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The first bank of the long-term rental apartment, the 69-year-old woman financing stocks explosive | Finance Day review

2022-01-26 12:03:25 46 ℃

Ministry be cultivated a number of art-membered universe SME

January 24, in the conference on the development of SMEs in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held, SME Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Liang Zhifeng said, should increase efforts to promote SME digital development. Foster innovative SMEs to enter the emerging field of a number of meta universe, block chain, and artificial intelligence.

Liang Zhifeng said, to support the development of the digital economy. Seize the country to promote the new infrastructure, excellent opportunities to develop the digital economy, the "maker culture in China" in many ways innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, guide and support SMEs to accelerate the process of industrialization and promote the digital industry digital. (China News Network)

| Comments | everything is interconnected era direction, the digital economy is the trend. But if you want to truly achieve innovation and development, the most important thing is not confined to the direction of innovation and development, before the picture of the digital economy not yet been born, all things are possible, who must try everything. Yuan universe is a direction needs to try.

Although at this stage of the universe on the yuan, the concepts and forms of settling down to be greater than the actual content and technology, but at least depicts a subversive strong future world scene. At present, for research and development dollars while the universe is still in a relatively early stage, even the world's leading companies, their technological progress is difficult to say how to achieve high-precision level, which is also a chance of overtaking around the curve to Chinese enterprises.

Shang Dynasty Technology announced the largest Supercomputer Center put into operation in Asia

January 24, Shang Tang Technologies announced that its computer center located in Lingang new film Artificial Intelligence Chief to invest about 56 billion yuan Shanghai Free Trade Zone (referred to as the Shang Dynasty AIDC) put into operation with immediate effect. Shang AIDC construction area of ​​130,000 square meters, a number of cabinet 5000, is an open, large-scale, low-carbon advanced computing infrastructure designed to calculate the peak force more than 3740 per Petaflops (1 Petaflop kilobits per second is equal to 1 teraflops), it is one of Asia's largest artificial intelligence computing center.

AIDC put into operation will finally force the Shang Dynasty more than 4910 per Petaflops, has access to the country is located in Lingang New Internet Exchange. When Shang Dynasty AIDC support parallel in the field of ultra-large-scale cluster training, one trillion large model parameters, protein folding research and other research work, can also provide large-scale application environment for domestic chip is expected to be fully in place by 2024 all servers, AIDC domestic hardware proportion of more than 50%. (Surging News)

| Comments | Shang technological feat just a single company's success, but also the development of China's computer industry has taken an important step. While relying on its own technology Shang Dynasty deep AI research base, can help China to achieve a breakthrough in many frontier disciplines.

For capital markets, even without the Supercomputer Center, Science and Technology Shang has been the subject of very valuable. As we all know, AI companies want to develop must go through lengthy research and development process, so have a long investment, industry characteristics slow returns. The Shang Dynasty Technology has spent the early stages of laying the foundation. The first half of 2021, Shang science and technology R & D spending more than the total revenue of the same period, while its gross profit margin as high as 73%. With later this Supercomputer Center, the development of science and technology in the field of artificial intelligence Shang will be more smooth.

China Cinda executives settled Hengda Board

January 23 evening, China Hengda announced that since January 23, Shawn was appointed as executive director, Liang forest was appointed a non-executive director, resigned two executive directors of the former Department of Hengda. China Hengda risk mitigation committee composed of one of the members from China Cinda, its executives beam forest had nothing to do with the bigger, as the "outsider" for the first time into the board of directors of Evergrande, China Cinda is specialized in non-performing assets one of the four AMC.

Statistics show that the beam forest aged 56, has over 30 years of experience in banking and asset management, in 2018 to join China Cinda, from May 2019 has served as chairman of the letter of Hong Kong, while he was vice chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese Finance Association. Among them, China Cinda Cinda Hong Kong is a wholly owned subsidiary, is engaged in domestic and foreign investment in non-performing assets, equity investments and so on. (Brokerage China)

| Comments | change the members of the board of directors of a company, how much can reflect its current and future key tasks and goals. As Cinda Hong Liang, chairman of the forest, to the "outsider" status to enter Hengda Group Board of Directors, is also widely believed Hengda further resolve the debt crisis related. In fact, Hengda risk mitigation committee was established late last year, Limin, vice president of China Cinda had among them, and with the beam into the forest Hengda board of directors, which may also mean that China Cinda next Hengda debt crisis management will play an increasingly important role.

In addition, the recent government work report mentioned in Guangdong Province, according to the principle of the rule of law and steadily push forward market-oriented Hengda Real Estate Group and other corporate debt risk to resolve the disposition, and said that governments at all levels should take the initiative to bail out problem-solving services to help businesses. From the above statement, in fact, it is not hard to understand with state-owned China Cinda background, why would further resolve the debt crisis with the Hengda "cooperation."

Long-term lease apartments share the first green off bankruptcy

January 24, according to the Shanghai Intermediate People's Court Announcements third, was January 4 Green passenger decides to accept Shanghai public rental housing lease management Co., Ltd. (green passenger's rental brand) bankruptcy case, creditors should file claims at March 20 were online. It is reported that November 5, 2019, Green off renting the Nasdaq official visit, China's first long-term lease apartments shares. But now the company associated with nearly a thousand orders to limit consumption, has been classified as dishonest debtor, fails to fulfill the amount of nearly 30 million yuan. (Integrated Daily News)

| Comments | green off the first batch of actors apartments listed as the first platform for long-term lease apartments, but also long-term lease apartments for rent credit mode. This mode is mainly tenant loans from banks or financial institutions, financial institutions usually a one-time call to rent long-term lease apartments platform, and then let the tenant rent and interest on a monthly basis to call financial institutions, long-term lease apartments last press platform monthly rent paid to the landlord. Such companies can obtain long-term lease apartment conducive to large precipitation funds back to the blood. This practice is considered to be the beginning of a financial innovation, but if happens a lot in advance surrender tenant or landlord to recover the real estate and other requirements in advance, rent credit model is prone to problems, leading to long-term lease apartment in the capital face systematic risk.

Event eggshell apartments mine explosion on the market sounded the alarm. On the one hand the gradual tightening of bank credit rent is paid to control risk, on the other hand, whether the tenant or the landlord of the company's long-term lease apartment reliability are declining, not going to play a long-term lease apartment company embarked on a shrinking natural the way.

Way to keep a car tiger HKEx listing application submitted

January 24 morning, the way to keep a car tiger submitted to HKEx hearing of the application, the co-sponsor human Goldman Sachs, China International Capital Corporation, Banc of America Securities, UBS. Application shows that the way to keep a car tiger in 2019 and 2020, total revenues were 70 billion yuan, 8.8 billion yuan. The company's third quarter 2020 revenues of $ 6 billion in the first three quarters of 2021 revenues of 8.4 billion yuan, an increase of 41.8%.

It is learned that the way to keep a car tiger car as an integrated service platform at leading online and offline, to provide customers with a range of automotive services, including car maintenance included. Application, as of September 30, 2021 in the past 12 months, with 13.9 million users trading, 10.3 million as of September 30 2020, an increase of 35.6% compared with the same period. (Zhongzheng Wang)

| Comments | grew up in the car care industry, Internet companies actually can do nearly billion in annual revenue, and ready to be listed on the HKEx. This is indeed a lot of people beyond recognition for the automotive maintenance industry. According to statistics, in 2021 the national vehicle population reached 395 million, while the size of the conservation market has broken through the early trillion. But it needs a lot of maintenance, undertaken by a number of small auto repair shop and a large number of 4S shop. Tiger appears way of keeping a car, giving users more personalization options, so that owners do not drive to a specific large-scale repair shop will be able to enjoy professional maintenance services.

Future motor vehicle market will be the smart car of the world, if the way the tiger keep a car can respond quickly to market changes, introduced for the intelligent car maintenance services, related knowledge base is not enough time to transition the small repair shops probably will be replaced by the new shape of the industry .

69-year-old woman after financial stocks warehouse explosion down due to over ten million brokerage

January 24 news, the recent judgment document discloses a net civil judgment. Verdict shows that a 69-year-old woman in Guangzhou add leverage stocks, CITIC Securities two financial investment and the amount of credit of 66 million yuan, the old man did not seek to cover short positions, the account is CSC strong level. After the strong level, the old man still owe CSC more than 10 million yuan.

Issues surrounding the recovery of arrears, the old man with CSC to play a number of lawsuits. Brokers involved in the CSC 23 evening to clarify that the client company in March 2017 and mentioned in media reports to carry out margin trading, margin trading company in strict accordance with the relevant regulatory rules was carried out due diligence, the client trading experience, trading assets, integrity status, risk assessment results are in line with the margin trading access conditions. (Brokerage China)

| Comments | a report on this case caused by a wide range of hot, outside the main issue is that CSC, as a mature and larger brokerage firms, there is no serious investigation of the customer's background before finance credit. After all, the ordinary man, 60-year-old woman living alone without children suffering from cancer, in the case of accounts have been tens of millions of assets and receive a monthly pension of more than ten thousand, tens of millions to finance the initiative is not in line stocks common sense.

For questioned, CSC also the first time to respond, said strict done due diligence. Also the old lady is not mentioned in responding to questions, the woman now known high probability of risk with capital stocks, which can only sigh, "the first white shift rather healthy and strong heart." As for the two financial brokerage business why risk-prone, which naturally its "profiteering" relevant. Under the profit-driven, securities companies and investors, "desperate", once the risk is not well controlled, it will eventually end up "lose-lose."

Intel to spend one hundred billion to build the world's largest chip base

On January 21, US local time, Intel announced a $ 20 billion chip factory construction plan and said that in the next 10 years will invest millions of dollars in the United States to build the world's largest semiconductor production base. Intel has disclosed last year that it is advisable to become a main provider of global wafer founders, providing services to global customers with the starting point of the United States and Europe. From the data of the International Semiconductor Industry Association, 2020 to 2024, the world will be built or expanded from 60 12-inch wafer plants. There will be 25 8-inch wafer plants in the same period. However, from the current wafer manufacturing capacity, about three quarters of chip production in the world are concentrated in East Asia, especially TSM and Samsung as the core. Intel's continued expansion plan is regarded as an important signal in the industry to increase investment in high-end wafer manufacturing. (First Finance)

| Comment | Current semiconductor production is mainly concentrated in East Asia, although Intel has invested nearly 20 billion US dollars to build a wafer construction plan in March last year, but it is not obvious. In addition to targeting the market size of the semiconductor nearly trillion, Intel is also regarded as an outside world as the United States is capturing the right to clear the chip manufacturing.

The problem of shortage of global chips in the past year has seriously affected production capacity of large consumer goods industries such as automotive and consumer electronics, not just other markets, even American local companies, which have also been apple, general-purpose, have been temporarily suspended or reduced by chip problems. The global semiconductor shortage and complex market environment, forcing countries to strengthen the attention of the semiconductor supply chain to capture the leadership of the industry, it is foreseeable that global competition in chip manufacturing, especially high-end chip fields in the future is more intense.

Continued shrinkage in the Monday, 0.7% over the low boost

On January 24th, the A share of the A share of the three major indices were red, and the founding of the creative points increased by 1%, the sector, lithium electricity, photovoltaic, etc. In the afternoon, the Shanghai Index slightly fell to the green, and the increase in the narrowness of the increase, the north has flowed into more 7 billion yuan, and the volume of the two cities continued to shrink. In terms of sectors, the Yuan Cosmic Conceptual Shares is powdered, and the military sector is shocking. Overall, funds are warmly warmed, and the market hotspots are scattered, and the difficulty is difficult.

As of the closing, Shanghai index rose 0.04%, reported 3524.11 points, the turnover reached 358 billion yuan; the deep interstivities rose 0.37%, reported 140,81.80 points, the turnover reached 506.2 billion yuan; Creative points up 0.72%, report 3056.43 points, turnover 2017 billion yuan. (Sina Finance)

| Reviews | Monday A-share market continues slutty slutty, the last week before the Spring Festival, obviously feels more cautious. Hotspots on the disk are more chaotic, and there is no obvious main line in the near future, and the enthusiasm of the funds in the end of the year will be understood. At present, although the market is relatively weak, the downward space is relatively limited.

Recent market adjustments and domestic economy have a clear road, mainly by the peripheral rate hike emotional surface, but the north to the annual incoming inflows can see that the RMB assets are still attractive at this stage. For investors, do not have too many operations in the end of the year, controlling the position of the position to wait for the market, and have confidence in the Spring market for A stock.

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