Warming, A stock is hot again!

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Warming, A stock is hot again!

2022-01-28 00:10:31 47 ℃

Today, today's stocks have risen and less, and there are less than 300 stocks in the two cities. The super 4300 stocks fall, the fall and the decline is over 10%, which is more than 100, which is a median of -3.1%. Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities have been over 82.29 billion today. It is 28.7 billion more than the last trading day. In terms of sectors, there is no sector rose, digital currency, precious metals, travel, network security, domestic software and other sectors have fallen. Deadline, the Shanghai Index drop 1.78%, and the deep finger fell 2.77%, and the GEM was 3.25%.

The A-share market fell

Hot Soup is so late, the people, the shareholders have no cards? It is still a loss, even if the energy is in the online spit, it is gone ...

The official media vocal, the agency should stand up with the spine of the A shares. These two-day public fund funds have announced their own money and buy its products.

Easy to pay 100 million purchase of its stock funds, no less than one year; Guangfa fund funds 80 million self-purchased equity public fund raising fund; rich country, Jiashi Fund sold 60 million, 50 million, held at least one year . To be honest, tens of millions to 100 million this, is it dry? The turnover of Maotai, Guizhou may do tens of millions of billions. In the face of the current killing, this "self-purchased" is equivalent to the fire with peeing.

And the big probability may be a little today, and I bought a little tomorrow. This self-purchase is equivalent to water droplets. The military law is called "Hulu Bai Save Grandpa - a one." The careful netizen also found the logo's logo with big catcakes -

Can solve your win ... Generally speaking, today is big, if the bottom, the probability of living running tomorrow is relatively large. The last trading day before the Spring Festival is very rare. Generally, the last day is less is red.

Of course, it is clear that this is just an experience and probability problem ... Today, this fall, don't know how many people really dare to copy the bottom?

On the news surface, one is the Fedanian Baiwagpa, and the state is hitting, and the US stocks are also slightly diving last night. One is that the Russian is unknown.

Strategy: In fact, individuals believe that from a medium and long term, any non-fundamental, non-currency surface sudden factors, or the fund passive loss, style switching, no need to worry too much.

Simply put: Is there any change in the fundamentals of your industry? Is there any tightening?

If you don't have, what is it worried? Tactics: The middle line does not guess, you can't guess.

Sincerely share a little experience: don't go to guess, don't look at those brokers in the "forecast" of the public, no one can accurately predict the stock market. When will time a time zoom is adjusted, then put the amount of trend, it may indicate that the bottom is formed, just possible. This situation should not be finished in one time, and it is possible to form a bottom and breaking bottom, and this situation is also common. Now, it is still in the pitch, and the abundance tray has not yet appeared. Long-term perspective, position management + risk control is more useful than any "precise pre-judgment".

Message surface active plate photovoltaic

Longki shares, Central Shares raised silicon wafers.

Insider analyzes, there are three reasons:

1 ;

2, the downstream demand in the first quarter is strong, downstream battery and components on silicon wafers are an important reason for this round of silicon-like prices.

On the one hand, demand is due to some of the terminals at the end of last year because of not buying high-priced components, the project has been extended to this year; on the other hand, it is also prepared for the Spring Festival.

These factors lead to the expansion of their purchasing efforts, increase inventory, and increase the demand for large-sized silicon waits to increase.

3. The price of silicon is also an important reason for the rise of silicon wafers last week. The price of silicon is seen in November last year, and then the price reduction of more than a month. At the beginning of January, the price of silicon was stabilized.

Personally feel, second and third are the main reasons. In particular, "The demand of battery and components on silicon wafers", this is a good thing, explaining the industry demand.

2021, because the upstream cost is high, in fact, the battery is sad, the three quarters, the installed installed in the fourth quarter is expected. Recently, several components, corporate performance previews show losses.

Personally think that 2022 is a year of components and battery performance.

In terms of cost, the price increase of silicon and silicon wafers may be difficult to continue. 2022 Silicon-added production capacity will be greatly released, and the price of silicon wafers is also expected to return to reasonable intervals.


Pork has finally adjusted these days, and individuals want to fall multiple points.

Listed pigs, this wave of performance is a good thing, and the industry is generally believed that 2022 pig cycles can be reversed.