Is the bank card for depositing or a good memory?The bank manager says leaks, don't use the wrong.

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Is the bank card for depositing or a good memory?The bank manager says leaks, don't use the wrong.

2022-01-28 00:09:25 32 ℃

Say our deposit is to put it on the bank card or a good memory? Thanks to the recommendations of the bank manager. Remind your family to don't use it anymore.

With the development of society, the improvement in economic conditions, people have a certain understanding of financial management, more and more people will choose to deposit the money into the bank. This is not only safe, and there is interest to take. But I believe that many friends will have such a confusion when they pay for banks. Because the bank has two main deposit methods. One is the bank card, and one is a passbook. Where do you want to exist? That if you have the same confusion. You can collect my video. Below? Take everyone to find out. That first, what is the use of bank cards and accessories? Bank card, we all know, also called savings card, also called the debit card. Can be used to deposit, withdrawal, transfer, remittance, credit card spending, etc., can also open some electronic services such as online banking, mobile banking, etc., the passbook is a basic account. Divided into a versatile passbook and regular passbook, the versus passbook can be used for deposit, withdrawal, and transfer and remittance. That regular passbook is one of the regular deposits.

How different are these two in terms of use and security? That first, let's first say convenience. The convenience of the bank card is naturally higher than the passbook, because it only has a card, easy to keep it, not easy to damage. We can go directly to any of the country's free payment, deposits. No queue is waiting. Bank cards can also be used to spend a card consumption in the mall or a hotel, etc. It can also be opened. Any business online banking can be handled through online banking, not subject to time limit. And the passbook is a booklet, every time you handle your business, you have to go to the bank counter to handle it, this is limited to the bank's working hours and traffic. And it's not convenient to carry your passbook, you can only withdraw money at the counter. And general, can only be used in the province, so from convenience, the bank card? have more advantages.

The second security says that the bank card is accidentally lost, it is easy to crack the password by the criminals, thus stealing the money on our account. At present, bank card users can basically do not handle all their businesses without passing the counter. Because the external channels are more, the corresponding risk is increased, and if the passbook is accidentally lost, others will get our passbook, It is difficult to take the money in our account. So when we use bank cards, we must improve security. The surname must not easily reveal any information on the personal bank card. Therefore, from security, the passbook will be more secure.

That third point, is the clarity of the account. If you use a passbook, you will have a clear record on the passbook, the account is clear, and the passbook will record each expenditure income. And or the paper version. Everyone can view, it is also intuitive, and the elderly like this, so many elderly people will choose from. Let us use bank cards only one card, if we want to see some transaction information, the bank card is not. However, we can view the automatic deposit machine or mobile banking, as long as the phone is opened, the SMS notifies the bank card, each withdrawal or consumption will be sent in a text message to your mobile phone, or you can always find it at any time. Your own account balance.

The 4th point is transferred and fees, from remittance, not very convenient. Can only go to the business hall. Looking for a staff to complete, this is more troublesome, there will be many ways to send money, transfer, we can be in mobile banking. Operation, you can also implement remittance on the automatic cash machine, the passbook does not need to charge any. Fee fee. Bank cards are required to charge labor. And annual fee. When cross-bank transfer is also charged, it is necessary to charge a certain fee.

In the general, the passbook is safer. But bank cards will be more convenient. As long as you use a bank card, it is also very safe to keep your password non-leakage.

Then I listened to the bank manager, this is the case, saying that with the development of society, people have more and more people's spending for money, bank cards can not only shop cards, but also complete mobile payment, anytime, anywhere You can go to the ATM. If you have a passbook, you need to go to bank usage. Therefore, for young people, they prefer to use bank cards. Almost no longer use the deposit and payment, every time I go to the bank to handle the business, I have to take a long time, from the convenience of the transaction, the passbook is not as good as bank cards. So, now there are very few people to use the passbook. Most people will use bank cards. However, due to the passbook, it is clearly labeled the date of deposit, the details of the amount, the transfer fee, for some elderly in the family, use the passbook to save money. Still most appropriate. Some young people like bank cards, and the elderly like to use the passbook. This is the advantage of bank cards and viaparam. The above is the difference between the use of passbooks and bank card deposits.

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