White-collar year-end awards have over 10,000, the Internet, the financial leader?Year-end awards also began to volume?

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White-collar year-end awards have over 10,000, the Internet, the financial leader?Year-end awards also began to volume?

2022-01-26 12:02:38 30 ℃

According to the Yangtze Evening News Network January 24 news, the Spring Festival approaching, the year-end awards have been accounted for. Zhaopin "2021 white-collar end of the year award survey report" shows that, at present, nearly 40 percent of white-collar to get the year-end awards, amounted to an average of 10,227 yuan, year-end awards to chief financial white-collar large, the average year-end awards over 15,000 yuan.

The union released under the Sino-Chilean consulting and payroll taxes in Chile, "2021 business year-end bonus payment plan research report," 2021 corporate year-end awards per capita about 2.3 million, equivalent to 2.1 times the employee's monthly salary, there are more than 1.8 times in 2020 the enhanced.

Tiger finishing ESOP found the financial sector the average annual bonus of up to 45,200 yuan, leading other industries. High-tech industry average of 3.78 million yuan, an increase of 11%; Internet industry average of 2.9 million yuan, an increase of 7%; the real estate industry was 2.35 million, an increase of 2%.

There are some domestic manufacturers of year-end awards also very envious. There are network transmission on the Internet's major manufacturers of year-end awards, the NetEase "Harry Potter magic Awakening" team of up to 888,888 yuan year-end awards, millet intelligent plant technology sector members of the year-end awards issued eight months wages. Tencent "Heroes League" team direct person-end awards 1.2 million in cash, on this basis, there will be sunny and stock awards of superposition, the total should be more than 130 million yuan.

We see every year to the close of the year, things we are most concerned about are certainly their year-end awards, year-end awards do not know how the feeling is like, but for us, we saw the biggest year-end awards feeling actually polarization, involution in accelerating:

First of all, we see the current average level of year-end awards over the entire market is actually not high, basically most of the company's year-end awards are issued about a month's wages, slightly better be able to send more than a few monthly salary, which is the year-end awards, basically comparing the average of a data level, so we see that the average amount of year-end awards over a million white-collar workers, this is a relatively normal phenomenon, after all, the average income level of many cities that is the state, then converted into year-end bonus of view, then, the average year-end awards over a million is a normal phenomenon, it is an inevitable trend in the current market.

Secondly, we see that the whole market is actually a year-end awards uneven quality of the state, he said the music point of view some of the more well-known Internet companies, made a high-end awards, such as Tencent made so much stock year-end awards, it is very admirable, feel Tencent is too rich, to the end of the year award is too much. But from the bitter point of view, some industries face a bad trend when year-end awards also really pitiful, for example, made before year-end awards issued very wasteful of real estate industry and education industry, this year may end in view Prize is not ideal, and even many companies are tough times ahead, not be able to send results year-end awards. So we can see that the uneven quality of the current year-end awards, can be said to be a relatively common condition.

Third, from the perspective of long-term market development point of view, the trend in the volume of year-end awards seem very obvious fact, which along with most of the current economic development has entered a new phase, after more and more companies actually profit itself in the lower level, the original sense of the kind of lavish spending is declining, due to the income level of the enterprise is not as high as before, the level of year-end awards will begin a problem for most ordinary people, we may really good to choose a better company to work, will it be possible to get more income in the year-end awards.