Meizu sells your body, add Geely to make an ecology

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Meizu sells your body, add Geely to make an ecology

2022-01-26 18:02:01 30 ℃

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mobile phone has not started Geely bought a "mobile phone" first.

Recently, there is news that the company's mobile phone company is negotiating with mobile phone manufacturers "Meizu". Some people who have access to the transaction say that "the transaction is still in progress, is doing DD (due diligence)." According to the news, the acquisition of Meizu, discussion of trading is the statutory representative of the Star Juji, and Wang Yong, director and general manager.

From September 2021, the mobile phone was officially announced. In just 4 months, Li Shufu made a 10 billion investment, find the first large-scale - Meizu. This is a fascinating fascination, Take money , can survive, indeed a good choice; for Geely, a pioneer of Meizu Value, you can add a lot of grasp of your mobile phone to your mobile phone, at least start "Shang Lao".

However, in the 2022 year of the smart car, Geely just started to make a mobile phone. Can you catch up with the progress? How to help Geely improve your smart car ecology? These are all questions that Geely thought.

1. Geely made mobile phone, not playing ticket

For this thing, Li Shufu should be iron.

In fact, in September 2021, it was disclosed that there were people who were disclosed, Li Shufu's attention to the mobile phone industry has been 3-5 years. At the time of the time, it is the era of new forces and PPTs and PPTs. Of course, Li Shufu.

Since the intelligent car concept has been fired by Tesla, the new forces that flocked to Li Shufu have been blocked. At the 2015 Wuzhen World Internet Conference, he once said that the Internet is "no body soul". In 2016, on the 3rd International Automobile Safety Summit Forum in 2016, he is not polite "Some Enterprises" to make the car " It is intended in the capital market. "During the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, he once again said that" Internet company is a day to be late. "

At that time, Li Shufu did not believe in the prophecy of the smart car era, he is more optimistic about the future of new energy cars.

When the 2010 acquisition of Volvo, Mr. Li has frankly stated that one of the reasons is that it has bought Volvo of new energy technologies accumulated quite good. By the end of 2015, when the global electric vehicle a new round of heat wave rolling in, Geely issued the "blue Geely Action" program, claiming that by 2020, sales of new energy vehicles account for more than 90% of its overall sales. To achieve this goal, the marketing Geely known for the "Street Fighter fast." First, in 2017, a spin-off brand new energy vehicles, "Polar Star" from Volvo during and after the release of new Energy brand "geometry" in 2019; time to 2021, Geely Group and through hatch, a joint venture formation etc. set up a "Maple Leaf", "very krypton" and other new energy brand, in order to improve the classification of its new energy vehicles products map.

In order to start shooting new energy brand, quickly won the electric car share, Geely in marketing talent-Lan, "including reaching out to some key competitors, BYD's number one." But soon, some of the big coffee set a military order to leave, because the market really did not think so good to do.

Geely Group recently released data show that in 2021 the overall sales of 1.328 million Geely new energy vehicle sales 104,415, accounted for only 7.9% of overall sales. This achievement and then boast at sea, can be described as cloud of mud.

However, for this result Mr. Li was not convinced, he claimed:. "This is not a strategy in the wrong direction, nor is it the strategy failed, but history is not the time ripe, strategic external conditions did not form such a failure examples abound in Chinese car companies have, in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and car prices have, we do not have to dismay. "

But in the process, the rise of new forces repairer let Mr. Li felt the pressure.

"Do you fast enough ah." In the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Mr. Li had visited the new forces repairer ideal car booth, and Lee wanted to express the ideal auto-founder thumbs up. As a return, I would like Mr. Li Li's visit and thumbs were forwarded on the microblogging, he said "enough for me to blow my life cow." Also in that year, sales of smart car began to leaps and bounds, to 2021, the momentum is already unstoppable.

Compliments he could only listen, but Geely behind in the smart car is real, this is Mr. Li most worried about. Therefore, in 2021, began to frequent auspicious marriage and partnership, aimed at finding may turn to overtake, Geely has with Baidu, Foxconn, Tencent, FF, Lifan, Renault and other companies to cooperate, at the end, Geely separate split very krypton announced Google's Waymo cooperation for its unmanned taxi repairer, and put into commercial operation in the United States.

At the same time, SAIC chairman Chen Hong also unlucky soul on worries are eliminated or reduced to the era of "The Walking Dead" smart car foundries are lucky unacceptable. Since millet, Huawei, OPPO can end repairer, Geely why not the opposite? So, Geely announced in September 2021 made mobile phones.

In this regard, Mr. Li made it clear that the mobile phone is fast iterative portable mobile terminal, but also electronics market innovative applications and software verification support, the future is achievable vehicle computer and mobile phone software technology close interaction.

Since then, Star discipline Layout era began to accelerate. December 18, 2021, Star century era of the completion strategy financed by Geely Group, Ningbo platinum horses, through the open participation of investment, then, the era of non-stop star Ji foreign investment in the Shanghai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Platinum Stars - the actual controller also real Li Shufu.

Talent, millet MIUI chief architect announced that it will leave 11 years of millet, joined Geely phone team. Sources also said, "Geely is using two to three times the price of millet from poaching," "Geely is to dig people from OPPO, all areas."

You can see, Geely do mobile phones have motivation, strength, more determination, but the ability to do?

2. Geely crappy software strength

Why auspicious new energy strategy fail? Mr. Li said environment factors of course, but it is beyond the repairer of the new forces, but also an indisputable fact.

Mr. Li is very clear, Geely's weakness lies not in EIC system, but the software.

By chips and software, the occupants can get as Intelligent cockpit, autopilot and the entire Internet ecosystem and so unprecedented experience, so "chip and software-defined vehicle" is considered to be positioned in the future development of the automotive industry, and the proportion of two parts on the car share also will be higher.

Data PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and other research institutions given show: the future of the automotive industry's innovative about 90% are from the automotive electronics and software; 2025, electronic components and software costs on a per car will rise to more than 35% of the total vehicle cost ......

But coincidentally, is the ability of software capabilities but other traditional automobile manufacturers Geely missing.

In general, the first requirement of the automobile software must be sufficiently stable, and under the prerequisite for high vibration, large temperature difference, complex electromagnetic environment, it does not have a serious software BUG when the mass production vehicle 200+ controller synergies. That is to say, it is necessary to marry the amount of product stable. In this regard, Volkswagen and Toyota have brought warnings for peers as an antique. In 2007, a 2005 version of Camry, because there is a huge vulnerability in Toyota power system software, resulting in a serious consequence of death and one injury. To this end, Toyota has to pay 3 million US dollars to mediate.

The smart car era is coming, and Volkswagen has launched the ID.3 model full of confidence, and opened pre-sale plans to officially put into production in November 2019 and delivered in 2020. But in early 2020, the public's ID.3 compact electric vehicle is still struggling with the "large number of" software issues. Hundreds of test drivers reported more than 300 errors, more than 10,000 technicians are working hard to solve these problem.

Former Audi R & D Heirers and Board members Peter Mertens Tucao: "Volkswagen Group tries to set up 10,000 IT resources in a new department to solve ID.3 software problems, but actually 100 (or even 50) excellent Software engineers can. "

You know, at the end of 2019, there is only 1835 R & D staff, but it can complete all the development of the automobile platform, operating system, and automobile software in a short time, and has also been widely recognized by the industry. And the Volkswagen, its plans to invest 60 billion euros in the fields of hybrid, electric travel, and digitalization in 2020 to 2024.

In contrast, Geely's software capabilities are not enough.

In 2021, Geely put the hopes of high-end new energy vehicles in the pole brands, and the extreme performance and ultimate user experience, English name Zeeker, and Li Shufu also gave it quite. His hopes, but official data shows that in November this year, the total number of 极 001 delivers only 2012.

What is more important is that the software of the tension is greatly expected. On the extreme app, a user said that the Bluetooth key is difficult to use. Going to the car without reacting, you must re-open the app to reconnect, and the car card does not have an automatic induction function. In the end, many owners can only stand next to the car for 5 minutes to enter the cab. Moreover, every time you get on the bus, you should adjust the base settings such as HUD brightness. The accuracy of face recognition is low, and the APP end information and the driver do not match, the remaining power and the roller mileage display are different, and also They are all common slots of the majority of owners.

Obviously, the software word of mouth of the extreme 001 hindered Geely.

The reason, Geely cooperates with Yiliu, cracks in the R & D link. Previously, in order to enhance the R & D efficiency, Geely will invest the R & D to invest it from the billion coffway, rather than specializing in establishing a department, which neither affects the development of the car, and will not delay the blood process.

However, the software capabilities of Yiduch itself are not strong, and there is a very high communication cost, which has caused the demand response of both parties to a big discount, and the product iterative update is slow. From this time the vehicle system, Yiu Fu Tong gives the drum to the extremes. It is basically integrated with the entertainment system and vehicle control system to an interface, but functional control is independent and the operational experience is quite different.

Therefore, the software capabilities of the improvement of Yiliu Cofot have become the key to the Geely Smart Automobile Age, and in the layout last year, the outside world also saw the figure of Yifang. Geely's purpose is clear - through the mobile phone to temper its own software capabilities, the ultimate goal is to serve the Geely smart car, and the mobile phone is only a way of service.

In this regard, the Chief Analyst of a Securities Company in East China said that the Yixiakong did a vehicle system, and the mobile phone business had a certain business syndrome, so as a leader to try water. Li Shufu said at the time that the mobile phone is to "implement the close interaction of the technology and mobile phone software technology."

However, the reality is that it is difficult to establish this heavy one for 5 years, while the mobile phone business slowly tempered software capacity is bound to bring extremely high time and test error costs. Therefore, acquiring a mobile company seems to be a good choice, but why is it a Meizu?

3. Helpless Meizu

"Looking at the development of domestic mobile phone custom systems in the past decade, Flyme is called Huangpu Military Academy."

At the 2019 Meizu 16S Pro Conference, this sentence is in the center of the stage. Perhaps the sales of Meizu will be concerned, but this sentence can get the approval of most peers, the reason is nothing, the flyme is really strong, and this is also one of the biggest reasons for the acquisition of Meizu in Geely.

In 2009, a Meizu to do a mobile phone from MP3 launched the first true smart machine in China - Meizu M8, which is equipped with iPhone 3GS with Samsung processor and multi-touch screen. After listed, Meizu M8 is popular in one fell swoop, only two months, sales reached 100,000 units, five months, sales exceeded 500 million yuan, created sales miracle.

Lei Jun, founder of millet was also a fan of Meizu, many people have remembered, Lei Jun took out a Meizu M8 in the pocket more dinner occasions to explain to others, however, Meizu from that time to make the first generation there are three Flyme years. Star-like Huang Lei Jun Zhang also not be viewed as competitors, it is the most watched Meizu's. Rejected the investment Lei Jun Huang Zhang, did not expect, and later millet could even at such a fast pace to grab the limelight Meizu, small but beautiful mobile phone positioning, Meizu has become the biggest obstacle to growth upward. In 2014, the chapter met personally led to Hangzhou Ma and Ali in one fell swoop to get financing for $ 590 million. Huang Zhang laughed very happy, eyes narrowed in a line.

Subsequently, Meizu opened the expansion mode. 2015, Meizu phone shipments exceeded 20 million, compared to last year's 4 million scale, doubling itself. This is to get rid of it once had signs of "small factory" label. 2016, Meizu machine sea tactics continue throughout the year released a dozen new models, at least a monthly rate, scroll forward. Huang Zhang even in that year a call for "advance IPO" slogan, but in the end only in exchange for a net loss of over 10 billion a year.

This is the last high-light moments Meizu, Meizu almost disappeared from the next major mobile phone manufacturers ranking, according to the latest statistics, in 2021 the Meizu phone sales totaled only one million level, has completely lost the other qualifying competition threats.

However, the foundation Flyme lay still, small body mass, a good foundation, it is the ideal subject unlucky. A source close to Geely phone said: "Geely fancy Meizu is Flyme OS design and development team as well as a number of related human-computer interaction and communication intellectual property."

In 2012, the first generation Meizu Flyme system officially launched in 2014 has been penned Flyme vice president of research and development, Yang Yan Meizu any Flyme responsible for the design, development and operations. Thereafter, Flyme has maintained a distinctive style, the main first generation simple, Flyme 2 main boast silence, Flyme 3 turned flat. Early development of smart phones, Flyme can be said to be custom-made benchmark system, a profound impact on other phones customized systems.

2014, served as vice president of Meizu's Ma Lin, entry music, as the hand led the research and development work EUI system; 2018, OPPO launched ColorOS 6 Makeovers system ushered in UI design, while the speech of the conference designer Chen Xi, also from Flyme team. To this end, the chapter was also a warning issued quickly, but lonely Meizu has been unable to determine the fate of the issue 2/3 of the number of Flyme team.

However, this does not mean that this has been Flyme Higurashi Western Hills. October 2021, Meizu Flyme announced a strategic cooperation with Sony Xperia, Flyme applications to enhance adaptation and localized experience on the Sony Xperia 1 III and subsequent models; whereas earlier before April 2021, Meizu and even news release said the company is developing Flyme for car automotive systems, and has triggered concern.

You can see, Meizu's own software capabilities and smaller body mass, it is necessary for Geely repairer, a dominant he can, with a strong software development capabilities Flyme team that can give great imagination Geely, while It will not bring too heavy a financial burden for the auspicious.

But the ideal of the other side, it is the harsh reality.

The first is the ability of Flyme problem Meizu, Meizu Bai Yongxiang between the early years, Li Nan, Yang Yan Three Musketeers has become history, OPPO, vivo of poaching is to let the team Flyme direct loss of most of the R & D talent, natural ability software also will be hit hard . 2021 published Flyme 9 operating system in addition to the already lackluster smooth, but the development time was up to 2 years, updated models support less and less, adapting more and more slowly.

Secondly, since its inception, the chapter on the Meizu family laid a deep imprint of the hands of the workshop, and with the departure of The Three Musketeers, and his own brother zeaxanthin Pan served as CEO, the more intense atmosphere, the problem has always been infighting Meizu is a nightmare. Known as "car crazy" Li Shufu, to what extent can the integration of Meizu, there are quite unknown, what Meizu will continue to be "Meizu" brand there is need to fight a question mark.

Finally, Mr. Li hopes to build a high-end mobile phone brand, Meizu 13-year career, has been in the United States instead of focusing on small and wandering, never get to create a widely recognized flagship high-end phones. Although Meizu still in the supply chain, R & D capabilities, can save a lot of energy for the lucky, but the key problem is lack of experience in high-end machines, but also real.

Therefore, objectively speaking, Geely bought Meizu phone can really add to its build road to win a lot of chips, and significantly reduce its cost and time of trial and error, but the problem Meizu itself is already complicated enough, this had to be the lucky issues to consider. After all, the acquisition of power is one thing to children, horizontal integration and padded software capabilities, in order to achieve the high-end smart phones make up the missing car entrance, is another matter children.

Hopefully, the reverse of the way auspicious to give the outside world more to come. (Finish)