New Energy Automobile Power Battery Industry Special Report: 2021 Domestic Power Battery Market Review

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New Energy Automobile Power Battery Industry Special Report: 2021 Domestic Power Battery Market Review

2022-01-27 00:03:58 50 ℃

Total: 2021 domestic power battery installed 140GWH, + 165% year-on-year.

Monthly installed volume: Dedination

Bottoma type installed capacity: 2021 EV passenger vehicle power battery installed + 164% year-on-year; 2021 EV bus power battery installed - 15% year-on-15%.

Average bicycle installed volume: 2021 domestic new energy vehicle average bicycle installed capacity is 46kWh, a decrease of 6% year-on-year.

Sub-material type installed volume: Sub-material type The three-yuan battery installed 74.3GWH, accounting for 53%, down 9PCTS compared with 2020; 65.4GWH in 2021 domestic iron battery installed, accounting for 47%, and 11PCTS is enhanced in 2020.

Structural type type installed volume: Sub-battery structure

The volume of the deposit type: From the model level, the number of models of the first three passenger battery installed in 2021 is A, B, A00 level, from 42.44, 37.17, 17.88GWH. The first three models of the first three power battery installed volumes are A, B, A00, accounting for 30%, 27%, 13%, respectively. 2021 The top three of the new energy automotive installed volume is A, A00 level, B, and installed volume of 9.19 million, 8.25 million, 6.37 million units, accounting for 30%, 27%, 21%, respectively.

A00 level installed volume: 2021 domestic A00-level electric vehicle, battery installed capacity and number of battery companies are Guoxuan high school, the total installed power is 4.7GWH, 230,000 sets of support, and the bicycle charge is about 20KWH. In 2021 China A00-level electric vehicle enterprises, the amount of battery installed and the number of support is the SAIC Group.

According to the battery pack, in 2021 Ningde Times installed (excluding joint venture) is the first, + 132% year-on-year.

Ningde Times: 2021 Ningde Times has the most installed capacity of Tesla battery, and has the highest in Tesla. In 2021, the Ningde Times has the highest installed capacity, accounting for 20%.

BYD: BYD power battery is mainly supporting BYD car; currently BYD power battery for car companies in FAW, Jinkang, Dongfeng and other car companies.

Zhongchuang Navigation: China Chuangnan Air Supporting Guangzhou Auto Group and Changan Automotive Battery Equipment and Supporting Vehicles are the highest; China Sino-Scholar Air Buildings Guangzhou Battery is the highest, accounting for 65%.

Guoxuan High Texture: Guoxuan High Class Supporting SAIC Group Battery Equipment and Supporting Vehicles; Guoxuan High-tech supporting SAIC's battery installed capacity is the highest, accounting for 29%.

LG new energy: LG new energy support Tesla battery has the highest installed capacity.

Time SAIC: Times SAIC Matching SAIC's battery installed capacity is the highest, accounting for 94%.


Three car companies in the installed volume: BYD, Tesla, SAIC Group.

BYD - battery packing: 21.34GWH; Main suppliers: BYD (100%).

Tesla - battery packing: 19.98 gWh; Main suppliers: Ningde era (70%), LG chemistry (30%).

SAIC Group - Battery: 13.63GWH; Main Suppliers: Ningde Times (33%), Times SAIC (27%), Guoxuan Hao (14%).


The bus installed is three: Yutong Bus, Zhongtong Bus, Mid-Times.

Yutong Bus - Battery Dress: 2.15GWH; Main Supplier: Ningde Times (94%), Guoxuan Hao (3%).

Zhongtong Bus - Battery Dress: 1.08GWH; Main Supplier: Ningde Times (93%), Guoxuan High (5%).

Mid-Times - Battery installed capacity: 0.90GWH; Main supplier: Ningde era (91%), League (9%).

The first three special car installed machines: Dongfeng Automobile, Beiqi Futian, three auto.

Dongfeng car - battery packing: 0.72GWH; Main supplier: Ningde era (37%), billion lithium (32%), Henan lithium moving power supply (24%).

Beiqi Futian - battery installed capacity: 0.70GWH; Main supplier: Ningde era (59%), force god (40%).

Three automobiles - battery packing: 0.52GWH; Main suppliers: Ningde era (63%), billion lithium (19%), linkage Tianyi (18%).

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