Construction of international consumer center, Shanghai speed

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Construction of international consumer center, Shanghai speed

2022-01-25 00:02:00 32 ℃

"China Economic Week" reporter Song Jie | Shanghai report

At the 2022 Shanghai Business Work Conference held on January 13, Shanghai has made a bright transcript.

In 2021, the total retail sales of Shanghai social consumer goods is expected to increase by approximately 13%, and the scale is the first place in the country. The total amount of goods is expected to increase by 16 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 15%; the total amount of goods import and export is expected to reach 4 trillion yuan. , More than 15%, trade scale is further improved, continue to maintain the world's largest port city status ...

Time push, 2020, the total retail sales of Shanghai social consumption reached 1.59 trillion, ranking first in the country. The import of consumer goods accounts for 1/3 of the country, the first economic scale ranks first in the country, and the international brand agglomeration is second in the world.

The data witnessed the process of Shanghai to build an international consumer center city. In September 202, Shanghai released the "Shanghai Construction International Consumption Center City Implementation Plan" pointed out that planning guidance, market driver, standard docking, system innovation, focusing on "international", tight "consumption", highlighting "center ", Further enhance the supply quality, build consumption landmark, strengthen the hub function, optimize the consumer environment, and speed up the promotion of consumption and expansion, do a large consumption flow scale, attract high-end consumption reflux, comprehensively improve the international reputation, consumption prosperity, business activity Degree, reaching the convenience and policy leadership, build a global new product, global consumption destination, full "Shanghai Shopping" brand, strive to lead to the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and have the first to build global influence, competitiveness, and confidence International consumption center city.

In order to achieve this goal, Shanghai is speeding up.

"Decryption" Shanghai City's first store's most business circle

The lifted Shanghai business district has a thousand autumn, including high-end luxury, fashion trend and mass consumption and other multi-layered commercial projects, nearly covered all consumer levels.

According to the Consumer Market Big Data Lab (Shanghai), 2022 New Year's Day holidays, Shanghai City's consumption payment is 2.7.7 billion yuan, an increase of 12.8% year-on-year. The total passenger flow of 36 commercial circles in Shanghai reached 20.5 million, and the number of passenger flows has been restored to the first nine epidemic. The first three commercial districts of the consumption amount are Nanjing West Road, Nanjing East Road and Lujiazui. The number of foreign consumption is as high as 5.513 million, the amount of consumption is 6020 million yuan, which is 11.0% and 12.8% in the same period in 2021.

Nanjing West Road Business Circle is one of the highest level of economic activities in Shanghai. It is the highest-end region of Shanghai high-end brand, and is also the preferred commercial neighborhood of international brands into the Chinese market. This is the most commercial circle of Shanghai's first store, and it is also a very small number of overseas brands than domestic brands, and retail brand more than cavity.

In the first three quarters of 2021, the Jing'an District of the business district introduced a total of 151 first stores, Asian first stores, China's first store and Shanghai's first store, such as the design life brand Wallpaper Store world's first physical store, high Performance running shoes HOKA One One World's first direct brand experience shop, Parma Water Water flagship store China's first store, British watch manufacturer Bremont China's first flagship store, etc. Among them, super seven finishes are distributed in Nanjing West Road Business Circle.

During this year's New Year's Day, the consumption amount of the Nanjing West Road Business Circle is ranked first in the Shanghai business district.

What is only 1.8 square kilometers of business districts be the most commercial circle in Shanghai's first store? Wang Yan, deputy director of Jing'an District Commercial Committee, recently accepted exclusive interview with the "China Economic Week", responded to related issues.

"If the entire Nanjing West Road is more natural plant community, then in the vertical structure, there are both tall 'patterns' - Henglong Square Collection of high-end luxury and international top products such as LV, Hermes, Gucci; there are also 'shrubs' - 光 百货, Xingye Taikonghui, Jing'an Jiari Center, Yan Wu Department Store, Collecting Coach, etc. Middle and high-end first-line brands, light luxury brands, designers brand, specialty small brands; there is a characteristic 'flower' - Nanjing West A large number of flagship stores, concept shops, convenience stores, brand collection shops, name stores, etc. The old brand of Bojo. "Wang Yan said.

Commercial prosperity has led to the rise of business activities, over 200,000 white collar and frequent business activities constitute a prosperous support of Nanjing West Road. Wang Yanhua, Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Jing'an District, said: "The industrial ecological community of commercial business integration is self-strengthening, promoting the dynamic foundation of the Nanjing West Road business district, is also the distinctive character of Nanjing West Road business district. "

The reporter noticed that "Shanghai Construction International Consumer Center City Implementation Plan" mentioned that Nanjing West Road will be created as "world-class benchmarks for urban renewal and quality consumption."

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, Jing'an District has actively promoted Nanjing around three casual life belts (Wujiang Road, Metaiheng Street and Yuyuan Road) and three cultural experience shafts (Shaanxi North Road, Tongren Road and Jiangning Road) The economic development of the back street of West Road. These special commercial back streets and main streets form space linkage, complementary, physical support, passenger flow through the good interaction of Nanjing West Road, to create a more abundant commercial form, more complete urban function, more refined urban taste Business circle. Wang Yan said that the international consumer center is not only the concept of simply "buy buy", Jing'an District should build into international consumer experience, collect international consumer resources, integrate international consumption innovation, highlighting international business civilization, can "buy the world" ", Can also" sell global "international consumer center city demonstration zone.

Unexed consumption highlights, non-core business districts also have "surprise"

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is "Window" and "Business Card" in Shanghai and even China Commercial Street. At present, Shanghai is accelerating the construction of the international consumer center city. Nanjing Road Walk Street is an opportunity to construct the construction goal of the kiosk-level business district, through the continuous "optimization of commercial state, rich stream form, reflect cultural appearance, consumption," New image of "China Commercial First Street".

One of the highlights of the new image is to upgrade the experience to the ultimate immersive consumption, which is also a highlight of Shanghai 2021 shopping mall. At present, the New World City on Nanjing Road is further increased to link the "trade brigade" linkage, and plan to take out the entire floor to create a "experience" scene. China's first "future retail space" Haus Shanghai has entered Huaihai Road, using 3D printing, simulation technology, etc. Space experience.

Chen Yunjiu, senior assistant director of the commercial real estate department of Waudong District, Dai Deliang, said that in 2021, the hot immersive consumption gradually entered the next era. In 2022, "Yuancos" business will formally enter the development stage, more business center and brand meeting in the future Choose to increase the consumer experience through the "Yuan Universe" element.

At the same time, the new model of the Shanghai night economy has been in the forefront of the country, leading the change of emerging night lifestyle. For example, in order to create a night economic gathering, the new world leisure port U479 project is "high-tech, second yuan, street culture" as the business philosophy, "the core business of the first 24-hour full-time business" in Shanghai. Informed, in progress, the renovation project, will introduce a distinctive bar, pub, and various trend of trend, and create landmarks. Night economic aggregation.

On January 7th, the "Shanghai Business Development Report" jointly developed by Shanghai Business Development Research Institute and Shanghai Business Development Research Center, the report shows that around night, night food, night tour, night entertainment, night show, night reading Equisical, the local traveler crossover, online link, in the city's nine landlift nightlife gathering area, Shanghai launched more than 50 special markets, launching more than 180 characteristics. UnionPay data monitoring and analysis, Shanghai night economy sales revenue has exceeded 500 billion yuan, night leisure and entertainment consumption accounted for more than 40% of all-day recreation.

In addition, mentioned above, the prosperous core business district is one of the factors that create Shanghai business and spending. Now, non-core business districts also ushered in more and more opportunities.

The reporter noticed that in the first store site, in addition to the benchmark project of the core business district, many new projects choose to settle the non-core business district. For example, Ruhong Tiandi Sun Palace opened a national first MUJI fresh composite store, and the front of the front of the ancients, including Canada sustainable fashionable brand Frank and Oak Asia first store and fashion brand from Nordic Toteme in the country's first store. Many first stores.

According to commercial real estate services and investment company, Wishi Si (CBRE), in 2021, there were 11 quality projects in Shanghai Retail Property Market into the market. The main projects include the main projects of Taikoo, Northern Beach to Raffles, Tianan Qianshu and other business. The Shanghai Retail Property Market added a new supply of 12.55 million square meters in 2021, has exceeded the average level of the supply peak period from 2016 to 2018. All new projects are located in non-core business districts, including multiple sectors such as Daning, North Beach and Beach, and the new project will be invited to stimulate business new vitality.

The Whaft Weiss Wah Wah Region Consultant and Trading Service, the head of the business department, said: "In the next six months, the Shanghai retail property market is expected to usher in a new supply of 420,000 square meters, will further improve the commercial layout of non-core sectors. Create new landmarks, comprehensively enhance urban business features and consumption environments. "

Perhaps, the most authoritative and most vivid annotations of the international consumer center city are the paragraph of the Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. Accelerate innovative and colorful consumption patterns, accelerate the consumption environment of the near future.

As the largest consumer center city in China, Shanghai is speeding up.

Editor: Yang Lin