Moutai 1935, who is moving?

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Moutai 1935, who is moving?

2022-01-27 18:04:30 49 ℃

Publisher / liquor group Research Company

Text / Huai last month

Just entered 2022, Maotai liquor boss began to enlarge the trick, continuous introduction of new products in 3: Tiger Zodiac wine 2499 yuan / bottle, the 4599 yuan / bottle of Guizhou Maotai (treasures), 1188 yuan / bottle of Maotai 1935. Especially the January 18 launch of Maotai 1935, is attracting the liquor turns attention.

It is said that after another big move, exposing the head of the new term inner anxiety, after all, Maotai decline in revenue and profit growth for several years, the company's market capitalization has shrunk the high point trillion, it has a real impact on the local economic development plan. More people will be focusing its attention on the Maotai 1935, compared to the Zodiac wine, wine treasures, this thousand price of new products, the impact of Maotai liquor market is the big kill.

1. Flying Maotai awkward bright halo behind

No grass under the trees.

Guizhou Maotai use this sentence to describe its relationship with the flagship brand Flying series of liquor brand is very appropriate. Over the years, 53 ° Flying Maotai almost including women and children in China, the brand's reputation is far too loud, in its glorious, five-star, fifteen years Maotai and other brands is not conspicuous. As a San Mao series of four wine sauce, but it can not be compared with.

Flying Maotai shine, Maotai become a well-deserved mainstay of revenue, the market retail price soaring, now has a firm 3,000 yuan, most of the time around 3300 yuan. Curiously, flying retail price soaring, Maotai revenue and profit growth in recent years, but all the way down, constitute a very strange picture.

Earnings data show that since the recent peak in 2017 year on year growth rate reached 52%, Maotai revenue growth started down in 2020 fell to 10.29%, 2021 It is estimated that only around 11%. Net profit growth rate of decline, almost simultaneously with the revenue, which no doubt contributed to Maotai management to huge pressure.

3 Maotai recent coaching change three times a year, largely to pressure from this business.

Industry sources have told the company laboratory, Guizhou Maotai current predicament is the key sticking point: the core product retail price of Maotai flying all the way up, but as manufacturers did not enjoy the dividends of retail price increases brought about. That is, for Guizhou Maotai AG, the ex-factory price Maotai flying for many years remained at 969 yuan / bottle, the retail price of 3,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan price difference but this is almost the middle, but was middlemen, all kinds of cattle and the market speculators who earn to go, with not a hair Moutai relations, on the contrary, because the market bottle flying Maotai 1,499 yuan a bottle of hard to find, the company will also bear the blame back of price hikes.

For whatever reason, can not easily Flying Maotai ex-factory prices, such a predicament is not a year for two years.

At the same time, flying Maotai Wuliangye ex-factory eighth major competing products already in December 2021, the unplanned ex-factory price from 889 yuan / bottle upwards to 969 yuan; another thousand Yuan important product file 1573 , also in December 2021 its plans to raise wholesale price 70 yuan / bottle, 960 yuan / bottle.

Simply put, that is, with the S & P five Flying Maotai has basically flat with the 1573 ex-factory price, but it has a gap between the actual retail price of thousand dollars, but the gap is Moutai a dime and are not, resulting in Maotai flagship product but seemingly high above the actual file barricaded thousand Yuan (ex-factory price theory) state.

This situation is a bit embarrassing, and very embarrassed.

, Which is why the entire circle of great concern Maotai liquor 1935 is in the background it turned out. After officially dubbed "Maotai" prefix, this market guide price 1188 yuan / bottle of new products, officially joined the competition for the number one hundred billion market stalls thousand Yuan.

An industry celebrities think, "Maotai 1935 pricing is very strategic vision, this price can achieve large-scale heavy volume of Maotai brand matrix core large single product."

Maotai 1935 can become the core of ten billion large single product, Flying Moutai sit back and eventually break the plight of grudge, that's a different story, but no matter the market are willing to accept, V and S & P 1573 will face a new competitors.

2. After the series of wine into a vicious circle ushered in the lead brother

The evening of January 18, Maotai is Maotai series of wine listed on the conference, "Maotai 1935" was held, the company heavyweights almost all played together around the red towel for this new platform. This lineup, natural highlights the company's management to this new high hopes.

However, the circle of people for liquor, Maotai 1935 grand appearance, the greatest significance is rudderless Maotai wine series, finally celebrates its lead in Big Brother.

The so-called Maotai wine series, mainly with respect to the Flying Maotai as the representative flagship product terms in the low-end products, simply, is the bottle label Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. produced, printed Maotai marine subject, referred to a series of wine. San Mao is a series of four major wine sauce, that is, Guizhou Okuma, Hua Mao, Wang Mao, Lai Mao, Chinese sauce, wine Jen Prince, welcome.

Since the launch of Maotai princes in 1999, in 23 years, Maotai Shares have never operated a large number of series that really can play, although it is incredible, it is really an objective reality. This is also an important reason for the company's research room sighs. According to January 5, Guizhou Maotai Sauce Series Data Disclaimed Data, 2021 Maotai Wangzi, Han Sauce, Guizhou Dagong achieved sales amount of 54 billion yuan, 1.7 billion yuan, 1.4 billion yuan, also That is to say, including the earliest launched Maotai prince, Moutai series has not had an annual camp to collect 100 billion core products.

Over the years, the development of Maotai series has fallen into a strange circle: After the new product, the price system is collapsed because the price system is collapsed, then the price is then cut and the packaging, and then the new product will be launched.

When the public information shows that when the autumn in 2004, the company launched Moutai prince wine (treasure), for this company, the company decreased the wine of Puxi, trying to compare the promotion with the contrast, but the sales situation of the prince is still not ideal;

In 2007, the company launched the releasing wine, positioning, price, and drinking are higher than that of Maotai Prince, but the market reaction has not been warm, and it is impossible to open awareness;

In 2005, the wine launched Han Sauce, and he was enthusiastic. Due to the excellent wine, the market price of Han Sauce 1986 was close to Pu Fei, but then involved in the competition with Maotai shares, thus suspend production;

In 2011, Maotai took over the Han sauce and returned the new Han Sauce, priced by 799 yuan, but the wine has a certain decline, then encounters the plasticizer style of 2012 and restricts government-affairs consumption, and the pricing is adjusted to 399 after two years. Yuan.

At present, the price of Moutai series, the price of Han sauce is about 370 yuan / bottle, the price of Maotai prince is about 220 yuan / bottle, the price of Maotai welcomes a price of about 140 yuan / bottle. Not long ago, the company's new palm Ding Xiong was proposed: Han Safe should be taken in the price of 500 ~ 1000 yuan, becoming a table column product; at 500 yuan, the price of Maotai is going to become a table.

It can be seen in a glance in the Moutai Series, which has been lacking a thousand yuan. The market guidance price is 1188 yuan of Maotai 1935, obviously rushing to fill this price belt.

3. Who is the probability of damaging the anti-smashing object?

In fact, as early as September 2021, the model of Maotai 1935 has exposed. When explaining this new product name, the company said: "In 1935, Maotai predecessor burn room, at the Southwest Provincial Material Exhibition, the special award".

Although Maotai Company, Guizhou has been denial, many people think that Maotai 1935 is issued in Zunyi 1935 in 2016. It is reported that the trademark of Zunyi 1935 is always registered, and the company will be forced to use the current name.

A liquor industry admire: "Maotai 1935 is Zunyi 1935, the latter is basically not circulating on the market. Zunyi 1935 originally sold more than 300 yuan a bottle, after the announcement of the deadline, the price is once soared to soared thousands. Today 1935 new famous returns. "

I don't discuss this new product, and people discuss more, Maotai 1935 is a fiercely competitive thousand-yuan liquor market, who is the main impact?

After the Maotai 1935 was officially unveiled, many people naturally got it to the five grain solutions five, Guojiao 1573. There is inner person forecast, Maotai's stagnation is very strong, just to directly grab the market directly with Wuliang and Guojiao 1573, it is the "Designive Strike" of " In other words, it is "robbery" Wuliangye, Guojiao 1573.

This is also no wonder that these two major products are indeed high-end liquor in the existence of two enemy flying Maotai. However, there are also many people who oppose this.

"I think this is a very film optimistic that Maotai 1935 belongs to the high-end products of the series, the pricing thousands of price belts are mainly the image of Maotai series, and the overall sales growth of the series of wine is promoted; the high-end wine is a social wine It is a brand image. The Guoi has matured, the brand value is obvious, but also has a stable consumer group, and the series is difficult to have such a brand back book; the end is that the two are not the same as fragrant, Chinese wine is a flavor Drinks, target consumer groups are different, there is no direct competition. "" "" "" "" "", " The desired blow blow is unquestionable. "

In the past two years, the sauce from Maotai, which brought the rapid rise of competitors such as Lang wine. Due to the limited period of flying yield, the terminal price exceeded 3,000 yuan, and the series of wine did not play the core. Therefore, the company urgently requires the price, quality and competitive large single product of Maotai 1935 to sniper the growth of the opponent.

According to the research statistics of the company research room, there are currently Guizhou Maotai wine species, mainly Lang wine Qinghua, Jinsha abstract, Xijijun, Jane 30, Wuling Amber wine, Guizhou alcoholic year, China Term 15 years, Diaoyutai National Bin, Huaizhuang 1983 · V30, Night Lang Anhui, etc. As for other small manufacturers or other companies, the various custom sauces launched, such as cattle, the price exceeds a thousand yuan. Some insiders have speculated that it takes a good wine wine and a ratio of Maotai Core production area, and the most close to Putai 1935 after tomorrow, the most probability will have a certain visibility of the above-mentioned a certain number of people. Element sauce has caused a large impact, and a custom sauce will be directly formed directly for the thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of other nominals.

However, the well-known people in the industry believe that the Maotai 1935 that has just been listed, even if there is a Moutai's back book, it will be "lying" in the market. As a new product, to compete with the mainstream high-end wine in the market, Maotai 1935 also needs to further expand the depth and width of the channel, so that the channel foundation is more stable. In order to compete, this new product has no roots in the brand.

There are also industry insiders that Maotai 1935 is only another product that rely on the two-character books of "Moutai", and the word "Maotai" is not consumers will pay. The key to sales is that the wine is not in the "Moutai", how to operate the first thousand yuan, and it is undoubtedly a big test for the Maotai manufacturers.