The sea island behind the scenes!The son is "Red Pass" fugitive, and there are more than 160 billion projects.

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The sea island behind the scenes!The son is "Red Pass" fugitive, and there are more than 160 billion projects.

2022-01-28 12:07:31 39 ℃

Author | cat brother

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Hainan is not big, only four prefecture-level markets.

Haikou is the provincial capital, Sanya is a tourist resort, only 2,300 Sansha City has the shortest creation, but is the city's largest area, the smallest land area, the least population, these three cities are very popular.

The rest of a prefecture-level city is called the state, it is estimated that many people don't know how to read this name. There is a sense of feeling.

In 2010, the State Council had a large planned, and Hainan International Tourism Island is officially started.

As one of Hainan's "four", Zhangzhou has to have a project, which made the secretary of the municipal party committee at the time.

In those years, Dubai was blown up, especially they spent 15 billion US dollars to build Palm Island, once they were blown into the "8th National Miracle", in a luxurious villa, high-end apartment or blueprint, The rich people on the earth will be snapped up.

It is estimated to be influenced by this project, Zhang Qi took the board, to engage in a similar project in Zhangzhou, name is the sea flower island.

If you just copy a job, it is not a desire to meet Zhang Qi. His planning is very large, and the scale must be bigger than Palm Island, the cover, and the cover needs to spend money. How much? 160 billion! This is much more expensive than Palm, that is dry.

So, under his strength, the sea flower island planned, but the planned crossed area is too large, close to the area of ​​800 hectares, there is a problem in this, according to regulations, if the sea is over 50 hectares, It is necessary to report to the State Council and the National Oceanic Administration, if the application is applied, it is definitely no.

Can you do it?

Zhang Qi remembered a trick-filling into zero. What do you mean?

That is to split the filling project into 36 sub-projects less than 27 hectares. This will take a batch in 2013 in 2013, successfully advancing.

Then X is coming, first cast 80 billion, and I have been dried for a few years. The effect is remarkable. Zhangzhou has a city business card. The house price is also high, no longer give Hainan "dragging legs", of course, the biggest push Zhang Qi wins maximum.

It looks great, but in 2017, the environmental protection storm scrapes Hainan, one check, the problem is really a lot.

There were 7 surrounding seaffins that were exploded, basically involved in the landlood, basically, surrounded by the construction period of Hainan International Tourism Island, and many projects were expected to start.

The result is also simple and clear. It is located in Sanya to invest 18 billion Phoenix Island Phase II, demolished, located in Wanning's investment of 26 billion monthly, demolition ...

The project invested in Haichuao is the largest, naturally, most attention, one check, the ecology of local coral reef and Bai Butterbee is destroyed, and then check, the sea is also illegal.

Zhuti's photo is found to Zhang Qi, secretary of the original Municipal Party Committee, September 2019 Zhang Qioliang Ma. In recent recent documentary "zero tolerance", he also mentioned him.

In general, this person dares to batch for political achievements, for the benefit, what is dare to take, and the verification of 107 million, it is only 2 million, the rest of the more than 100 million, all of the wife and children .

The wife is already a small thing, and the big head of this big tiger is "by his son."

Zhang Qi's son, Zhang Yan studying in Canada. Some of Zhang Qi went to see him, followed him and the corporate boss, and the boss took the initiative to give Zhang Yanyi 100,000 yuan (more than 500,000 yuan) " Life fee ", while Zhang Qi hits" you want to return him "in his mouth, but everyone knows that this money must have no return.

Once the church, there is one or two, then become a normal state, then, the "borrowing money" of the son is getting higher and higher.

Looking at the luxury car, find a boss "borrow" money to buy a car, the car is broken, find a boss "borrow" money repair car; no room to live, find a boss "borrow" money to buy a house; return to China does not have the capital, of course Also "borrowed" to the bosses, from million to 10 million, the amount is getting bigger and bigger, and trial is not unhappy.

Of course, the money of the boss is not out, my father gave me.

An real estate agent gave Zhang Yan 30 million, Zhang Qi helped to promote the progress of the demolition; another real estate agent bought two sets of rooms, a set of Haikou, a set of Shenzhen sea view room, That Qi took the project and solved Land disputes as returns ....

I have been easily a few years.

In 2019, the eyes were in the east window, Zhang Qi quickly took the son's daughter-running road, then let the bosses giving the money, and hurry to find their own place, go overseas.

When people ran, but the money is chased, because Zhang Yan has a huge amount on the case, China also issued a red wanted order to the world, he became the "red pass" fugitive.

At the beginning, Zhang Qi asked the old bosses who avoided the sea, started back to cooperate with the investigation, but Zhang Qi didn't call the son, and the WeChat was sent, and the quartz sea.

In the end, Zhang Qi was sentenced to life imprisonment, but his son was still overseas.

The fate of Zhang Qi seems to have been fixed, but the fumble is still waiting for the decision of fate.

Demolition, still do not remove it, this is a problem.

● In 2018, the Zhangzhou City of Haihua Island requires suspension construction, suspend business;

● In 2020, Zhangzhou City recovered the pre-sale permit of these 39 residential buildings. Later, the netcraft stopped, the purchase of houses of this 39 house was released, and these houses were changed from the foreign sale; ● At the end of 2021, due to planning license The 39 building of the 2-14-2 plots of Island Island 2-14-2 is ordered to be removed within ten days.

△ 海花 岛 2-14-2 Location Location

Haihua Island is the X large star project, and everyone is shocked, because the impact is still very big.

On this plot, the total construction area of ​​39 buildings is 4349 million m2. If the total value is about 78 billion, it is a small, which is about 7.8 billion in the total value of 1.8 million / m2. number.

This piece is only 3.2% of the total building area, which does not involve other plots, and there is no impact on the most owners.

In the open letter to the owner, the Haihua Island is actually the investment project of Zhangzhou, and the development of the agreement is introduced by the agreement, and then by the Ocean Bureau, it is divided into the sea plan, followed by the sea area use rights certificate and through the shooting Enter the construction.

They also think that it is more than 6 years, and the accumulated investment is 81 billion. What is the removal?

Now, Haihua Island has applied for administrative reconsideration, this is in the state of "not taking", so will not be demolished, but also to see the results of the reconsideration, there may be a considerable length of program to go, the result Not too good.