The sudden advantage, this place has been promoted by the policy spree, the Yuan Cosmic technology is named, and the multi-share returns is over 30%, and the funds in the north have been launched.

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The sudden advantage, this place has been promoted by the policy spree, the Yuan Cosmic technology is named, and the multi-share returns is over 30%, and the funds in the north have been launched.

2022-01-27 18:05:02 46 ℃

Multiple industries ushered in policy.

Yesterday evening, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Supporting Guizhou in the New Era", the opinion pointed out that support from Guizhou to the new road in the western part of the new era, and open the new bureau in the village, in implementing the number Economic strategy is a new machine, and there is a new performance in the construction of ecological civilization. "Opinions" clarified the comprehensive reform demonstration area of ​​the western region of Guizhou, consolidating the expansion of the poverty reduction prototype area, the inland open economy new highlands, the digital economic development innovation zone, the ecological civilization construction, etc.

It is mentioned that accelerates the construction of modern industrial systems leading to digital economy, which emphasizes to support the strategic emerging industries in Guizhou to develop strategic emerging industries, accelerate new energy power batteries and materials research and production base construction. Give play the strengths of sauce in the Chi Shuihe River Basin and the advantages of the origin of the main production area, and build a national important liquor production base. Promote the national data comprehensive test area and Guiyang University data department building, cultivate the emerging digital industries such as intelligence, big data, block chain, and cloud computing. Promote the development of specialty foods, the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines, support national medicine and other national medicine and other national medicine and other national medicine and other national medicine into the "Pharmacopoeia" of the People's Republic of China. "

According to the view, Digital Economy, Chinese Medicine, White Wine, and New Energy Battery Plate in Guizhou are expected to usher in development. Securities Times · Data Bao Statistics show that there are 33 listed companies in Guizhou Province, including more than 5 Chinese medicine, national defense military and power equipment, and 5, 4, 4.

Guizhou Province listed companies January stock market is dominated, with an average of 9.04%, * ST Tiancheng, Xinfang Pharmaceutical, Yiyi Pharmaceutical, aerospace appliances have returned more than 20%. From the viewpoint of valuation, the latest three shares of the latest scrolling price increase is less than 10 times, including Guiyang Bank, Guizhou Tire, Sandle Shares.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a press conference that supported the development of SMEs. At the press conference, the Ministry of Conference stated that cultivating a number of digital industrialized special new SMEs, especially to cultivate a batch of industrial Internet, industrial software, network and "Small Giants" enterprises in data security, smart sensors, cultivate a group of innovative SMEs entering the emerging fields such as universe, block chains, and artificial intelligence. This is also the first time that the central ministries mentioned the concept of Yuancai.

Prior to this, many local governments have introduced relevant policies to support the development of Yuancos. "Shanghai Electronic Information Manufacturing Development" 14th "Planning" is mentioned that Shanghai should forward quantum calculations, third-generation semiconductors, 6G communications and Yuancai and other fields, and actively pay attention to the development of the technical technology. Strengthen the prospective development of the underlying core technical basic capabilities, encourage the application of the Yuanhe Universe in the public services, business office, social entertainment, industrial manufacturing, safety production, video games. Zhejiang Province, Hainan Province, Jiangsu Province and many other provinces and cities have issued corresponding support for development policies or guidance to help Yuancai industrial development.

Digital economy drives Yuan universe landing

"The 14th Five-Year Plan" Digital Economic Development Plan is expected to promote the land of the Yuancai. According to the planning, fiber optic network, IPv6, cloud network collaboration and the integration of the integration network, which will be optimized and fully promoted, to create a new integrated intelligent infrastructure integrated integration, general algorithm, and development platform, or Yuan Universe Development provides important underlying technology support. As an important part of high-algorite, high-bandwidth is important, and it is expected to achieve its landing process acceleration from the industrial economy.

In the plan, it is mentioned that the digital transformation and development of excellent cultural and tourism resources is accelerated, and the development line broadcast, cloud exhibition, immersion experience and other emerging literature services. The Yuancosian is an important application scenario of digital literature. With the advancement of virtual reality technology such as Ar / VR, online ecology will be gradually enriched, and VR content ecological construction is gradually concerned about people.

Open Source Securities Reporting believes that according to the market universally identified "virtual world" in the real world "Yuan Cosmic conceptual framework, its relationship with the digital economy, the policy plan for digital economy or the development of the Yuan Universe, The technological innovation of Yuanhe is the application floor land and business.

Yuan Coyong Concept Stock Recently Purchased

Since the beginning of the year, the Yuancai Conceptual stock has had a certain callback. Securities Times · Data Statistics, 15 Yuan Cosmic Unit has a total of more than 20%, including Mango Super Media, Hengxin Oriental, perfect world retransmission, and fell 36.77%, 33.39%, 32.74%.

Under continuous callback, the Northern capital has quietly laying the part of the concept stock of low valuation. Statistics show that in January, a total of 20 yuan in the universe is increased in the Northern capital shareholding. Among them, the Fengshang culture won the net buying in the north, Wanxing Technology, Blue Cursor, and Philips won the Northern funds for 4 consecutive days. Net buying.

It is understood that the first winter ice and snow sports IP virtual concert created by Feng Shangcheng's wholly-owned subsidiary Fengshang's full-owned company's wholly-owned subsidiary, "2022 Winter Ice Snow Theme Virtual Interactive Music" Online broadcast on January 28th, current activities have been included in the "Meeting Beijing" Olympic Culture Festival and the 22nd "Meeting Beijing" International Art Festival.

Data Bao Statistics, the current estimate of 29 stocks in Yuancai Concepts is the lowest valuation since this year, Kunlun Wanwei, Century Huatong, Baotong Technology's latest valuation is less than 20 times.Disclaimer: All the information content of the data treasure does not constitute an investment recommendation, the stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

Data treasure

Data Bao (Shujubao2015): Securities Times Intelligent Original New Media.