Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau: Stunning Real Estate "Gray Rhinoceros"

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Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau: Stunning Real Estate "Gray Rhinoceros"

2022-01-27 12:04:13 51 ℃

According to the website news of the Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau held the 2022 job meeting requirements, we must adhere to the "housing and living" positioning, continuously improve the "stable price, stable housing price, stable expectations" real estate long-term mechanism, Sustain the risk of "gray rhinoceros".

Meeting requirements, to expand effective demand, reasonably increase the financing supply, strengthen the "14th Five-Year Plan" and key engineering financing guarantees, support Beijing International Consumer Center City Construction, and do a good job in Beijing Winter Olympics, Winter Disabled Association Financial service guarantee.

The meeting pointed out that persistence is unremitting to prevent financial risks, and firmly hold the capital financial security line. It is necessary to properly respond to bad assets, and promote high-risk financial institutions in an orderly manner and prevent risk overflow. It is necessary to adhere to the "housing and not fried" positioning, continue to improve the "stable price, stable housing price, stable expectations" real estate long-term mechanism, and steadily resolve real estate "gray rhinoceros" risks. It is necessary to crack down on illegal violations, and continue to disassemble high-risk shadow banks and effectively prevent major cases. Resolutely prevent capital from dissemination in the financial sector, strengthen financial anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition, and resolutely ban illegal financial institutions.

The meeting also mentioned that high standards support the construction of "two districts" and continued to deepen the reform and opening up of banking insurance industry. It is necessary to firmly grasp the major opportunities of "two districts", and unswervingly deepen financial reform and opening up, and improve the modern financial system with high adaptiveness, competitiveness, and praise. It is necessary to promote the designation of the banking insurance industry, return to the source, focus on the main business, and achieve differentiation development. It is necessary to promote the implementation of the digital transformation guidance of the banking industry, and accelerate the digital transformation of financial services. To continue to optimize the business environment in the standard, deepen the "venting service" reform, and explore the integration of enterprises to obtain a credit "one thing" integration service. To continue to expand high levels of opening up, actively serve major open initiatives, and strictly prevent national risks and cross-border risk delivery.

The meeting emphasized that strengthening supervision capacity construction and uses the rule of law thinking to improve administrative ability according to law. In order to improve the digital intelligence level of supervision, strengthen the rule of law, the safety awareness, improve supervision methods, and use the rule of law to promote the modernization of financial supervision and governance. To strengthen the pre-warning and early intervention, improve the forward-looking effectiveness of regulatory. It is necessary to comprehensively improve the effectiveness of law enforcement, and improve the discipline of illegal violations in emerging business and weak links. It is necessary to continue to deepen supervision data management, enhance the level of supervision and digital intelligence, and create a new intelligence financial supervision system. It is necessary to further strengthen the supervision, continue to strengthen cooperation with the Beijing financial regulatory authorities, judicial, discipline inspection and other departments, effectively form policy synergy. To supervise agency to strengthen safety production and give full play to insurance support, actively create a safe and stable social environment.

Source: China New Jingwei