Media appeals "tall ridge", A shares high

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Media appeals "tall ridge", A shares high

2022-01-26 18:03:36 51 ℃

On January 25th, the A-share market lowered, the endorsement index, Shenzhen, and the GEM fell by 2.58%, 2.83%, 2.67%. The Shanghai Composite Index settled the biggest decline since last year, the GEM refers to the 3000 points of integration, which causes attention. However, public opinion and market views believe that the A-share policy, the funds are supported, and it is not advisable to lower the market.

Some analysts further pointed out that the current fundamental surface is stable, and the fluidity loose expectation is constantly enhanced. The overall market is not changed, and the adjustment is better to build a position and plus position. Today (26th), a number of media, including the Securities Daily, "Standing A Shares of the Spine", is optimistic about the Shanghai and Shenzhen. In addition, more than 7% of individual investors are optimistic about the market, and the agency also has more optimistic attitudes.

The three major stock indexes have been collectively opened today, in which the Shanghai Composite Index opened 3442.69 points, rising 0.28%; Shenzhen, the GEM rose 0.42% and 0.61% respectively. At the early morning, there were 2,667 stocks rose, 44 daily limit.

Flush scene

Securities Daily: Standing A Shares

In the early hours of the 26th, the Securities Daily issued a comment article. Article Tip: There is a certain contrast between China's stock market and the entity economic operation.

The article said that while constantly consolidating the results of epidemic prevention, my country has achieved steady growth earlier than other major economies. According to the unchanging price, the gross domestic product increased by 8.1% over the previous year, and the average increase of 5.1% in two years. In 2021, my country's goods trade import and export totaled 39.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.4% from 2020; my country's annual import and export size exceeded 6 trillion US dollars to the top of the history.

In addition, the innovation of my country's economic growth is significantly increased. In 2021 high-tech manufacturing, the added value of equipment manufacturing has increased by 18.2%, 12.9% respectively, and the growth rate is 8.6 percentage points, 3.3 percentage points. At present, my country has maintained the second largest foreign capital into the country for four consecutive years. With the RCEP implementation and trade-in, Hainan Free Trade Port, National Economic Development Zone is further expanded, my country will become more attractive investment in industrial hot soil.

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The article pointed out that there are some short-term reasons for the short-term performance of domestic stock markets. But this is not enough to lead to a near future stock market. Because this year's growth pressure is mainly reflected in the first quarter, this is due to the fact that the year-on-year growth rate is greater than the first quarter of 2021. "Therefore, it is biased this factor."

The article believes that the performance of the recent A-share market is an over-react to the air factors, and this over-response is conducted by institutional investors. At present, the proportion of Chinese institutional investors in the market has greatly improved, and its financial strength has also been non-comparison, but many institutional investors have a short board, especially for market hotspots and industry valuations. Short-term tendency, can not play a market crimping stone, the role of the discrise. When encountering wind blows, mainstream investment institutions need mainstream investment agencies to maintain the overall situation, lead the direction, and play a role.

"Securities Daily" article calls: Securities companies, fund companies, social security funds, insurance funds, etc.

Investors are mostly optimistic, institutional and media collectively sing more

According to the "Shanghai Securities News" on the 26th news, a survey for about 500 individual investors showed that most investors have an optimistic attitude toward the future of China's stock market, and more than 70% of investors are optimistic about the market.

The survey results show that although the 2021 earnings are more difficult, still 53% of investors have profitable. Among them, the investor ratio within 10% of the profit increase is 35%, and the proportion of earnings at 10% to 30% is 11%, and the proportion of investors with more than 30% of the profit of more than 30% is 7%. Looking forward to 2022, investors were enthusiastic.

Among the respondents, it is considered that the stock market accounts for 73% of individual investors, down 8 percentage points from the same period last year. Among them, 41% of investors believe that the Shanghai index increase between 0 and 5%, and 32% of investors believe that the increase is 5%.

In the view of the organization, the stock market in the 25th is overwhelmed out of emotional interference, while the A-share policy, the funds are supported.

Therefore, in a medium and long term, A shares are still opportunities than risk, and it is not advisable to overclock the market.

Media report screenshot

"Shanghai Securities News" First Edition Article "A-share policy has supported funds, and it is not advisable to increase market fell."

From the perspective of policy, the Central Economic Work Conference made that this year's economic work should be stabilized, steady and advance, and all aspects should actively launch policies that are conducive to economic stability, and the policy is appropriate. The meeting proposed that continuing to implement a positive financial policy and a robust monetary policy, fiscal policy and monetary policy should coordinate linkage, cross-cycle and inverse cycle macro-control policies should be organically combined.

From the financial plane, on the one hand, the domestic macro mobility is abundant, the central bank has increased the operation of the public market, and put a more abundant liquidity to the market; on the other hand, foreign investment maintains net inflow trend this year, using genuine silver expression to A The stock market is optimistic. At the same time, although the Shanghai-Shenzhen major stock index has fallen more, the balance of brokerage customer trading settlement funds remains around 1.8 trillion yuan. Comprehensive "China Securities News" reported on the 26th, for the 25-day stock market, Hua'an Securities Chief Strategy Analyst Zheng Xiaoxia said that overseas risk incidents suppressed superimposed A-share itself market emotions, which is the main reason for falling on the 25th.

Summer scenery, private equity, said that in the context of the warming of the Fed, the US and the European stock market has continuously adjusted, the NASDAQ index has more than 10% of the accumulated fell in January, and there is a certain amount of A shares. Psychological effects; secondly, it is a new energy, carbon neutralization, and Yuan universe, there has been rapidly cooling, making money effect is sluggish, and has a large impact on market confidence.

"At present, there is not much change in the market, and there is no major change in the market, and the falling is more from emotional surface."

The Securities Times website said on the 26th that a medium and long term, A share is still a chance to be greater than the risk.

Media report screenshot

Huaxia Fund pointed out that although the market continued to weaken during fluctuation, the adjustment amplitude and duration of the wheel index were relatively limited. From the nature judgment, the probability was similar to the end of February 202 and the fall, sustainability in early March 2020. Not particularly strong. There is still a rebound opportunity with the repair of risk preferences, especially the steady growth policy effect.

A Xiongfeng analyst, the chief strategy analyst, from history, geopolitical impact on global risk preferences, with the Fed raising interest rate hike, the unexpected scale is gradually stable, overseas market or stabilize, overseas The relief of unfavorable factors, superimposes the domestic policy friendly environment, A-share market, or the stage of being committed to the attack.

"We believe that the market is close." Guotai Junan Fund Wang Feng said, from the market and policy, after the Spring Festival, the Market Active Fund will start looking for opportunities, and the stimulus policy will gradually upgrade, honor, and the market is expected to stabilize Rebound. From the comparison framework of the division, the 200 index of the Secondary Films has undergone two standard differences below, representing the price ratio of stocks. From the perspective of historical data, there is currently no systematic risk, but the period of winning.

Go to the morning closing, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3437.98 points, rising 0.14%; Shenzhen, the GEM, 0.24%.