ZTE mobile phone won the words of Wu Jing, "Warfow" can really help ZTE mobile phone to achieve mobile phone?

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ZTE mobile phone won the words of Wu Jing, "Warfow" can really help ZTE mobile phone to achieve mobile phone?

2022-01-25 00:03:46 28 ℃

On the Chinese mobile phone track, it has been "Zhonghua Cool" in the past ten years. However, it has been moved in the past ten years, and these big giants are more or less lost their glory, even Huawei is also The teacher's glory beyond the trend, but this time, ZTE suddenly announced the signing of famous tough guys, Wu Jing as his spokesperson. Many people are asking "Wolf" to help ZTE mobile phone realize ZTE?

First, ZTE mobile phone won the words of Wu Jing

According to TechWeb report, recently, ZTE mobile phone official Xuan Xuan, Wu Jing became a spokesperson of Zhongxing mobile phone brand, helping to be brave in brave. In the poster, Wu Jing handed ZTE AXON 30 Ultra Space Edition. In addition, Wu Jing's survey of ZTE Axon 30 Ultra aerospace version advertisements also appeared in the media platform.

ZTE said: because the brave is fearless, the brave is invincible. ZTE mobile phone and Wu Jing, pay tribute to the bravery of this era, and strive to create a new era of technology "big". ZTE faced the innovation upgrade of future industries and lifestyle, and the "1 + 2 + N" ecosystem will be constructed, bringing the 5G intelligent experience of the user's full scene.

It is understood that Ni Fei, president of ZTE Terminal Division, and Ni Fei, president of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd., preheated on Weibo, released a sportswear picture with "China" words, secretly refers to Wu Jing on the Internet. Emoticon.

According to the news report, the overall shipments of ZTE consumers have more than 100 million units, including smartphones and mobile Internet products, an increase of 60% year-on-year, including more than 150% of domestic growth, more than 50% overseas, where CPE shipments are located The world's first. In addition, ZTE self-study chip has more than 50% of the total amount of terminal shipments.

Brand level, ZTE mobile phone has changed his spokespers this year. From the "Girl" Liu Haomu, ZTA has become an actor Wu Jing, and it is necessary to expand the brand influence with Wu Jing; channel level, ZTE has built nearly 7,000 retail positions in the line, 2022 The goal of the year is to expand to at least 20,000 homes.

However, behind this series of moves is a very difficult market. In 2015, ZTE's 4G smartphone in China market was ranked 7th, with a market share of 5.5%. In the first half of 2021, ZTE mobile phone has only 1.6% in the domestic market share.

If we put the time scale more brilliant, ZTE is more brilliant, according to ISUPPLI (a global market research company), in 2009, ZTE became China's largest mobile phone company in 2009. At that time, Huawei can only be used as the industry, at a time of 30 million shipments. In 2011, Zhongxing mobile phone arrived at his peak. At that time, a report released by the IDC of the well-known consulting agency showed shipments, as of the fourth quarter of 2011, ZTE's mobile phone shipments were reached around the world. 1.7.1 million, the share is 4%, ranked fifth, only 0.1% distance between the fourth LG.

Second, "Wolf" can help ZTE mobile phone realize ZTE?

To be honest, the author is very emotional for ZTE mobile phones. As early as the era of smartphone and function mobile phone, the author has purchased a ZTE V880 from the overseas generation after comparing many mobile phones. At that time, the performance of this mobile phone. The king of that era, after experiencing a series of brush machines, this mobile phone is extremely smooth, a short-term mobile phone accompanying the author for a long time, which also laid the foundation for the author for many years, but the emotional Emotion, we still have to analyze it. What can I really realize ZTE?

First of all, how is ZTE declined? ZTE mobile phone once is the king of China's domestic mobile phones. It has a ZTE mobile phone almost a most proud of most college students, and the "Zhonghua Cool" in the rankings of mobile phone is also in the market. Leading, almost all media in 2011 did not have a praise for ZTE, but it was in a short period of time, and ZTE quickly decked, and now in most mobile phone statistics, it is in order to "other" this classification, so we I have to analyze how ZTE failed?

First, it was prematurely to make ZTE a "injury Zhong Yong". We will carefully study the famous fame experience will find that ZTE is a very famous company. As early as 2G to 3G conversion, ZTE has already won the name, and ZTE is the fragrance of major operators, basically The operator charges the phone to send mobile phone models or less there are ZTE, which is the biggest feature of ZTE. The operator channel is the key to the success of ZTE. However, it is the so-called bunch of Xiao He defeated, and the operator channel has become a ZTE's dependence. The advantage of the operators of ZTE mobile phones is too successful, so that ZTE has a little measures in the big context of the rise in the Internet, not only can not catch it. The Dongfeng of the Internet is even gave up by the market, and finally ushered in its own turning point in 2015.

Second, the rise of Xiaomi has completely changed the ecology of the market. If the operator channel is the ZTE's dependency, the rise of the millet has completely changed the ecology of the entire market. From the perspective of market development, the emergence of Xiaomi in 2011 has successfully realized the entire mobile phone market with the price of 1999 yuan. Outbreak, the Internet mobile phone has no two winds, and Xiaomi's appearance has become a market's squid, and thoroughly changed the development mode of the domestic mobile phone market, and ZTE can't find his direction in this state, and finally gradually sink. Third, no one can think of the low-end trap. The success of ZTE often relies on the extremely cost-effective low-end machine, for example, the author's first Android mobile phone ZTE V880, the mobile phone is very successful, but the low-end trap is also very clear, ZTE has fallen into this Among the low-end challenges of branding, everyone filed that ZTE often won't think that it is a good mobile phone, the advantage of low-end machines has become a constraint.

Second, can the Wolf make ZTE realize ZTE? In fact, take a closer look at ZTE's development, and ZTE has been very difficult, but ZTE is still very hard to carry out the layout of the market. Although the pressure is huge but never give up, this is also a place where ZTE is not easy, then Wu Jing's endorsement Can you promote ZTE re-emerge?

First, any spokesperson's role in the brand is a brocade. For any consumer product brand, no matter what you are electronic consumer goods or other fast items, the spokesperson's role is more than the brocade, it is difficult to truly send the charcoal in the snow. For ZTE, Wu Jing came to the spokesperson at least help. Today, ZTE has a comprehensive rise in new national goods, there is something in the new national tide track, which is unquestionable, but it is not enough to completely achieve counterattacks.

The second is that Wu Jing can help ZTE implement the topic improvement but the key is to rely on products. We saw that Wu Jing's endorsement, although I didn't know how to spend the speech, it should be not cheap, but the effect is still there, the Weibo topic # 京 代 中 中 手机 # 阅 阅 阅 手机 手机 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 手机 天 天 手机 手机 手机 手机 手机 手机 手机From the perspective of marketing, the consumer will not be able to buy your products because you invite the spokesperson, the key is to rely on the quality of the product, but the problem of the income competitiveness in ZTE is still not resolved.

The third is that ZTE's most needless is not only the endorsement is also research and development. For the current ZTE, please don't matter if you are actually important, the key is the product research and development, can you really launch a product that makes consumers' cognition and is willing to pay for it. This may be the most critical. At present, the problem of less market competitiveness in ZTE is is the main problem of ZTE. This problem does not resolve, and the issue of endorsement can solve it is very limited.

The things that ZTE need to do is still a lot. Wu Jing's endorsement is a change, but it can really achieve counterattack, ZTE mobile phone estimates will also pay more efforts.