Core dragon semiconductor IPO passed: 200 million yuan in 200 million, employees only 53

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Core dragon semiconductor IPO passed: 200 million yuan in 200 million, employees only 53

2022-01-28 12:08:03 34 ℃

Lei Yin Network Lei Jianping reported on January 28

Shanghai Coon Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to: "Core Dragon Semiconductor") has recently submitted registration through the discussion of the Sub-Chuangban Listellation Committee.

The core dragon semiconductor program raised 2.63 million yuan, of which 136 million yuan was used to synchronize high-voltage high-voltage power chip research and development and industrialization construction projects, 6.44 million yuan for R & D center construction projects, 62 million yuan for supplementary liquidity projects.

Announcement of 200 million

Core dragon semiconductor long-term focus on high performance, high-quality power management class simulation integrated circuit development, design and sales. Products are widely used in automotive electronics, industrial control, communication equipment and other industrial grade and car grade applications, and consumer-class applications such as household appliances and consumer electronics.

The prospectus shows that the core dragon semiconductor is in 2019, and the 2020 will receive 111 million yuan, 158 million yuan; net profit is 286.88 million yuan, 43.1677 million yuan.

Core dragon semiconductor 2021 was 30,000 million yuan, an increase of 32.49% from 158 billion yuan in the same period last year; net profit was 67.96 million yuan, an increase of 55.43% from 43.16 million yuan in the same period last year.

At the end of the report period, the total number of employees of the company was 30, 35 people and 53. At present, there are 53 employees of the company, and the R & D personnel counts 35, accounting for 66.04%, all of which are undergraduate degrees, including 3 master's research and development personnel. In 2021, the company added 18 employees, including 15 R & D staff.

Li Ruiping three people are real control people

Before IPO, the common actual control of the core dragon semiconductor is Li Ruiping, Duyan, Chang Xiaoli, and three more shares holding 93.11% of Core Long Technology.

Li Ruiping directly holds 41.90% of the company, currently the chairman and general manager of the company. Duyan directly held 27.93% of the company, currently a directors of company, served in the Personnel Administration. Chang Xiaohui directly holds 23.28% of the company, and has not worked in the company.

Li Ruiping, born in 1971, graduated from the electronic instrument and measurement technology of Jilin University (former Changchun University), graduated from a bachelor's degree in engineering, graduated from E-and Communication Engineering of Fudan University, received a master's degree in engineering. From September 1996 to February 2001, he worked at Shanghai Jingjie Micro Electronics Co., Ltd. (later in January 2000, the Shanghai Hong Rui Microelectronics Co., Ltd.), as a design engineer, manager;

Li Ruiping from March 2001 to December 2001, freelance; January 2007, January 2007, in addition to Shanghai Li Tong Microelectronics Co., Ltd., as Designing Manager; in April 2007, Shanghai Xinjin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as Designing Manager; May 2008 to April 2012, after working in the core dragon, the general manager; May 2012, in addition to the Core Long Technology, the chairman of the company, the total manager.

Duyan, born in 1972, Jilin University (formerly Changchun University of Science and Technology) graduated from the application of electronic technology, and obtained a bachelor's degree in engineering. From July 1997 to April 2000, he worked at the First Marine Geological Survey Brigade Co., Ltd., the Shanghai Ocean Petroleum Bureau. Engineer; From December 2000 to October 2001, he worked at Shanghai Chenxing Electronics Co., Ltd.

Du Yan, from November 2001 to November 2016, has set up or invest in Shanghai Ruitang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Langjia Human Resources Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ze Shi Electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ruidu Electronic Service Center, Shanghai Rock Tianlu Electrical Co., Ltd. Personnel Administration staff.

Chang Xiaohui, born in 1974, graduated from the geophysical major of Mining Earth in Jilin University (formerly Changchun University), a bachelor's degree in engineering. From July 1996 to July 1997, he worked at the First Marine Geological Survey Brigade of Shanghai Ocean Petroleum Bureau, served as market management; from July 1997 to December 2001, in addition to the first marine geological survey of Shanghai Ocean Petrocatroentero Brigade Co., Ltd., deputy manager of business development department;

Chang Xiahui from December 2007 to September 2007, in the Office of Shanghai Sanjiang Ocean Petrochemical Co., Ltd., office Director; September 2007 to March 2015, in addition to Shanghai Ocean Petroleum Bureau Co., Ltd., a refined oil project Department of Manager; September 2015 to September 2015, in the Shanghai Ocean Petroleum Bureau Co., Ltd.

After IPO, Li Ruiping held 31.42%, Du Yantian shares were 20.95%, and Chang Xiahui's shareholding was 17.6%, and the trade capital of the trade trade was 2.68%. Shengshi Jiubei shares were 1.68%, Shanghai Kanndroom It is 1.4%.

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