See also the institution collective guard, with the history of "the" policy bottom "," the market ", and the cloud is always

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See also the institution collective guard, with the history of "the" policy bottom "," the market ", and the cloud is always

2022-01-28 12:08:04 32 ℃

Fin Federation (Beijing, Reporter Chen Junling), January 27th, the Tiger Year of the Tiger's second trading day before the Spring Festival. Following "Black Tuesday", after the official media shouted "the spine of the A shares", I once opened the panic killing mode again on Thursday.

Soon after the afternoon, there were a number of head public funds issued a "self-purchased announcement", which has been arrived at this late night, and more public private owners have joined this panel action. This seems to have acquired, and it has appeared in the summer of seven years ago.

On the morning of June 30, 2015, 13 private equity, including Wang Yawei, Motama, but Bin and Jianghui, etc. confidence.

After the day after the day, after the day, the WeChat circle was crazy "Wang Yawei: This is a war", and it is called "Now I don't have to analyze what the market is." Although Wang Yawei I clarified that this article is not from his hand.

July 4, 2015, Saturday. On the financial street of Beijing inch, dozens of businesses, the head of the fund company should summon the SFC to discuss the rescue plan, and finally form the resolution - 21 billiards funded the establishment of the horizontal fund, and the total scale is not less than 12 million yuan. .

On this day, the reporters who were in the suburban vacation received an urgent notice of the newspaper, which is a special task that is not to bear. Editor-in-Chief excitedly convened all reports in the work group, I quickly kicked up the computer bag, rushed to Financial Street, 40 kilometers, because "saving the market, also saved himself!"

This is a historical moment for the 100 million family wealth. When the market has unprecedented panic, the reporter of a securities newspaper, for three consecutive days of responsibility, and recorded the "shareholders face" of those shocked.

"It should be seen in the bottom, I bought it yesterday"

On July 1, 2015, Wednesday, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 5.23%.

Out of the Taoranting Metro Station, it has already been full, a bicycle parked, a small bronze medal of "Tongxin Securities", indicating that the reporter took the second floor, although the floor and stairs were shabited, but neat clean, the two side stairs and corridors have been Support table, frontal trading in front of the trading machine.

"It should be seen, I bought it yesterday." At the door of the door, the reporter listened to a white-haired uncle on the left. Uncle's body is thin, about 75 years old, facing almost full red big screens, when you look down and look at your long statement.

The reason why this uncle is that it is saying "slow cow", and now it should be on the bull market, compared to the 2007 subsidy index started up to 6124 points from 1000 points, six times, so that this round of bull market should Around 1000 points, the nearest 4000 points should be at the bottom.

"We must resolutely do the long line; if it is frequent, it is not a lot of the people." Grandpa was analyzed by the reporter, and the stock market should fall, but he has not arrived, he frank himself never cut meat. And the grandfather looks light and clouds for the plummeted in the past 10 days.

At 10:30, it has been sparse before the trading machine. "I have been replenishing yesterday and today, especially Monday, the essence is already out, resolutely enters." The other looks sixty-seven, eight years old, the body is thin, and the uncle wearing glasses is chatting with the reporter.

The uncle looks like a bamboo. He said "5100 points should be closed." Also said, "The market should buy a small market, while 528 should be adjusted to the big market stock", but asked this year. Investment income, he changed his face, and he is not willing to talk to the reporter.

"There is no loss, but there is no loss, but earn", a few days ago, the media broke the newspaper security to guard against "stocks". The reporter is also curious to talk to a security guard side, and see if the stock people in these starting points are in the legend.

This security guard is only because of "50 yuan". "At the beginning of the year, the bank opened an account to send 50 yuan phone bill, and the farmers were not prepared for stocks, but the Ministry of Transactions was too hot in the first few months."

This security guard has been working in work for 3 years, but it will not be in the market this year. Because it is a newbie, it is too cautious, and the stock always can't hold it. Too much frequent operation, so that he has almost no money in this round.

Talking about the recent stock market, a shareholder with trade experience with four words, to describe this round of outdated investigation changes. His personal assets are about 500,000, and the half warehouse is its habit. Despite this cautious, he still did not escape the rush down.

"The previous profit is almost lost, but fortunately, the principal", he frank, and two batches of 40% of the stocks in two batches from June 19 to 23rd, enter the fund. On Monday, only a few trading days, a 30% loss clearance fund, now almost empty, he sighs.

If the "policy bottom" is hidden, why is the index fell every day?

On July 2, 2015, Thursday, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 3.48%.

Come to Taoran Pavilion, clear sky is cloudless, the door is still lively around the table, but the Lobby of the Ministry of Transactions is colder than the previous day, no one wants to talk well, the atmosphere is a bit depressed.

Yesterday's security is very politely giving a greece to the reporter, if thought. I will read the screen to quickly enter the crowd. Turned a circle, no one tied to chat, and the sure is standing at the front desk. Several people who met yesterday hurried passed, if they thought. "I came yesterday, but I quickly came out this morning, I lost more than 500." Yesterday's security is over, take the initiative to talk to reporters. "It's all listening to you yesterday that the government will save the city, I will enter, or I will definitely not buy again." He has some resentment in the speech.

Asked the situation of the sales department of the big fell in the past few days, security guards said to reporters, "Hundreds of people are very nervous, but the other half don't care, it is basically unlucky." Many people are confused, why do you now make good news? It's all over the sky, the index and the share price still fall in the sky?

"I know a person frequently cut meat, last 300,000 to change 30,000." The uncle yesterday, once again clear that he would not easily cut meat, he once had a friend to buy stocks, every day is too nervous, excessive operation, frequent cutting meat Clearance, and finally was left at home, prohibited stocks.

"How many meat you can cut, is it cut?

Among the collections of the business department, it is showing a few major securities report. There are not many people who come to read, but several tables that are brought can also get together. Close to the afternoon, the Ministry of Transactions is popular, everyone is low, and the reporter is silently left.

"Mysterious Fund" began to slowly reserve ...

On July 3, 2015, Friday, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 5.77%.

On Friday morning, I came to Taoranting again. Just enter the trading hall, I saw the big screen of the big screen, although the sun outside is very good, but the mood of the stockholders in the Ministry of Transactions is very gloomy. Before the report, the three five people were talking loudly, and the atmosphere was somewhat nervous.

The people who have a hair of the hair have talented another person: "You let me copy the bottom of the afternoon, see what it is today? If you say that the country should continue to save the city, I will definitely not make up the position!"

"You are here, you will fall here tomorrow; you have a bottom, you will fall there tomorrow. The stockholders have been fighting." This investor seems to be ridiculed, the speech is clearly Some emotions.

After a week, a rapid plummeted, there are investors say that from the disc look, there are many big orders in not counting the cost, it seems that the funds and the agency are running obviously. "The country saves the city, they run, must take these people out, so all!"

"You see there, have fallen, all take a look at the trading machine." Some people point to the trading machine, a middle-aged uncle's investor, wearing very well, but full of sweat, control hands The notebook is tight before the trading machine.

At 10:30 in noon, a mysterious funds began to slowly reserve, and the low market of the market began to lift a little bit. At 11 o'clock, even a lot of popular GEM stocks, start against the trend, even directly to the limit, the atmosphere of the business department began to be active.

There are still many people who have a lot of unintentional trading in playing cards, chat, and I will see them in a hurry to hit the trading key. "A lot of votes have started, I still have some bullets, when I arrived at the bottom of the bottom." A investor will fill the order, while I will ask the letter to ask the shares around him.

Close to the afternoon, the GEM is red, the endorsement index is also trembled, and the decline is narrowed. The atmosphere of the sales department began to be lively. Some people didn't see it. Some people guess will not be good for weekends, but some people are worried that they will continue "diving" in the afternoon.

When you don't have the cloud, you will have the wind.

In the afternoon, just like some worried, the closing plummeted 5.77%. At this point, the previous week's previous card has plunged 12.07%. If you pull the time longer, this round market has a maximum of nearly 30%, and thousands of stocks are cut off.

Subsequently, all kinds of "good" have come to the forefront of 21 billiaries and 25 public offerings, and 28 new stocks and 50 small and medium-sized companies have issued maintenance market stability initiatives, and then 28 new shares. The announcement is suspended, and the sound of "saving the market" is unprecedented.

"Everything is like a movie, more exciting than movies; so the real scene, let me have a sad joy." Although the weather in Beijing in Beijing is slightly smog, but the mood of the old king of the stock, but the mood is like a rock The singer Xu Wei sang "Sunny", there is a sunny day of the cloud.

In just 30 hours after closing, the mood of the old king once staged a "roller coaster", from can't bear to see the loss of the loss of the loss, until the next day was followed by a friend, or the true or false "heavy pound" message The shocking, and then the past, the evening, the greatness of the greatness, have been confirmed after confirming.

Looking at the last for the last ten hours from Monday, the old king has some anxiety after short excitation, "the market will not be as high as the top a few times, even the end of the downtown? "Many people are suffering from him, but still expect.

"I have no expectation to wait for my Gordo. This kind of waiting is destined to be long. I am waiting in deep night, I am afraid that there is no star in the night." " This typin in Goto is like telling the voice of these stockhouses. On July 6, 2015, Monday, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 8% opened, thousands of stock daily stop open. However, excited only a few minutes, then the index quickly fell quickly. In the afternoon, even turned green until the end of the tail was barely recovered, leaving a ugly giant fake cloud line.

"The policy of the policy" has been out, "Is the market far away? The subsequent two trading days continued to plunge until Thursday fell below 3,400 points, and there was a decent rebound. Although the A shares have experienced 2.0, 3.0 or even 4.0, but the "most panic phase" ended.

The days before the Spring Festival celebrate, see the institution "collectively save the city", but the situation is less than the tragicity of the year. History is always amazing, or you will look at 2022 in this round of falling in 2022, you will also feel the wind.