Thousands of billions of net red economy's turning point came

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Thousands of billions of net red economy's turning point came

2022-01-26 06:03:26 45 ℃

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Author: Qianluo, New Retail Business Comments Researcher

"The deep tillage in the private domain is the weight of the brand."

Sydney, Viria was punished, the tax policy "boots landing", the business, the row of the row, the live e-commerce industry is therefore reshuffled.

In fact, both practitioners know that the transformation of the live broadcast industry has already begun in the subtlety, and the head anchor is only a time problem.

In the past year, for small and medium-sized merchants, they only traveled in the e-commerce live. "Do not do traffic, do not have traffic, doing live, you must find the head, find the head and return to this" vicious circle;

On the other hand, in emerging fields such as self-sound, breeding, they face the dispute between many malignant flows, can only maintain exposure on various social platforms by burning money, otherwise "wine incense is also afraid of alley" .

However, more and more cases have shown that heavy marketing, light products - this path in this end will only get more and narrower ...

Today, the online passenger cost of water has increased the consensus of the Internet. The merchants and platforms are working hard to find new outlets: or in the private domain, excavate the potential of the user, or actively open offline channels, let the online line Form linkage ...

Therefore, whether it is live e-commerce or the entire net red economy, it has to change the key moments of its business logic with market changes.

For the live industry practitioners, the landing of standardized measures is a good thing for the entire industry.

First, capital is more willing to admit.

"The previous investors will feel that this industry is not standardized. Although it looks good, but don't dare to enter the venue. Now the tax policy boots landed, and the uncertainty of investors is also eliminated." Third-party live broadcast service CAO Cao Fei said to the new retail business comment.

Second, due to the head anchor, the people are constrained by the system, the right to discuss relative, so the business and institutions, platforms, and the anchors, the cooperation between the people is more equivalent, and finally "in the commercial speakers".

In addition, the platform also consciously dispersed the traffic of the head anchor, thereby avoiding the oligarchy - the high-priced pit level fee of the head anchor will also become the past.

At the same time, it means that the merchant is arguing with the head anchor, and the inventory pressure is increasingly lost to a live broadcast, and it will be less and less.

At the end of the root, although the head anchor has enjoyed many exposure and dividends, the final discipline right of consumption has always been in the user's hand. "Where is the national cognition, where the traffic is exported." Sun Xin, Vice President Micrid. This is the truth that the merchants understand.

After normalizing the land, live e-commerce, or the brutal growth era of the new red economy is inverted. In fact, Cao Hi told the new retail business reviews. After this "turmoil", the overall traffic of the industry has risen steadily.

So, what kind of feature will the next era of the net red economy present? What changes will be changed in the business logic behind it?

Cao Fei believes that the vast flow of real-time flow will no longer be the protagonist, and the deep tillage in the private domain is the top priority of the brand. That is, it is possible to provide consumers with more personalized content, service, is the focus of net red economy.

Such a transformation is that the fundamental reason is that the traffic is seen in the top.

CITIC Jianbao data shows that the number of people who have a lot of people and a lot of privileges have risen sharply in the past year, and the cost of new users has reached an unprecedented height.

The relevant person in charge of a traffic launching agency told the new retail business reviews, starting from the second half of 2021, many Internet big platforms do not do to the "key to do stock users" instructions - the company is willing to activate a sleeping user or maintain The activity of the old user pays more costs, and the "Lapin" task is rushed to the secondary position.

The big platform is still in this, and the merchants growing. In the past year, the platform and merchants have also gave birth to the importance of private domains, and they have grown many service products, tools and platforms.

A major trend with the life of cultivating private domains is a convergence of different channels: e-commerce platforms, planting platforms and lines no longer cutting, but turns into an organic overall.

For example, users can plant a sample or service through the grass platform, can purchase coupons live through e-commerce live, deduct it, or directly purchase the product, the near store is responsible for delivery, It can also support consumers, and so on, all online and offline consumption linkage.

This is also an important reason for the first half of 2021 to the beginning of this year, shake, fast hands and other platforms, have an important reason for the local life business - online platforms must be more and more close to the line consumption.

Pay attention to the private domain, its essence is to improve the brand's products, services, content, marketing, supply chains and other multi-dimensional quality, provide users with better and more comprehensive services. These service details have played a key role when consumers have more and more choices.

For merchants, the currently feasible operation method is to build his own self-tech system in addition to doing its own membership system and community operation, and more active ways to "plant grass".

When the head anchor is exhausted, the self-broadcast has become a new power point of the merchants.

However, Cao Fe believes that merchants find an anchor and self-broadcast, in fact, it is the two development paths that are not conflict - the merchant does not give up the part of the line of the aquatic belt because the head anchor is punished, and the self-broadcast is also At present, the brand cannot give up, and the two heavy responsibility of "customer service + marketing". As for which channel is placed on, it is still to see the performance of the ROI (return on investment).

However, self-broadcast will be more and more attention, and become part of marketing - this is already a trend that cannot be avoided.

But so far, most merchants' self-tech system is still very simple, mainly based on basic customer service functions, have not fully done "content-marketing-service" barriers.

During this year, during the 11th, Herborist's "Yanbi Palace" series live in the online popularity, the image of the "insert" in the form of "insert" in the series, has been widely praised by netizens, also for Herborist Brought a large number of viewers.

For a time, "Broadcasting" "Let the Self-broadcast become a new marketing technique", it has become a new methodology that is sought after by the merchant.

However, the new retail business comment considers that it is not easy to do in live broadcast. There are two reasons:

First, how is the problem to be solved to solve the traffic, and how to accurate the traffic into its own users?

Second, and regardless of whether the most merchants are good at doing content, the humanity, material, financial resources to be consumed behind it, nor the traditional customer service can be combined.

It is not exaggerated that the live broadcast effect like Herborist "Yanpi Palace" is required, and there is a need for a number of conditions, people, people, and so on, can be met.

In addition to self-sing, the grass economy is also rapid. And new retail business comments have found that more and more brands and assessment bloggers, professional practitioners (such as doctors, researchers) cooperate, produce more depth.

Cao Hi told the new retail business comment: "The evaluation bloggers (professionals) know more about products on the one hand, and on the other hand, the performance and characteristics of the product can be introduced by consumers. This is more valuable. "

The reason behind this is that the quality of the traffic itself is becoming more and more higher - consumers' cognition of the product is increasing, so that this increasing "specialization" is increasing.

Professional assessment of netizens, "Dad Review"

"The higher the creator level, the higher the value of the user, the user's recognition of the content will increase, which has made greater influence on the consumer decision." Cao Fei said.

In addition, another market development trend has also promoted the process of planting a specialization - now new consumer goods are actively developing vertical segments, such as functional skin care, hyaluronic acid snacks, infant food supplements, etc. These small trails of products require more professionals to make more professionals to find a more precise population.

After finishing the changes of platforms and merchants, then they will talk about the service providers behind them - live and breeding grass will become a professional, whether the MCN institutions, third-party service providers will become more and more important?

For the employer, the answer is affirmative - any industry needs more professional people to do more professional things.

But the roles they play may not be dominated.

Special "net red" such as the star, the evaluation blogger, professional practitioners, they either self-contained traffic and channels, or they are not in the intensive fluctuation, only focus on doing science - therefore do not need third-party services Help.

For the ordinary blogger, the fast hand has born a new occupation: "Live Inter-Booth Trader". It is the experienced "old cannon" to help merchants. According to their different characteristics, the anchor will control the operational process of the entire live broadcast: comprehensive coverage, live operation, traffic marketing, supply chain, service performance, etc. Thereby achieving better spread, belonging.

This seems to be a good path to normalization, but the new retail business comment believes that "trader" is clearly unable to rise quickly, and can not really support the specialization of the entire e-commerce industry, and even live broadcast. E-commerce may only be only the existence of iceberg.

Because of the first, there is experience and the trader of the market is very small in the whole industry; two, live e-commerce as a broad "content industry", it itself is difficult to standardize.

At present, there is a live broadcast of the trader, although there is also the experience of trafficking, but it will also be prejected by the trader - in Sun Xin, the experience is important, but the industry is still in the stage of evolving changes, "there is At the time, experience will become a constraint. "

Overall, the era of live electric salesman has ended. The market environment of the entire net red economy is moving to normalization, and the content is deployed. This means more opportunities and challenges for all the practitioners in all, they are also constantly exploring new development paths.

From the perspective of development, it is still on the road from 2014 to the present.


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