Not "outside" first "civil chaos"?Ukraine in the swirl center, has owed a ass debt

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Not "outside" first "civil chaos"?Ukraine in the swirl center, has owed a ass debt

2022-01-28 12:09:07 47 ℃

The firepage of the Russian border is getting stronger and more strong. Is the economy of Ukraine?

Recently, the Ukrainian central bank announced the 2021 economic report. In the past year, Ukraine GDP only increased by 3%, lower than previous expectations.

There are a lot of factors affecting economic recovery, and energy prices have risen, supply chain and equal, but will find it in depth, these reasons do not drive Russia.

First come first, the Ukrainian CPI (consumer price index) last year is twice as expected by the central bank. Ukrainian political experts said that if you are in the summer, the price of uk natural gas remains at $ 1,000 / thousand cubic meters, which will bring huge pressure to economic growth.

Since Ukraine is completely in the West in 2015, it stopped from Russia to buy natural gas, and turned to Europe. The key is that most of the European natural gas is also bought with Russia, around a large circle, Ukraine also gave himself a middleman to earn differences.

In order to be sincere to the West, in 2019, Ukraine refused Russia's offer, $ 175 / thousand cubic meters of quotation, and still without the fixed price of the market, Iron myself and Russian classification.

Who can think of the second half of last year, European natural gas prices have continued to dive, soaring nearly 600%, and it has suffered from Ukraine. In the case of Uku Prime Minister Asia, "The Ukrainian people were forced to take 5 billion US dollars from the wallet."

In addition to natural gas, Ukraine is affected by global supply chain, facing the shortage of power coal. Ukraine energy company revealed that the current coal inventory of the thermal power plant is less than half of the year, the gap is as high as 1 million tons, and it will not be used for a few months. Ukraine will face a large-scale power outage or the risk of electricity price.

In this regard, Ukrainian Premier Shmegar said we will try our best to reduce the Ukrainian national debt to half of the GDP, maintain a stability of macro finance.

It seems that this big probability cannot be achieved. As the Ukrainian border crisis has intensified, Western countries sell weapons and equipment to Ukraine, but also provide loans. The EU urgently added 1.2 billion euros loans to Ukraine, and Canada also contributed 120 million Canadian dollars.

The United States is not more to say, in just one week, I have already shipped 3 batches to Ukraine. According to the US media, Biden has signed the fourth batch of assistance documents, so it is not easy to catch Ze Lingski. Silly money, of course, you have to be energetic.

In addition to these, it is also an important reason for the economic recovery of Ukrainian economies in Russia trade. Customs data shows that in the first half of 2021, Ukraine's proportion of Total Russian foreign trade has dropped from 1.7 from 2020 to 1.5%.

Don't underestimate this 0.2% gap. To know, Russia's status in the Ukrainian foreign trade economy is second only to China and Germany. Looking at the time axis, since 2014, the trade relationship between Russian and Wuwu has deteriorated, and the total loss of Ukraine has reached 50 billion US dollars, accounting for 2% GDP, and the trade volume of both parties decreased by more than 80%.

Since this year, it has been affected by the Russian, Ukraine, Griffina Cash on , as of January 25, Grifna exchange rate has depreciated about 4%. However, this winter has not passed, the Ukrainian people still have to pay for expensive natural gas, although the money in their hands is getting more and more money.

Let me say, this is not hitting, Ukraine has owed a butt debt, and there is no longer to stay for the people. A few days ago, because a forced tax bill, an angry small and medium-sized business master almost took the Ukrainian parliament building.

The oligarchy is not over, and the crushing small carrier is not soft. "The poor ghost three or seven books, the four families of the four families", Tang Shi is not deceived.