The people who love the wool have a flavor of the tiger sashimi for the mouth.

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The people who love the wool have a flavor of the tiger sashimi for the mouth.

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The take-away point is much bit pain, and there is less than a full reduction. This group of people raised Tiger.

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Corporate fate, both to watch struggles, but also refer to the historical process.

The success of the old drums is undoubtedly a great relationship with the opportunities of the times.

In 1986, the CPC Central Committee issued a "No. 1 document" and officially allowed the peasant self-intelligence to enter the city. 6 years later, China's unprecedented working tide, more than 4 million migrant workers put their hoes, came to coastal and cities.

In the same period, Guiyang Old Ganfang Food Co., Ltd. was established, and one aimed at the dietary needs of working groups.

"Old Daughter" sets the price to 10 yuan, and puts the construction of the distribution network. The migrant workers who will take the north of the north will enter the small soldiers, they can buy "old drivers".

Take the tide of Dongfeng, the business of "old dried mom" is growing. Today, do not hit any advertisements, no bank borrowings, small a bottle of chili sauce can bring more than 4 billion sales a year, it is true "lying".

"Old and Daughter" creating a spicy sauce. Tiger, Tiger, Spicy Sauce, is interpreting "old dried mom" version 2.0.

This time, Tiger Bang stared that "playing workers", but the difference is that the links between the links become takeaway.

"Players" in the city are inseparable from takeaway. According to the "Lonely Solitary Times 2021 Annual Consumption Report" released by Qingshan capital, China's live residential population has reached 92 million, from 1999 to 2020, one person's family account for the proportion of family households has soared to 1/4 At the same time, 65% of the 90-selling orders are a meal.

▲ Data from Qingshan Capital 2021 Consumption Report

Tiger bike sauce "brush face" in front of consumers is to bind the takeaway depth - 70+ home chain brands in TOP200, 30000 + home merchants have reached a cooperation, and the terminal network exceeds 100,000 houses, becoming a lot "Workgro" takes out the tabloid.

"No matter which takeaway, no matter the fish, the fish is still Yangzhou fried rice, this single consumption usually will return to a final point - Tiger Bacate bimbam."

Even, there is a consumer that I feel delicious, and I also run to the online purchase.

In 2019, the head anchor Li Jiaqi's live broadcast, Tiger Bang Sauce sold 1.6 million cans in 2 minutes, refreshed sales records in the fast food industry; Double eleven days, Tiger Bacate is more in the e-commerce platform. Mandate 5 million cans.

Some netizens spit, "Old Gan Mom raised the first generation of migrant workers, Tigerang spicy sauce, and even more people in the industry directly compared the two, analyzing the possibility of Tiger Bang Beyue.

However, for the founder of Tiger Bang, Luang is not a purpose, it is not as good as the slogan of the big flag, it is better to let Tiger Bang have become the second brand of the industry.


In 2015, Lu Wenjin resigned from Qingdao Beer Marketing Deputy Position and wanted to build a brand really belong to himself.

Prior to this, Lu Wenjin had warned to heach, which not only helped Qingdao beer to occupy the Shandong market, build a second brand "Lushan Beer", but also successfully operated "Betis" olive oil.

At this point, Mixing the pepper industry has many years of Tan Yingchao, which is also planning to transform from B-terminal feedstocks into C-terminal spicy sauce brands.

However, Tan Yingchao's plan is not smooth, and it has long, which has been accumulated for the industry of well-known enterprises such as Haitian, but the two routes are different. Investment Queen Xu Xin learned after understanding the project or even the diagnosis: "The team lacks C-terminal sales experience, can't do it."

Coincidentally, Lu Wenjin, Tan Yingchao's common friend, engaged in Sun Hao friends in the investment industry, let the two meet in the middle. Three people, one shot, a front-end supply chain, backend brand marketing, fund warranty "iron triangle" officially formed.

In October 2015, Tiger Bacate Operation Subject - Qingdao Spicy Food Food Co., Ltd. was formally established.

In the face of the old drill's rolling, and the Internet's impact on traditional marketing, how to break, is the primary problem of this team.

To this end, Lu Wenjin conducts channel surveys in 9 provinces in the country. The results show that the old man's pavement rate, cognition, and brand power in the 9 provinces are the first, and the second of the 9 provinces is different, but their packaging, crafts, even pricing, and Mom is extremely similar.

Lu Wenjin realized that blind imitation would only deepen consumers to believe in old drivers, if and according to existing patterns, Tiger Bang is difficult to achieve breakthrough. At the time of the founding point, he determined two major principles: Anyone who was the same as the traditional mode, not doing; all the models like a competition, do not do it.

Tiger Bang, to create a play that is completely distinguished from the old man.

What is easy? In the initial stage, Tiger Pang tried traditional e-commerce, and did content e-commerce, O2O, and the effect was not ideal.

Many failed, let the team have a deeper understanding of the properties of spicy sauce: essentially, the function of spicy sauce is a piece of food, and must rely on the scene of the meal scene.

In this way, Lu Wenjin thought of takeaway.

At that year, there was no spicy sauce brand on the new continent. Spicy sauce can solve the taste of the simple meal scene, there is no appetite ... More than the young people, most are willing to try new products, and low price sensitivity ... The size of the takeaway market has grown rapidly, and the radiation is wide. It is conducive to brand spread ... At the beginning of 2016, Lu Wen enhanced takeaway Trew to the height of the company's survival strategy.


Determine the battlefield, but how to fight?

Can't find the dealer of the foreign shop, Tiger Bang can only rely on his team, be pushed by Ming, and More trouble is, even if you don't easily enter the merchant menu, how long does it take for it, Tiger Staside will be abandoned again.

At that time, Tiger Bang was only a new brand that did not see it. In the consumer side influence, the business did not see sales growth, and it would be better than one thing.

In this regard, Lu Wenjin comes again.

There is only one condition - add Tiger Bacate in the menu.

The best business is all leisure.

"Help Strategy" let Tiger Bang have opened the situation, only for half a year, did it from 20,000 terminals.

Subsequently, in order to be binded to the scenery of the outside spot, Lu Wen began to do article on the product.

Take a take-out point too little, don't eat too much. In this case, consumers generally add a single price that is not high.

Lu Wenjin seized this psychology, specializing in the production of filling production lines, targeted, the US group two takeaway platform commercial, launched 15G, 30G small packaging.

The price between 3-5 yuan, the tiger bike sauce, the consumer, and promotes more take-out merchants to take the initiative to choose Tiger State.

With the growth of the market in the market, Tiger Bang also opened up a new market that broke through the geographical restrictions on the line, with a layout of 100,000 terminal networks, became a well-deserved "net red" first spicy sauce.

Since its revenue in 2016, its revenue has risen at 300% of the annual compound growth rate, and it exceeds 200 million yuan in the end of 2019.

After completing the outbreak from 0 to 1, Lu Wenjin team thinks more from 1 to 100 development issues.

In November 2019, Tiger Bang announced that tens of millions of rounds financed by Qingdao Wang Yingruifeng equity investment partnership (limited partners), and the capital of Morning Biology is used in business development, asset purchase, research and development, etc. Strategic upgrade is prepared.

In October 2021, Tiger Pang announced a new stage strategic positioning, and the "broiler sauce" is dispensed with traditional vegetariates, and he seizes the mind in this unique brand.

Today, the rivers and lakes still have a legendary legend, but the analysis data can be found that in 2020, there are about 40 billion parts of my country's spicy sauce market, and the market share of the old and dry mother is about 20%, which is far from being monopoly.

Lu Wenjin estimated that the highly dispersed state of the spicy sauce market, as long as the C-terminal spicy sauce exceeds 400 million, there is an opportunity to become the second brand of the industry.

The Chinese condiment industry is still in the early days of development. From the experience of Japan and South Korea, China's experience, through the joint efforts of all party players, the market scale still has incremental space.

Therefore, it is not necessary to superstitious giants without outgoing, and even the old driver will also grab the first from Yongfeng Spicy Sauce. Today, this ancient morning brand is already aware.

Consumers' eating habits are always itered, and the spicy sauce riverside will always have new opportunities. For the cashiers of them, the key is whether the key is to combine the development of the times and find their own brand.

[1] "Lonely Solitary Times Qingshan Capital 2021 Consumption Report"


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