People who have money to help Chinese rich people, they do "special new"

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People who have money to help Chinese rich people, they do "special new"

2022-01-28 12:08:20 33 ℃

Wen 丨 华商 略 良

The word "special new" is often mentioned, it is often mentioned, it This is used to sum up those enterprises that meet professional, fine, characteristic, and novel in their own areas.

Under the guidance of policies, specializing specials have begun to become the standard of high-quality enterprises, but it is often limited to chips, precision manufacturing, etc., and enterprises outside the circle, and the wealth management industry is even more such.

But interesting is that Xinhu Wealth in Xinhu, which has been very low in the financial management industry, has long been included in the internal strategic planning, and has become an important measure to lead the company to the industry and the tide head.

As the second largest wealth management market in the world, China's potential is extremely huge. From a macro perspective, wealth management is in an accelerated window period, and barbaric growth tends to fall into the "speed" and "quality" inhase.

With the regulatory reform, wealth management companies have been put on the agenda by high-speed to high quality transformation, and have been launched in advance, and the new lake wealth in the new lake in more than ten years has killed the surroundings.

The degree of systemification of investment research reflects the core capabilities of a wealth management organization, and it is also the best way of professionalism.

Xinhu Fortune recruits the top flow of Lianping, Jin Li, Ren Zeping three traffic, forms the establishment of the Armedion Investment Research Institute, and build a professional research system on the basis of buyer thinking, supporting the professionalism of the wealth of the new lake.

Grasping the market, is an interpretation of Xinhu wealth to "fine". According to data shows that by 2025, the annual compound growth rate of China's wealth management market will reach 10%, and the market scale is expected to exceed 330 trillion yuan.

Xinhu Wealth will focus on high net worth households, and play the characteristics of New Lake wealth with "peaceful" in the context of the industry's overall "quick".

For this peace of mind, it constructs three major ecosystems composed of wealth management, health management, and charity, surrounding anti-aging, advanced medical care, precision medical examination, functional medicine, etc., through the selection of top medical cooperation institutions, for customers Provide all-round health management services from preventing not illness to governance; including public welfare projects, public welfare funds, charity trusts and other products and service systems to meet the needs of customers to practice public welfare responsibility; including "Star Yao Festival" "Star Yaohui "The" Xingyao Mall "," Xingyao Mall "," Xingyao Mall ", etc." Xingyao Mall ", helping customers build a top circle layer.

This ecological system based on the real needs of high net value customers constitutes the long-term appeal of New Lake wealth for customers.

In terms of "new", January 19, 2022, Xinhu Wealth launched brand upgrade, launched a service subscriber brand "Haohu Baiwai Wealth Pipe Home". This sub-brand carrying many strategic significance will be the first step in the new lake wealth.

"Supreme New" is no longer the exclusive high-tech enterprise, but the standard of leading enterprises in various industries, but it is not easy to do these four words.

In the domestic wealth management market, the national asset allocation of non-financial assets from real estate is transformed into financial risk assets, and New Lake wealth has been accompanying more than 70,000 families and 2000 companies. Never reduce the standard.

On this basis, the new lake wealth of innovation is continuously self-reform. In the wave of the times, we have gradually mastered the future of wealth management brands.


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