such as fabrication, spread false information, and increase the persistence of the issuer's controlling shareholders and real-control people, illegal intermediaries and their practitioners.

According to the "Huaxia Times" report, the power of Chinese folks "whistle" capital market illegal violation is rapidly rising, in this, Liu Junhai, director of the Institute of Renmin University of China, said that this may hide the common weaknesses of humans: one hasThere is no idea, but sometimes it is more likely to be loyal to himself, the legal justice is consistent with the rivers of the rivers and lakes, and sometimes it is contradictory, choose "big righteousness" or "marking", different people's answersMay be different.In addition, with the supervision policy, investors are increasingly mature, investors are increasingly valued by a medium and long-term investment value of listed companies.Therefore, listed companies and their focus on stock price fluctuations, but also strengthen communication with investors, attract investors' scarcity, so that investors fully understand their business model and develop prospects.

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