The country's first 4 trillion cities were born, Beijing created "Jingli" International Consumer Center City

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The country's first 4 trillion cities were born, Beijing created "Jingli" International Consumer Center City

2022-01-25 00:02:29 29 ℃

On January 6th, at the fifth meeting of the 15th People's Congress of Beijing, the Mayor of Beijing was disclosed, preliminary statistics, preliminary statistics, total production value (hereinafter referred to as GDP) in Beijing, more than 4 trillion Yuan, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year, and the total production value of the per capita region maintains the country's first.

Beijing, became the first city of "official" GDP reached 4 trillion yuan in China.

Since Beijing, 2021 Beijing began to cultivate the city process of the construction of the international consumption center, half a year passed, what kind of answer is Beijing? As an international consumer center city, where is the characteristics and direction of Beijing? How far is it compared with London, Milan, New York, Paris and other well-known business centers?

Beijing annual target completion rate is 100%

"At present, the 173 task annual target completion rate is 100%, 22 traditional business districts and Changan Shopping Malls, etc. 20 'one store one strategy' pilot company basically completed the upgrade transformation." Beijing Municipal People's Congress, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Business Bureau Director Yan Li said at the press conference of the Fifth Session of the 15th National People's Day.

On July 19, 202, the State Council approved five cities such as Beijing to carry out the construction of international consumer center cities. Since the Beijing, Beijing, China, issued the "Beijing Cultivation of International Consumer Center City Implementation Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "program"), requiring construction During the international consumer center city, anchoring "international" direction, focus on "consumption" core, grasp the key to the "center", strive to cultivate construction in 5 years, internationally renowned, spending prosperity, commercial activity, arrival convenience , The level of key indicators such as consumption, policy leadership is significantly improved. Basically, the international consumer center city with global influence is basically completed, and it has become a city that highlights the fashionable shopping, gathering global food capitals, traditional culture and modern civilization. Global travel destination, leading innovative and ecological digital consumption and new consumer pole city.

According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, as of now, 20 "one store and one strategy" of 22 traditional business districts and Chang'an shopping malls in Beijing, Beijing, China, "One Store and One Strategy" pilot enterprise basically completed the upgrade and transformation, Wangfujing walk Street Comment on the national demonstration pedestrian street. In 2021, the number of first stores in the year is 901, and 6 new consumer brands have been listed on the pilot base. The city's eight basic convenience business outlets reached more than 90,000, and the full coverage of the community convenience business service function is basically realized. The average number of chain convenience stores per million is increased from 282 in 2020 to 310.

As of the end of December 2021, the sales of Beijing key monitoring companies increased by 10.8% compared with the same period in 2019, and the passenger flow of key business districts increased by 15.16% year-on-year. From January to November 2021, the city's total consumption, service consumption, and total volume increased by 13.1%, 15.5% and 10.4%, respectively.

Bai Ming, deputy director of the International Market Research Institute, China, said in China Economic Weekly, compared with other cities, Beijing's characteristics is very obvious, "Beijing is leading the country in science and technology, education, culture, and medical treatment, service consumption Total consumption is high, highway railway transportation radiation, international flights and international staff, with high-end consumption, these are all highlights of Beijing. Therefore, for many international tourists, domestic consumers, Bei Shangguang and other metropolis shopping, it feels different. Beijing Construction International Consumer Center City should play the influence of Beijing cities itself and become a leader in the new consumption. "

The iterative upgrade of the old business circle and the stunning debut

"I feel that I have returned to the 1980s, which is the old Beijing in our memory!" On the major video platforms, the passionate fruit of Wangfujing Department Store is a new landmark of nostalgic cards. Not only here. There is a video hall with the film and television drama Hutong, and the video hall that has also taken the class, and the old candy painting of the temple will come to the artist ...

Wangfujing Department Store, known as "New China's first department store" was founded in 1955, but it is not only a more than 60 years of old name malls, but also the feelings of generations.

Since the 1990s, Wangfujing has been upgraded in 5 upgrades, and the "Golden Cross" is the core, "Golden Cross" is the skeleton, radiated 1.66 square kilometers of block development patterns. In the wave of new national tide, this shopping mall began to get involved in short video, not only introduced new brands, built a new type of newly gray video, but also set up a peace fruit in 2019, and the original taste is restored to the previous century. Traces of living allow consumers to appreciate Beijing culture. The Peace Requisit Al only evokes the emotional memory in the hearts of the visitors, but also become a new generation of new players, becoming a new landmark of Wangfujing business district.

Wangfujing District Management Committee said that the "Cultural Golden Triangle" work is formulated, and the future will strengthen the Forbidden City, Wangfujing and Longfu Temple, and build "Beijing Wide and narrow alley", promote Beijing culture, consumer culture, and art culture. Echo.

Not only Wangfujing Department Store, since 2021 And the first open Longhu Xiyue Tianjie, the first Dragon Lake Lize Tianjie, Meikong Academy, Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, the first phase of the Global Theme Park officially appeared.

"National tidal heat has formed a new wave in consumers, the old name as a gold medal film with the most Beijing-style feature in the construction of the international consumer center, and should take advantage of the situation." Deputy Director, Beijing CPPCC Economic Commission, Beijing Li Zhi, Vice President of the Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, said to the "China Economic Week". He told reporters that from 2019, Beijing began to do the research of international consumption center city, to lead the global consumption of global consumption in SMB, London, New York, Dubai, to find out the gap between Beijing, such as international brands aggregation Still not enough; the global influence of the commercial neighborhood is weak; "Beijing brand" is not high in the international reputation and reputation, the consumption is not strong; the consumer business environment still has a large improvement space Whether it is a consumer experience or convenient consumption, an infrastructure such as transportation accommodation has to be improved.

"After two years of hard work, we found that the vision of Beijing business district layout is even more open, not only for space transformation, but also develops night economy, the temperature of urban management is also coming, because there is a city like Beijing resources. In the country, it is not many, in the world, it is also possible, I think Beijing can focus on increasing the supply of quality brand goods, improve the agglomeration capacity of international consumption, and can focus on breakthrough, greatly available. "Li Zhi said.

These brands come to Beijing to open the store.

In late November 202, Yaxiu Building, who has been renovated for many years, is unveiled in the new identity of Sanli Taiguri, which is the most eye-catching. The introduction of the new Sanlitu Taiguri West District is almost all branded first store or flagship store. .

Maze Dan, the general manager of Sanlitun, said: "We have made a lot of structural transformations to the old Ya Xiu, open many floors, form a lot of open, colored areas, can carry new elements in Beijing business development and iteration, Here is the first global flagship store in Uniqlo Beijing, the world's largest flagship store, Guangzhou old-fashioned Tao Cao Zhenjing, Beijing. "

It is reported that under the first store, the flagship store, Sanlitun Taiguri District quickly jumped as a new card, from November 2021, about 20,000 passenger flows. In the future, with the Sanlitun Taoli started the North District North Expression, it will also release the carrying space for more first stores.

The SKP, which is also located in the CBD Business Circle, has achieved $ 17.7 billion sales revenue for the whole year, surpasses the British Harold Department Store, and "World Shore King". With the international fashion exchange, the number of words in the brand is gradually improved, and the first price of SKP International brand has reached 38%. Consumers who shop in Beijing can enjoy new shopping experience with Paris, Milan, New York international fashion. .

Li Zhi said in an interview with "China Economic Weekly": "In the field of consumption, the first store often has the wind direction and leading role, consumers also prefer the consumer experience of the first store. Beijing to build Beijing-style international consumption center city, must Very important to the operation management of the first store. "

At present, from the center of the city to the center of the city, a "first store fever" swept Beijing major business district. According to data, there are 696 first stores in the first three quarters in the first three quarters of Beijing, and 513 in the first store in the first year of 2020. In the first store in the first store, there were three people invested in the "embrace" of the International Trade CBD Business Circle.

"Program" pointed out that by 2025, attracting international domestic brands to open more than 3,000 first stores, innovation stores and flagship stores in Beijing, and will build this city a global starting center.

It is reported that several commercial projects such as Liu Jinghui, Liujing Mountain, Liu Jingshan, since 2012, Six-Industry in Shijie District, since 2022, have been opened, and "the first store is hot" and then "fire".

Editor: Guo Yao