24-hour 130,000 people burst, UK, Singapore collectively tightened, is Bitcoin in the future?

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24-hour 130,000 people burst, UK, Singapore collectively tightened, is Bitcoin in the future?

2022-01-26 12:02:50 32 ℃

According to daily reports on January 25, the Bitcoin index reproduced on Friday night, and the day fell below $ 36,000 / enumeration, with a maximum drop of 12.8%. After 2 days of rest, Bitcoin began to change back and forth.

On January 24, the Bitcoin index fell by 9%, and closed down by 0.7% on the same day. On January 25, the Bitcoin index was once a maximum drop of 9%. As of now, it is currently red, reported 36711.9 US dollars, and 0.8%.

It is worth noting that 2 trading days have hit a low point of $ 32985.6.

On January 19, 202, the British Financial Conduct Regulatory Bureau (FCA) issued a draft rule, which proposed to limit the marketing of certain encrypted monetary assets. It is reported that these rules basically prohibit the company to promote encrypted currency products without assessing user financial knowledge and experience.

Almost at the same time, according to Bloomberg report, Singapore's encrypted currency ATM operator stopped operation on Tuesday to comply with the New Guide issued by the Central Bank of China Singapore Financial Authority (MAS). Due to the consumer advertisement of the Singapore Gold Tube (MAS), the encrypted currency (ATM) that provides a convenient platform for digital Currency transactions is under Singapore.

It is really seen that the large-scale fluctuations in the bitcoin market have been asked in the last period of time, many people are asking. What is going on? How do we see this large-scale fluctuation?

First of all, objectively say this digital asset, or this digital asset system with the so-called virtual encrypted currency, itself is a huge risk, because of its extent without general equivalents in the process of asset development. So under such a big background, the entire market is actually facing huge risks, so it is very easy to be influenced by a series of wind blows, so the large-scale plummet of the current digital encrypted currency, and even triggered the charm of the show. It is also a normal phenomenon in 24 hours. This is an inevitable result of the large-scale fluctuation of the digital encrypted monetary market, and also the embodiment of the digital encrypted monetary market.

Secondly, from the point of view of the current whole capital market, we can see that the governments are changing the attitude of digital encrypted currencies, whether the British government or the Singapore government, actually all tight, this means It is the attitude of the entire world for digital encrypted currencies. It is also more tolerant from the original relative, and the direction of more stringent control, if this trend has formed, it is even possible to promote the large-scale fluctuations of the entire digital encrypted currency market and Down, once all countries, this product is defined as high-risk products, it will inevitably trigger the drama of the entire market.

Third, we can see that in recent days, El Salvador's attempts have proven to fail, which also makes the development of digital encrypted currency have more uncertain factors. From now on, no matter whether it is Using digital encrypted currency to carry out market transactions, or use digital encrypted currency to use a currency to use, there is a very big problem, which is also the digital asset represented by the current whole digital encrypted currency. It is actually a comparison. High-risk state, this risk state will continue, so from this point of view, the future of digital encrypted monetary markets is not optimistic by the market, and even more risk events will occur in the future.