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2022-01-28 12:07:44 49 ℃

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SHENZHEN GETS GREEN LIGHT for Next Wave of Reforms and Opening-Up;

Profits of chinese sus Surge 30% in 2021.

Here's what you need to know about china in the paste 24 hours

China's economy

China's southern tech hub Shenzhen will enjoy a number of policies conducive to advancing reforms, including relaxed market access for cross-border data business and establishing an electronics trading platform, the country's top economic regulator said in a new guideline on Wednesday.

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) made it clear in the guideline that Shenzhen will be encouraged to boost reforms in six areas including technology, finance, data, medicine and health, elderly care and education.

Known as the country's Silicon Valley and the richest city in southern Guangdong province, Shenzhen will develop an international sourcing platform for semiconductors and other electronic components, in a bid to advance the nation's hi-tech self-sufficiency drive amid the global chip shortage, according To The Plan.


The guidelines also called on Shenzhen to develop standards for cross-border data transactions. Xu Shanchang, a senior NDRC official, said that market access for data transactions and cross-border data business will be eased, and research in building a platform to this end Will Be Undertaken When Conditions Are Ripe.

On the financial front, the city will be able to develop trading products related to renminbi settlements and an offshore trading platform. Overall financial capacity in underpinning agriculture supply chains will be enhanced.The southern metropolis, which President Xi Jinping hand-picked to become a WORLDET INNOVATION POWERHOUSE AND MODEL for Economic Reform, IS Expected to Serve As a Major Engine of Growth for the Greater Bay Area Development Zone.

Shenzhen ushered in another major advantage!

On January 26th, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference to announce the implementation of the "Opinions on Several Special Measures in Shenzhen Construction Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", in Shenzhen, carry out the market access pilot, around the technology , Financial, medical, educational culture, transportation and other sectors launched 24 market access special measures.

Which "special signals" are released these special measures?

First, "Opinions" to support Shenzhen construction of technology and industrial innovation high, winning initiatives in the global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, choose electronic components and integrated circuit transactions, data factors trading, advanced technology applications , New generation information technology applications, international industries and standard organization establishment and other fields of pilots to carry out market access relaxation. Special measures are particularly aimed at Shenzhen's advantages, social capital has a willingness, and the key points of breaking barriers have demand will produce a huge impression effect.

Second, "Opinions" creativity proposes in Shenzhen to establish an international advanced technology application promotion center, which is designed to promote the innovation of the system, promote the industrial chain, innovative chain and the depth integration, so that the high-quality innovation resources at home and abroad quickly agglomerate, promoting advanced technology results Efficient conversion, directly serving major needs in national and industrial development.

Third, my country has fully implemented market access negative list system. Special measures are still in order to further reduce the negative list of national version of the market admission through pilots. Each special measures should be relaxed to relaxation restrictions on the relevant matters related to the national negative list.

Special measures will help Shenzhen first try first in building data elements trading places, establishing data related basic systems and technical standards, and take the lead in breakthrough, which is the national data element market-related configuration reform path; which is conducive to stimulating data elements trading market vitality, Realize the depth mining and value-added utilization of data value; it is conducive to the acceleration of the Shenzhen information service industry to open the new state development such as digital trade.

China's State Council on Wednesday issued a guideline to support southwest China's Guizhou Province in breaking new ground in the country's pursuit of large-scale development of its western regions in the new era. The guideline clarified Guizhou's strategic role as a demonstration area for comprehensive reform in And Encouraged The Province to Blaze New Trails in Rural Vital Assaly, And The Construction of An An EcoLogical Civilisation.

Support for the development of the West China, the new era of Guizhou: On January 26, the State Council issued the "Opinions on supporting the development of Guizhou in the new era", clearing the comprehensive reform demonstration zone of the development of the western region of Guizhou, consolidating the expansion of poverty campaign protocol District, inland open economic new highlands, digital economic development innovation district, ecological civilization construction, first-line universal district, etc., proposed to 2025, 2035 development goals. Update on Covid-19


The Chinese Mainland Reported 25 New Local Infections On Wednesday, Including 6 in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang and 5 in Beijing.

On January 26, there were 25 cases of local cases (6 cases in Zhejiang, all in Hangzhou; Beijing 5 cases; Hebei 4 cases; 1 case in Tianjin; 1 case in Henan; 1 case of Corps).

Next ON Industry and Company News

Nursing news and company news

The combined profits of China's state-owned enterprises (SOEs) surged 30.1 percent year-on-year to nearly 4.52 trillion yuan in 2021, official data showed Wednesday. The SOEs raked in 75.55 trillion yuan in their operating revenue last year, up 18.5 percent ON a yearly basis.

In 2021, the national enterprise profit increased by 30%: The Ministry of Finance announced the economic operation of the national state-owned enterprise in 2021. In terms of profit, the total profits of state-owned enterprises in 2021 were 4516.48 billion yuan, an increase of 30.1% year-on-year; the total operating income was 755.436 billion yuan, an increase of 18.5% year-on-year.

China Resources Land has signed a 23 billion yuan financing agreement with China Merchant Bank Wednesday for further acquisitions as cash-strapped peers rush to offload their assets. Under the agreement, the state-owned developer will receive a financing facility of 20 billion yuan, while ITS Property Management Unit Will Receive 3 Billion Yun.

China Run won a large sum: the 26th China Resources said that the company and the Vientiane life have signed the "Merchants Financing Strategic Cooperation Agreement" in Shenzhen, respectively, and China Merchants Bank will grant Hua Running land 20 billion yuan, China Resources Vientiane life 3 billion Yuan M & A financing quota.

China Railway Group and two of its units have won a 17.5 billion yuan project to build the Philippines' fastest and longest rail link. It is the country's largest-ever single contract for a railroad. The Chinese state-owned contractor will oversee the engineering, Procurement, and construction of the 380-kilometer line and 23 stations.

China Rail is marked with a 1.75 billion overseas railway project: the joint venture between China 's China Railway Co., Ltd. and the subsidiary of the subsidiaries of the Sub-community, signed the design construction contract contract for long-distance transportation section of the Philippines. The joint venture will be responsible for the design and construction of this railway. Work, the contract amount is approximately 17.554 billion yuan, the main content is 380km for the new standard orbital single line railway, including 23 stations.

Several Chinese companies feature among the world's strongest and fastest growing brands listed by British consultancy Brand Finance's "Global 500 2022" report published Wednesday. WeChat was named the world's strongest brand and Douyin's international version TikTok was ranked the fastest growing. Micro letter again the world's strongest Brand title: 26th news, according to British brand valuation and consulting company BRAND Finance reported "Global brand value 500" report show that WeChat is the world's strongest brand title, Tiktok is the list of new brands, the fastest development. Brand, worth 215% in one year, ranked 18th in 59 billion US dollars, many Chinese companies list.

Switching gears to the financial sector

Financial market

China's Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission vowed to prevent the disorderly expansion of capital in the financial sector and set up "traffic lights" for capital, which aims to curb financial monopolies, unfair competition, and unlicensed financial business. The regulator also said it will give Full Play to the Positive Role of Capital In Financial Activities During a Work Conference On Tuesday.

The financial field is the capital "traffic light": The Bank of China has recently held 2022 work meetings, pointed out that it is necessary to resolutely prevent capital from expanding in the financial sector, and set "traffic lights" in the financial field. Strictly defense bank insurance funds is used to blind "plus lever". In addition, we must adhere to the financial business license business rules and crack down on "unlicensed driving" behavior. At the same time, the small and medium-sized enterprises are encouraged to financing, expand, and cut prices according to law according to law.

The top securities watchdog on Wednesday said the country will promote the process of digitalisation in banking and insurance to heighten high-quality development of the sectors, and implement supportive digital development plans to better serve the real economy.

Promote the digital transformation of the silver insurance industry: On the 26th, the Yinhua Regulatory Commission recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on Digital Transformation on Banking Insurance Industry", clearly we must vigorously promote the digital transformation of business management, actively develop industry digital finance, and promote individual financial services Digital Transformation, strengthen the digital construction of financial market business.

Authorities in China have initiated a three-year action plan starting 2022 to combat money laundering, with the central back and the Ministry of Public Security leading the campaign. The plan proposed to improve the risk prevention and control mechanism against money laundering and effectively safeguard national SECURITY AND SOCIAL STABILITY. On the 26th news, China People's Bank, the Ministry of Public Security, etc. The three-year action against money-saving crimes is carried out to curb the spread of money laundering and related crimes, and construct improved the national laundering risk prevention and control system, earnestly safeguard national security and social stability.

Wraping Up with a Quick Look at the stock market

Finally, the stock market closed

Chinese stocks closed lower on Thursday as tourism stocks recorded big losses. The Shanghai Composite fell 1.78 percent and the Shenzhen Component lost 2.7 percent. The Hang Seng Index shed 1.99 percent as the TECH Index tumbled.

On Thursday, A stock, the Shanghai Index fell 1.78%, and the deep intersects 2.7%. Tourism plates are heavy, and multiple strands down. Hong Kong stocks' Hengsheng Index fell 1.99% and technology stocks fell by 3.81%.

Biz Word of the Day

Financial Words

Market Access IS An Umbrella Term for a Number of Measures That a Country May Use to Restrict Imports of Goods and Services, include Tariffs, Duties and quotas.

Market access refers to a country to allow foreign goods, labor and capital to participate in the domestic market; in terms of international trade, the two governments are restricted to various import and export trade in order to open the market in the international trade.

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