Tongbang go home by claim 900,000, this kind of thing don't do it?

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Tongbang go home by claim 900,000, this kind of thing don't do it?

2022-01-27 12:02:00 37 ℃

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The cat girl found that the safety seat on the car was unloaded, no doubt, teammates took a colleague.

Originally raised, it is also a good thing, but the cat is quite scared every time, because, when you accidentally, you will have a big event!

Don't want to smoke.

Because, doing a good job, sometimes there is no good news, but can still get a big disaster.

Don't believe, you look.

This is like this, just in the next get off work, I'm going to drive Wang.

But in a calamity, a car accident occurred, and the roadside wall was collided when driving to a section.

The car accident caused Wang Mou on the spot.

The traffic police determined that all the responsibilities of a negative accident, Wang Mou was not responsible for accidents.

However, in the case of the accident, it was also shown that there was no situation in which a deliberate or significant negligence was found.

Dai and Wang family have no objection to this.

But in the face of Wang's family's claims more than 130,000, Dai felt too much.

Although the car accident caused by himself caused Wang to die, but she was doing a good job, and she didn't have a colleague.

Moreover, this accident is caused by driving itself, but it is not ourselves to kill people, it is entirely unexpected.

Finally, the court trial, Dai took 70% of the compensation responsibility, and sentenced to a compensation Wang family because of the economic losses caused by the traffic accidents, more than 900,000 yuan.

Do you think it is a somewhere?

Cat girl feels embarrassed, not.

Saying, just want to do a good job, think about helping colleagues.

Didn't want to win human life.

It is said that it is going, but it also has to have a toll, or more about it.

I have borne costs, I have no money, it is really a good Chinese colleague.

Say it, because since the colleague is sitting on your car, it is really handed over to the driver.

You have not opened a good car, let people have no life, and it is indeed compensated for the family of people.

Just how is it going to pay?

Tens of thousands, more than ten thousand, or hundreds of thousands, millions of people?

Life is priceless ...

In fact, such a thing is not the first time.

Free invitation or allowing others to take their own vehicles, there is also a proprietary noun, called "good intention".

The traffic accidents caused by "Goodwise", the first thousand two hundred and eleven of the Civil Code is so specified:

If a traffic accident in non-operational motor vehicles has caused no compensation, it shall be responsible for the responsibility of the motor vehicle. It should alleviate its liability, except for the use of motor vehicles with deliberate or significant negligence.

Therefore, there is no subjective intention of intention of intention of intention to hire, which is a helper for music, is advocated and encouraged by the publicquence, so it will also reduce the liability of compensation during the ruling.

But alleviation is not equal to failure, many of the previous prior jurisprudence, the amount of compensation for judgments is generally more than one-half of the amount of compensation for general victims.

But more than 50%, is 60%, 70%, still how much, the specific proportion, just look at the judge's ruling.

"Good intentions" accident, in addition to the compensation ratio of the driver is at least 50%, there is a key factor, which is the baseline of compensation.

The severity of the accident is different, and the level of economic levels around the land is different. The specific amount of the amount is very large.

If the injury is not heavy, it may be tens of thousands of yuan from tens of thousand yuan;

If it is caused by death, it may be in millions, the economy is more developed, and the higher compensation;

If it is high, it will be more than the death loss, may be millions.

Therefore, while drivers, while we must wear our own car skills and puppies.

Can you send people to your destination? Out of the accident, I don't have enough money enough?

A friend of the cat, except for his family, never let others take her car.

But this is "close to the human condition", the average person is really not doing.

In the face of the ride request of friends and family, I am so embarrassed to refuse the colleagues who can't get the car in the late night.

If you are embarrassed, it doesn't matter.

It is estimated that many cat friends know that they are afraid to drive and hit the cars to buy three insurances, and the amount is at least 2 million, or 3 million.

So people who are sitting on the car, actually there is insurance.

When you buy a car, there is a so-called "seat risk", that is, the responsibility insurance of the car, is the casualty of the car.

In general, the traditional "seat insurance" is based on seats, but the amount of balances per seat is not high, usually 50,000 or 100,000, so even if you buy a car insurance, add this guarantee, encounter The big accident is not enough.

Nowadays, many insurance companies will recommend special driving insurance when you renew your car insurance, which is more expensive than traditional seat insurance, but the amount is also high.

For example, when the cat is renewed this year, it changed to a special driver and the appendix of the appendix of the appendix, each seat is 600,000 accidental disability, 50,000 yuan of accident medical insurance, plus each seat 100 Yuan / day accidental hospital allowance.

If you don't buy this kind of high-balance drive, you have a driving risk that can be insured.

Such insurance can not be cascaded, do not lock specific drivers, no matter who drives, you can guarantee; no matter who takes a car, you can guarantee.

Specific to the product:

"Everyone's insurance driving accident insurance", each seat is 500,000 accidental disability insurance, 50,000 yuan of unexpected medical insurance, each seat 200 yuan / day accidental hospital allowance, in addition to this, there is still a statutory Holiday accident accidents lose more than 1 million guarantees, five car premiums only need 450 yuan / year, it is the cheapest feast of cat girls. But "Everyone's Driving Accident Insurance" is a 100 yuan exemption, and the surprises are only 25 days, and you need to pay attention.

If it is 7 cars, you can consider "Hua'an driving ride". Its premium is cheaper. As long as it is 500 yuan / year, you can hold the accident of 500,000 accidental disability insurance, 50,000 yuan unexpected medical insurance, each A seat of 250 yuan / day unexpected hospitalization allowance is also higher, but the legal holiday accident accident is only 100,000.

If you pay attention to the size and brand of the insurance company, you can take a look at "China Flat Safety Vehicle Driving". Each seat is 500,000 accidental disability insurance, 50,000 yuan of unexpected medical insurance, each seat 100 yuan / The unexpected hospitalization allowance for the sky, the premium is 525 yuan / year, 7 cars are more expensive, 735 yuan / year.

In a few days, many friends have to return to my hometown, under the epidemic, it is estimated that many people will choose to be self-driving.

It is not to return to my hometown, and it is inevitable to walk relatives during the holiday season.

In the face of your relatives and friends, there is insurance that insurance can be more comfortable.

If there is an insured demand, please ask as soon as possible, because some products have to be insured after 3 days to prevent it.

There is a need for product link, calling cat secrets.

I wish you all a good year, buy insurance.